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  1. Agree 100% that best way would be to have COMBINATION of mouse AND A+D or arrow keys to rotate turrets left and right. It takes way to long to move turret when you have to swing a 180 +/-. My 2 cents.
  2. Squad Mortar Calculator App (Android)

    I have an iphone but I have tried this using my safari browser and it works. It doesn't specifically mention, but am I correct in saying that you need to put your mortar position in first box (left) and target in 2nd box (right)on screen? The first time I did the opposite and my mortar was facing 180 degrees in the wrong direction. Also, when iphone app available will it enable voice to text? That would be great to speak coordinates in phone and free up your hands. Thanks again! Your efforts are greatly appreciated!!!
  3. Rework of optics

    This game needs more optics and more magnification on them. Especially, marksman class. I think real Acogs are 3-4x and DMR scopes can be much higher. Variable zoom with be nice as well. Again, this game is the middle ground between console shooters and milsim. Let's not get too crazy with realism by limiting optics. irons on AKs are uselss unless up close. This is not a CQB shooter, it's an open environment. That's my 2 cents from a casual (older) gamer.
  4. Dual monitors - 1 for game - 1 for map

    No suggestions on this??
  5. Any way to set up game for map and/or respawn screen to come up on separate monitor?