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  1. Mic not working

    Currently using an xbox headset through an xbox controller doesn't work for squad. I have tried to same set up. If its a wired headset you can buy a 3.5mm splitter on amazon for like $5 so you can plug it directly into your pc, thats what I do.
  2. Get kicked - EAC Connection timed out

    looks like a corrupt file? Try verifying your game cache
  3. squad

    Looks like it might of been a bad EAC update, They rolled it back today so give it a whirl.
  4. Alpha 9.9

    reports of performance increases so far are promising, had some AMD users on full servers reporting 60-80 FPS
  5. Alpha 9.9

    When its ready.
  6. Alpha 9.8 Release

    make sure you clear your user cache after every patch just in case, The last time that happened (V7) I had about 2000 support emails from people saying they couldn't play the game, so I'm good
  7. Will squad ever come to console?

    your an avid xbox player and you haven't added me yet? FOR SHAME! (my gamertag is my forum name)
  8. Will squad ever come to console?

    Edit: I am not confirming or denying, but it is currently unknown.
  9. I cant even log in keep geting launch error!

    thats the wrong folder, it would just be in the root. open start menu type: %localappdata% hit enter find squad folder in that directory Also that looks like a pretty fresh install of win7, is it fully updated?
  10. Stuttering since update

    I might of said that wrong, I was tired lol. I was more looking to see if the entire game was kind of rubber banding instead of an fps drop.
  11. Unreal crash

    after upgrading did you reinstall windows? how did that upgrade take place. might be conflicting drivers and hardware identifiers
  12. Stuttering since update

    I have not seen that before. do you monitor your FPS while doing it? I'm curious if any of the numbers are dropping or if its a sync issue with the terrain with networking.
  13. Squad crashes

    If it starts happening again email me at [email protected] and we can look into this for you.
  14. Game starts windowed with reset settings

    make sure your not ALT+F4ing to quit the game because then it won't save your changes to the config file.
  15. Increasing Performance (CPU Upgrade?)

    not really, thats like saying "Painting this house before it is finished being built should be the first priority" Its a waste of time and resources to put so much focus on optimization when half the code could change in the future. better to have your game feature complete and then make it run like a dream then waste 3 months making it run like a dream only to have to re-do all of it when you add a new system. also using a $99 budget CPU from 6 years ago and expecting high fps on an early access game is absurd. As for the OP, what moppel said is probably a really good option. I would upgrade your GPU last, once you have a new mobo and cpu you should notice a decent increase, then you can sell your 760 and put it towards a new one later.