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  1. Weird stutter

    Any razor hardware or a gigabyte RGB motherboard?
  2. Forgot Kickstarter Login Email for PostScriptum

    Email me at [email protected] with your full name and I can search for its purchase to let you know which email its registered under.
  3. Resolution problem

    Hey Drxi, I will mention this to the developers to see if there is anything they can do. If you have already cleared your cache there is probably nothing else I can recommend besides a full reinstall to see if it resolves the issue for resolution not lining up. I don't think performance is related to the resolution issue as generally across the board performance has been lower since V10 was released. Performance is constantly being worked on by the devs and should hopefully improve with future patches.
  4. website is support.joinsquad.com try opening command prompt as an admin and running these commands: netsh winsock reset ipconfig /flushdns SFC /SCANNOW Then reboot
  5. [Video] - Death and Glory

    great shots! learning a lot from all these releases
  6. Title Tags

    When making a new thread please use the following Title tags: [Tutorial] - for how-tos, tutorials, tips [Help] - when you are stuck and need help [Asset] - if your sharing an animation or asset other users can use [Request] - when you want to ask for a clip [Video] - Showing off your WIP or finished video If anybody can think of other tags that would be useful please post below, I want to make it as easy as possible to find what we need in this sub forum without splitting it into other subforums.
  7. Hello Gang, Today I wanted to post a fix for certain mics/headsets not working with Squad, including Xbox and Bluetooth headsets. (Please note this is a workaround / bandaid, not an official code fix) 1.Download and Install VB-Cable here: https://www.vb-audio.com/Cable/ 2. Set your VB Cable as your new default recording device. 3.Go into the properties of your headset and enable listening, set the VB-Cable as the listening device and save. Picture for step 3: I just tested this with my Turtle Beach 420x+ Xbox One wireless headset and it worked perfectly.
  8. January 2018 Recap

    Thats because gatzby posts it as hidden while he formats it and makes sure everything is tickety boo before unhiding it and unleashing it.
  9. January 2018 Recap

    The artists are artists, they don't code, and our QA team tests fixes.
  10. Server Rules for Midwest Coast Tactical Pro Server

    Damn, I can't play on it
  11. Project Reality vets sign in here

    Google and the dictionary disagree.
  12. player skin

    I have forwarded the word to the devs to add a model that better reflects who you are and to increase immersion. Maybe you can help us out though, does your race of troll have 1 horn or 2? we like to be as accurate as possible. On another note, grow up.
  13. Mic not working

    Currently using an xbox headset through an xbox controller doesn't work for squad. I have tried to same set up. If its a wired headset you can buy a 3.5mm splitter on amazon for like $5 so you can plug it directly into your pc, thats what I do.
  14. Get kicked - EAC Connection timed out

    looks like a corrupt file? Try verifying your game cache
  15. squad

    Looks like it might of been a bad EAC update, They rolled it back today so give it a whirl.