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  1. One thing to try and it's not a guarantee but it worked for me is: 1. Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Squad\EasyAntiCheat 2. Open the EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe 3. When the flash window loads, select the REPAIR button center of the window 4. Close the window/app when finished 5. Launch Squad
  2. Steam Free Weekend & Sale

    It's going to be an epic weekend for sure!! Can't wait to show these new players how the medic role is played!
  3. September 2016 Monthly Recap

    Just awesome! Can't wait to start testing these new toys
  4. FOB Camping - community thoughts?

    If your FOB gets discovered by an enemy, then it deserves to be camped. The majority of the time, a FOB is discovered by a solo player and they have no choice but to camp until their teammates can get there and help destroy it. Trying to remove a FOB solo is just a death sentence waiting to happen. If you're still spawning on it and getting killed then shame on you and your team for poor communication and lack of situational awareness of the FOB going down by looking at your map. This isn't the Geneva Convention or a FOB v FOB game. it's a tactical FPS where all assets are at risk, including FOBs and soon vehicles. They are precious commodities that need to be placed carefully and protected.
  5. Stream sniping and mini map UI

    That is a fair point, but you most likely have not participated in my streams then and with respect to those of us that play the game the right way and stream consistently (Zimm_Macugz, DesmoLocke, MrChaggy, Aoshisan, xXHardstylesXx, eKrub88, G_Man252, etc......) it would be greatly appreciated if you would swing by in stream with us and then you might have a greater appreciation for the content that we provide via streaming on Twitch. You might even have the opportunity to help us out in stream answering the questions that we get while we play.
  6. Stream sniping and mini map UI

    Look at it this way, Squad is a niche game - the developers have even stated on record that their goal is to find the middle ground between BF4 and ARMA III - in order to do that, you have to attract potential players in various mediums - streaming is one of those mediums. I along with several of the regular streamers of Squad have introduced the game to countless numbers of people that otherwise may have never even heard or had interest in the game. In the last week alone I've added over 20 new followers that do not have the game currently and are BF4 players. After watching my stream and asking questions about gameplay, several of those people have now purchased the game. I understand your perspectives though about streaming and being at risk of sniping - legitimate point. Even if you don't agree with streaming, you have to admit though that the ability to move your mini map to a second monitor while still being able to view the entire FOV would be a sweet feature and would reduce the chances of you getting whacked while checking your map for positional references called out by your SL or other teammates..
  7. Scenario: you're streaming your Squad play with minimal to no delay to encourage real-time interaction with your viewers Situation: anyone viewing your stream can snipe your FOB locations/troop movements, etc. Solution: currently, the only solution is to delay your stream or opt to not stream. This presents a couple of issues - one, you lose interaction with your viewers and may end up having people leave the stream/lose interest in the game for potential new players thinking of buying it. Second, delaying the stream still doesn't prevent FOB hunting. I actually busted a player in game following my stream on Twitch. And fwiw, disabling the server name while streaming isn't really a solution, since only a handful of servers are ever populated and your server can be discovered real quickly Suggestion/Discussion: as the game progresses and improved in game coding occurs, what about incorporating further user customization of the game to help alleviate the situation above. Specifically, disable the map UI while streaming or enable a feature for those that utilize dual monitors to to detach the map UI and move it to a second monitor. This would serve two purposes - one, it would enable a larger viewing area for the stream viewer and player while providing some measure of secrecy even though comms could potentially still give away some details as well. Not sure it is even possible. Just thinking outside of the box.......
  8. Muhammad Ali RIP

    Ali was living proof that you can still lead a fulfilling and meaningful life in the face of mental and physical limitations.
  9. Squad Rivals #1

    Just a thought - that is Memorial Day weekend here in the US and availability of players may be impacted. FYI.
  10. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Very cool - hope it didn't take time away from the real important stuff.
  11. Monthly recap hype!!!!

    .......you are likely wrong on that one . We just had a preliminary QA test yesterday and the build was not even ready - be patient.
  12. Flippin' FOBS on Flags!!!

    Having played in game with Socrates quite a few times, I can tell you that he only does that when the game is in our favor and the flag was a defense flag not under pressure or fear of being capped. When the flags are under fire or pressure from enemies, Socrates is in the thick of things with every one else trying to capture and defend the flag. Feel free to join us in game anytime.
  13. SL Map UI Icon suggestions

    Having played SL quite a bit, one of the icons I noticed not self evident to me anyways is that of the GL aka Grenadier. I see one for the MG, the LAW, the RPG and the Marksman yet not one for the GL or at least one that's not intuitive to me. Is it possible to change the LAW to a Grenade icon? The RPG and LAW/LAT could be reflected by a singular icon. If I'm missing something, just let me know. Anyone else have any input or ideas?
  14. Flippin' FOBS on Flags!!!

    FOBs in a cap - sure go ahead. Let me know how that works out for you when the FOB gets destroyed without my squad even breaching the compound. And then, people like Blitza, Desmo, Zimm_Macuga, Chaggy, SlipyCat, Clinch, toma18, Hardstyles, k3v, Prowler et al will simply cap the flag since your entire team can't respawn on the cap anymore. Good plan
  15. I Am Not [SWF] Socrates

    FWIW - the |SWF| Socrates was playing of late as CucktheChicken whom I have seen in game a few times. When I saw him in our game this morning I did some digging and found out the skinny and let our good friend the real Socrates know.