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  1. Disconnected from queue

    If a VPN works then your network (home or ISP) could be blocking something.
  2. connection with server timed out

    Can you guys let us know if you disable full texture loading does it help?
  3. Every steam game downloads to wherever your steam install location is and then moves the files to the game location after. the default is \steamapps\downloading If you are savvy with computers look up how to create a symbolic link, basically you can move the downloading folder to whatever drive you want and then create a symbolic link so steam thinks its still on C but its actually just a shortcut to wherever you moved it.

    Hey Sanf, I checked the Squad and Post Scriptum support ticketing systems and you have 3 tickets submitted to PS all of which have been responded to by the support team asking you to email [email protected] to get your key. You have zero tickets open with [email protected] asking for a key. The ticket needs to go to [email protected] for auditing purposes, so please check your email and submit a new ticket.
  5. Kicked from all servers at random intervals

    This sounds like an EAC issue as sam said, it might have some corruption or see a bad file in squad, make sure you verify your game files through steam as well.
  6. Almost every sound causes lag

    Hey Voidage, Have you tried a manual uninstall and then reinstall? To do a manual uninstall go to the game's install directory under SteamApps\Common\ and delete the Squad folder. After this reinstall the game with steam and see if it fixes your issue.
  7. unrealengine4 keeps crashing

    from your log file it looks like an issue with your video card. it looks like your driver is from june 1st, it might be a bad driver. I would try maybe rolling it back to a previous version or updating if there is a newer one.
  8. Crashing Consistantly

    "error DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_REMOVED DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HUNG" References your video card crashing, This can be due to bad hardware, or a bad gpu driver. Try using DDU to uninstall your video card drvier (using windows program uninstall leaves pieces behind) and then installing the latest, or a version previous to the latest if latest is unstable.
  9. Low Server Count since 1.12

    Hey Guys, it looks like this issue specifically was with the Italian ISP TIM, It seems to slowly be resolved so if its not working now give it some time. They did something on there end and we haven't touched anything. (If your not in italy then email me at [email protected] as this isn't in regards to you)
  10. Squad Backer Post Scriptum keys not working in Germany

    Also in response to some Germans saying they were able to redeem their key last week we are looking into that as well as this came up after the PS pre-orders launched on the weekend. Those who redeemed their keys already might have them automatically converted by steam or we will need to reissue new ones and have the old ones removed from your account, we will provide more information as soon as we have it.
  11. Hello All, We are aware of an issue with backers in Germany not being able to redeem their Post Scriptum keys, This is due to an issue with the versions being different as the German version does contain censoring of Nazi imagery. We are currently working with Steam to rectify this and will be providing an update on the issue as soon as we have a resolution. In the mean time if you are affected its a good idea to email us at [email protected] to generate a ticket. Thanks!
  12. Weird stutter

    Any razor hardware or a gigabyte RGB motherboard?
  13. Forgot Kickstarter Login Email for PostScriptum

    Email me at [email protected] with your full name and I can search for its purchase to let you know which email its registered under.
  14. Resolution problem

    Hey Drxi, I will mention this to the developers to see if there is anything they can do. If you have already cleared your cache there is probably nothing else I can recommend besides a full reinstall to see if it resolves the issue for resolution not lining up. I don't think performance is related to the resolution issue as generally across the board performance has been lower since V10 was released. Performance is constantly being worked on by the devs and should hopefully improve with future patches.
  15. website is support.joinsquad.com try opening command prompt as an admin and running these commands: netsh winsock reset ipconfig /flushdns SFC /SCANNOW Then reboot