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  1. Server License but no files?

    check out the discord link I put into my post @bl4ckhawk you should be updated their on status of dedi files
  2. Server Licensing General Info

    appID is at the bottom of this OP server setup tutorial
  3. Linux files

    I consider my question being answered. Not in the near future.
  4. Linux files

  5. A reason about DDOS attack?

    *cough* netstat -nb *cough* does that not show connections to the squad server? Or using package capturing with wireshark should also easily show you where your squad packets go to. Everyone able to DDoS knows about this ways I presume. It's a fact though that lots of DDoS happen through hired hackers. What do I mean with this? Well, some pissed kid goes into the darknet and finds a douche who offers DDoS-attacks. Then he just gives him the IP and boom. For this kid it might not be that easy to find out the IP so removing the most obvious ways to find server IP's could be viable. On the other hand there are a lot of ways to get server IP's and there probably will be more (gametracker banners also show IP's). So yea, renting a server with a reasonable bandwith and getting a hoster with good DDoS protection (if you have the money) are probably the best things to do and still this will not safe you from all kinds of DDoS attacks.
  6. Linux Users Report in here!

    No you are not alone. Linux is love, linux is life :) I admit though I still use Win7 as secondary OS. Mostly for playing Project Reality.
  7. Linux files

    Hey guys, are there any news or ETA on the release of server files for linux operating systems? Regards tobi-the-fraggel