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  1. also run all available windows updates.
  2. I was not aware you did that since it didn't say it strictly, I know your just being frustrated but I'm just reminding you the rules
  3. Hopefully your server isn't licensed because thats a good way to have your server shut down.
  4. make sure you unbind the numbers first in settings as they are already bound to another function.
  5. the number 1 reason this happens is because your windows is out of date, run windows updates until there are none left.
  6. if you want help ask for it, but don't complain and assume your smarter then everyone else when everyone else doesn't have a problem running the game.
  7. seen I was tagged, you want a new pc or new processor? its pretty much impossible to upgrade a laptop processor so not worth the time to look. and you can have both an SSD and HDD in one, its called a hybrid drive, look them up. they are pretty cheap and great if you only worry about windows and 1 game.
  8. if your going to use an AMD chip in the FX series, it needs to be socket AM3+
  9. The orders were for pre-purchase, orders started getting sent out last week so expect them soonish now that they started to ship
  10. Steam messed up, we are working on it.
  11. if its a DDR4 motherboard then yes, pretty much any motherboard with a PCIE x16 slot can run any PCIE video card just make sure you have a good enough power supply.
  12. According to EAC, for using a known hack, you can contact them for more info. Although it doesn't help your case that you have code for an aimbot literally on your steam profile....
  13. reboot
  14. I'm still trying to figure it out with the devs, sorry for the delay. we have a bunch of people with this issue so it is something we are actively working on. and yes, I do work for the studio
  15. let it sit for 5-10 minutes to build a cache just in case.