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  1. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    Am I supposed to receive my key via email when filling the form? I'm not getting any mails and I was a squad backer.
  2. Can I get an order of savage with no chill please
  3. Just a suggestion for the community

    Precisely. Be the positive influence, show people a great round or two and you might just inspire them to try to recreate it. Talk to them like shit and you'll just push new people away or incentivise them to be whooping dickholes.
  4. straying away from the PR mind set

    Like I said, you need to be the positive influence you want to see in these servers. Don't pass the responsibility onto a phantom
  5. straying away from the PR mind set

    One thing I've always found when playing tactical games is that when you can't find anyone performing in the way that is necessary, you step up to the plate and do it yourself. Lead by example, show the people you're playing with (even if it's just a few in a squad) what the standard of play SHOULD be like, and you'll perhaps inspire those people to endeavor to recreate the experience you gave them in the future. You won't see immediate results and you may be sat there in an OP over an objective watching the rest of the team clusterfucking, but you can sew the seeds of the tactical mindset necessary. While the game is in these early stages, we need to create these tatically minded people, bring those who aren't up to the standard required, and stimulate the gameplay. That's the way to achieve the standard of play we want. Jak out.
  6. "You are specifically exempt from the NDA"

    I was sat there with my finger on the publish button waiting for confirmation :')
  7. Holding the 'FOB'

  8. Do I take this to mean we can publicize alpha gameplay online? I mean I know one can find plenty of alpha videos online, but I wasn't sure whether they were approved sources or not. I'd rather tread carefully
  9. Squad and Shadowplay

    @CMBelite, I'm trying to use shadowplay, where you hit a key combo (ALT+F10) and it records the last X minutes of gameplay. It's great for getting individual snippets of gameplay right after, rather than constantly recording EDIT: for some reason, it's suddenly started functioning. Didn't change or update anything.
  10. Squad and Shadowplay

    Been trying to grab some snippets of intense firefights, only to find that for whatever reason, nothings ending up in my raw footage folder, I know this is hella nonspecific but has anyone got any suggestions?
  11. Project Reality vets sign in here

    Hullohullo, if you recognize me that's cool, if not, that's cool too. Was in =]H[= for a fair while, but kind of drifted away from the whole community
  12. Squad Leader Package

    Heyhey! Essentially, I'd like to request that any further information regarding the squad leader pack, keys, survey, so on so forth, be sent to my forum e-mail instead of the e-mail tied to my Paypal account, could I speak to someone privately about it?