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  1. Stuttering since update

    I might of said that wrong, I was tired lol. I was more looking to see if the entire game was kind of rubber banding instead of an fps drop.
  2. Unreal crash

    after upgrading did you reinstall windows? how did that upgrade take place. might be conflicting drivers and hardware identifiers
  3. Stuttering since update

    I have not seen that before. do you monitor your FPS while doing it? I'm curious if any of the numbers are dropping or if its a sync issue with the terrain with networking.
  4. Squad crashes

    If it starts happening again email me at [email protected] and we can look into this for you.
  5. Game starts windowed with reset settings

    make sure your not ALT+F4ing to quit the game because then it won't save your changes to the config file.
  6. Increasing Performance (CPU Upgrade?)

    not really, thats like saying "Painting this house before it is finished being built should be the first priority" Its a waste of time and resources to put so much focus on optimization when half the code could change in the future. better to have your game feature complete and then make it run like a dream then waste 3 months making it run like a dream only to have to re-do all of it when you add a new system. also using a $99 budget CPU from 6 years ago and expecting high fps on an early access game is absurd. As for the OP, what moppel said is probably a really good option. I would upgrade your GPU last, once you have a new mobo and cpu you should notice a decent increase, then you can sell your 760 and put it towards a new one later.
  7. Windows magnifier Error

    I believe EAC just rolled back an update in the last couple of minutes, so I would say coincidence. Also do you guys all have avast anti virus?
  8. Sense of Accomplishment

    I wouldn't mind hearing someone crank out the guitar rifs like in PR when the game ends lol
  9. Why is development so slow? / prioritization

    I'm not a developer so I can't really speak on their behalf but I can say they are very organised with set schedules in mind, There is staff meetings all the time and so far the way they have been running things has worked out great for them. the concept of choppers might seem like some huge game changer but being able to move across the map faster then with a ground vehicle isn't going to be that much more of a game changer, you will spend 30 seconds in a helo then be dropped off somewhere and be on foot again. and the guy who is working on the multi wheel physics isn't the same guy who is going to be 3D modelling the chopper, or creating the textures or sounds for it, so what should he be doing when the rest are not finished? Once again, I'm not a developer, I'm just saying it how I see it. (and I have no clue on the status of choppers or what has or hasn't been done, that was an example)
  10. Fps issue, Help please

    Squad doesn't support SLI natively so you have to look up one of the profiles to get it working correctly, that is most likely your issue. also make sure your power options are set to high performance and not power saving
  11. Rig help

    I just got a 6GB GTX 1060 and love it, I decided after watching a bunch of reviews on youtube vs the RX 480 that banokay discussed and they were very close but the GTX I picked up was overclocked and on sale so I went with it instead. mine only required 1 8 pin PCIE power connector so your probably fine with your power supply.
  12. How do you play music in-game?

    <3 I do not reccomend playing music over voip as I will not want to be your friend
  13. also run all available windows updates.
  14. I was not aware you did that since it didn't say it strictly, I know your just being frustrated but I'm just reminding you the rules
  15. Hopefully your server isn't licensed because thats a good way to have your server shut down.