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  1. Helicopter pitch and roll controls

    100% agree here, helicopters absolutely need the ability to bind pitch and roll to keys rather than solely relying on an axis. Having both would be ideal (similar to Arma 3). Trying to fly with a small mousepad is quite difficult. Could also use the ability to rebind the instrument camera key as well! Accidentally pressed it multiple times while flying to fatal effect.
  2. Adjust view distance?

    Well, I get that it's the game's goal. I don't understand why there isn't the option for some people with beefy computers can keep it like that, and other people can willingly disadvantage themselves for an actually playable game experience. My in-game settings are with everything as low as possible or off, resolution scale 80%, and windowed game, with CPU dedicated to the game rather high. It's pretty ridiculous. I will search for performance improvements, but I just wish I could solve the actual problem instead of finding some hidden forum solution that may/may not work and could (if I mess up installation which is very common of me to do) end up destroying my game.
  3. Adjust view distance?

    Yes, I know this has been asked before, but all the results were very outdated. (Could have messed up searching, though. Not an avid forum user.) I have a quick, simple question. Is it possible to adjust view distance? Right now, the game eats cpu because of the unlimited view (even when not necessary, so I'm stuck on literally unplayable graphics and fps. I meet the min requirements, and almost reach some of the recommended. If this isn't a feature, are there any plans for it in the future?
  4. Creating Trail Markers with Shovels

    I have died to many a noob in PR who have not put markers of their IED on the map, and not putting a rock pile down. I support having the ability to put markers, but perhaps not as something to build, instead something a soldier places.

    What? I meant that the people on the thread are bad, not the thread idea itself.

    Dumb people don't. I honestly didn't think this thread was very dumb but clearly alot of (probably dumb) people do.

    Shh, I'm trying to bring awareness that being dumbasses on a forum makes people have a lower opinion of not only them, but also the game.
  8. Yeah, I think I'd want the commander to spot an IED rather than it get blown up in my face.

    This thread appears to have attracted the worst of Squad. I'm spending my money on another game, if the community is this bad.

    I think this is a great idea. Priority? No, though. But I'm not going to be a sarcastic douche about it like some other unfunny people.
  11. Eh, not everything can be 100% realistic in Squad, I can tell you that much. I see what you mean, though it sounds kind of hostile to tell me it's not battlefield when I already know that full well, I just have a different opinion on the subject.
  12. Different RPG Warheads

    Eh, it sounds like a good idea but I don't think it'll be implemented. I tried suggesting having a specific weapon to go against things like humvees and such, but alot of the feedback was negative and said the current RPGs do fine and can kill anything, so why use anything else?
  13. But... why no further discussion D:
  14. Yeah, but it could be toned down a level or two to make it more suitable for gameplay.
  15. I suppose it would be realistic and immersive to have drones, but instead of the big, accurate missiles we shoot today, it'd probably be a good idea to tone it down to something like a grenade (or maybe even just a low-caliber burst of fire) and make it much less accurate, for game balance reasons. I'd hate to be out in the open or in a small building when something as tough as C4 rains from the heavens and kills me through a wall.