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  1. The Wrench - December 2016 Edition

    Pure hype for Basrah, Loved it in PR
  2. Context/AAR: Just had a round, [RIP] I believe , on Kokan that we (US) lost because of a super fob'd cache drained our tickets and we never got it. Cache was the big compound near the centre . It was the first cache to appear so all squads attacked it and we never really got close, obviously you are missing a lot of context here but we just couldn't take the damn thing. Me and my mate Hansen (who was also SLing) decided to disregard the cache and focus on the new appearing ones to save tickets and hopefully catch the INS out. Took down 2 doing this (new caches were lightly defended because of the super fob) but couldn't get the other SL's to agree early on. Finally they all do and go off searching while my squad held south 100m~ and took some mega heat to keep the INS busy. We had waited too long and lost while Hansen pushed what we believe was the last cache. Question: Do you think leaving a cache alone (maybe 1 squad keeping them busy) is a tactic that has its place or do you keep pushing? Haven't played PR in years so rusty on the meta level tactics.
  3. What map do you dislike the most?

    Sumari Bala is too small, no room for manoeuvring.
  4. couple of questions

    I have no real problem with leaving out the sniper kit for purely gameplay reasons, it was largely abused and mocked within the PR community and frankly not a whole lot will be missed but there is no real logic here. Snipers play a support role to company/battalion operations in the same way armour and some other heavy weapons do, the logic of leaving out the sniper in this way isn't there. I disagree with irontaxi that the fully fledged marksmen kit will play the sniper role, the rifle might function essentially the same but the role is completely different. As a SL i'm not going to send my 1 man marksman off on solo intel missions miles away from the squad. The roles clearly have different mission sets. Squad could realistically implement a sniper kit, its purely a gameplay decision. That's fine and all but it is what it is.
  5. Squad City Map Preview!!

    Yeah the text seems like somebody made that in paint , gfx look like cod 4. edit: http://jday.in.ua/mapsd/view?id=67969 COD4 mod map.
  6. ArmA 3

    Yeah , I got a basic level admin for a server running BMR insurgency on the map with a few weapon mods an a insurgent(esque) aggressor pack. Me and a few guys just clear compounds, blow caches and shoot bad guys, good fun. Don't fuck around in tanks or jets too much.
  7. ArmA 3

    Threads TL:DR but i've been playing Arma3 BMR insurgency PvE with few guys vanilla and with various mods . Just Infantry play, clearing compounds and taking caches out . Been using this map made by a PR dev as well: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=27882 Steams 'gazzthompson' i think, Norfolk UK. play 7-9pm GMT most weekdays. add me if you fancy it, try get a squad going . BMR: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=26372
  8. Big capture zones please.
  9. Do you think this game should have naval combat?

    No, that's not what squad is about.
  10. How will Squad compare/differ to ArmA3?

    Arma doesn't suck but it seems built for closed communities, teamwork on public servers in my experience is non existent.
  11. Insurgency

    I fear having Taliban vs US without an insurgency gamemode to compliment the Taliban gameplay style will give the wrong impression and poor gameplay. In my opinion the focus should have been/be US vs RUS AAS or US vs Taliban INS , not an in between.
  12. Lone survivor chinook down

    I haven't seen the movie but wasn't the operation in mountains with trees? seems impractical to land.
  13. Any talk of how support roles will work

    Exactly that. Explain at the start of the game what you are going to do but the squad name should be clear. Squad leader designated kits, roles to the members. Example: I make a squad called "Gazz Infantry" , once people join I say : "Squads called infantry, want to take armor/helis then leave. I need an AT/Gren/SAW/2x medics any volunteers?" Any roles required but not volunteered for get assigned to people, if they don't like it kick them.
  14. Any talk of how support roles will work

    There is no platoon commander role , its up to the players and SL's to name their squad for their roles. Some servers enforced rules making it so first squad named after an asset (CAS/Trans/APC) has sole control over that asset. Already 4 inf squads? don't make another.