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  1. [Solved] Green and red lines/glitches

    Solved: Gsync is the cause, turned it off and it went away.
  2. So these colored lines appear in the sky and move with your camera perspective, any idea what this is? Ive put settings all the way to low and all that happens is they become less pronounced but are still there. https://imgur.com/a/EAXIm
  3. Why does the ACOG have the honeycomb attachment on? No one uses that thing, do you plan on removing it? Oh and the skin looks great, I would say from the recuever foward though needs a lot more wear and tear, this paint job looks to fresh. Having the grip and cheek weld be worn off like that is awesome, also I noticed the attention to detail of where you put the scratch marks being on the surface edges of the rifle if you were to lay it down.
  4. US soldiers - First look at player models

    Unfortunately the army makes a fuck ton of stupid calls when it comes to the uniform, so that stuff is non-standard, luckily my team was able to get away with it. As for the combat diaper i'm not sure how widespread it is, down in panjwai it was required but i don't really know about its use up north. And for the picture I originally commented on, it is one and the same since the army licensed multicam for OEF. The new uniforms the army is adopting service wide is not multicam but an earlier variant that crye and the army made together called scorpion i believe. Its superficially different to multicam and I think the only difference is its lack of vertical patterns. The "blobs" seems to be larger as well? Also OCP "2.0" wont fully be implemented until 2019 so in my opinion multicam should be the proper pattern to represent the late army OEF uniform. http://www.funker530.com/army-decides-on-new-camo-pattern/ Here's the actual issued new combat shirt, It blows my mind why they don't just use that FROG shirt as you call it (look at that dopey bastard wearing it, fix your fucking cover) http://www.massif.com/armycombatshirttypeii.html http://soldiersystems.net/2015/04/23/army-combat-shirt-type-ii/
  5. US soldiers - First look at player models

    two dudes on the left are wearing different tops, the issued combat shirt which is made of a different material. Things that tell you the two on the left are brand new or rarely go out is how clean/unscratched their shit is. Rhino mount Pockets pockets look sharp boots look new Pouches Pristine Gloves Pristine Helmet cover pristine Flag Pristine Now im wondering where there combat diapers are, that shit was great once you broke them in. an anti rock ass pad everywhere you went, Example of different material and fade
  6. Do you read? I said the Humvee is not used in combat anymore by U.S. forces, which is true. How do I know this? I've been there as part of the U.S. Army, so please tell me once again like that other user how much better you know the organization and the equipment than I do Oh and maybe a mod can lock this thread since its been answered already, and to prevent this repeating "humvees are still used today" bullshit
  7. Cool, thanks for the answer guys and like I said, 9 months and we will all be related
  8. oh really? elaborate where and who uses them.
  9. Hey guys great job on the recent publicity with greenlight! I just had a quick question in regards to the US and the 1151. From the screens you have released it looks like you are modelling the current/future US army since they are in multicam with some non standard kit like fast helmets (on a side note, if you have a fast helmet or one like it your dont use an IBA). If thats the goal then the 1151 shouldn't be part of the combat inventory and instead use of an MRAP like the MATV. So do you guys plan on modeling the US army for different time periods or is there some other reason ive missed? And Im certainly clear that this is all WIP and subject to change but im just interested in the direction your going. Love that you guys are making the next PR, so much so I plan on impregnating all of you. Source: Been there, done it