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  1. Good Stuff. It's always good to provide some resources for those newer players. A bit more concise and easier to read though. Gotta be able to easily understand and have quick strong points to easily remember and apply to the big picture.
  2. Medic Practice

    Medic training eh? I can facilitate that What do you want to see or know?
  3. Deployment

    Kuwait? I've spent a total of maybe a week there in transit tops throughout my past 3 deployments. Depending where you'll be, you'll have a PX available that's normally WELL stocked. Its Kuwait you'll have everything you need there just about. But then again, I'm Army, don't need a whole lot to be happy
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  5. DocEast's Videos

  6. So how did the play test go!?

    Called a Russian Air strike that wiped 2 vics, half a squad and then proceeded to zero hilltops around the point with mortars in case they decided to come back our way. I'd say it went pretty well
  7. DocEast's Videos

    Slamming some drinks and slamming some objectives!
  8. Good streamers

    twitch.tv/Gobsin Good buddy of mine who almost exclusively plays nothing but Squad. Been around since day one.
  9. Show Us Your Rig for Squad!

    Who's ever it is, definitely has never spent time in the sandbox
  10. What's up with the community?

    If you've played PR then you understand that sometimes you get great rounds and sometimes you get complete crap rounds. Sounds like you had one of the latter. Give it some time.
  11. A whole awful lot of stuff. -Mortars -IEDs -New East Euro Map Debut -Animation Overhaul (Free Look, Dragging, bipods, etc.) -Initial Core Inventory -Brits w/Weapons -Various New Vehicles Everyone was stoked for v9. But I believe v10 is going to be the patch that settles a lot of peoples minds on the direction that Squad is heading.
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