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  1. Arma 3 Veteran turned Squad Noob

    welcome mate, I would reccomend taking a look at the Unit/Clan section on the forums there are alot of great mislim/clans to join.
  2. Current Vegitation Art

    Yes I suppose we have to give it time, though making some of these assets is not really to time consuming...
  3. Current Vegitation Art

    True but this does not fix the fact that the trees look very unrealistic. especially the pines they. I have personally never seen those kind of pine trees. thats why I was wondering if they are going to update them or keep them the way they are now.
  4. Current Vegitation Art

    Good afternoon ladies and gents, I was wondering wether the current artwork for the grass and trees will be changed on fools road and other european or northern style maps, they feel kind of bare and not really natural looking. I have not read anywhere that this will be changed anytime soon so my question is, if it is on the to do list? With kind regards, Love4no1 (Niels)
  5. Alpha Confusion

    expect it tomorrow they said 26th so just check the portal from time to time tomorrow! And I will see y'all on the battlefield! PS from experience with the closed pre alpha this is going to be alot of fun with more people!
  6. Longer Battles

    This also has to do with the lack of features now, but I think they will add more tickets once more features have been added to make the matches a little longer.
  7. Got it, fast response from the devs ;D
  8. Yes I hope the devs know whatsup.
  9. Offworld Industries says: To clarify, to find your keys, check your email account for a message sent approximately Fri, Jul 24, 2015 07:06 am GMT fromLITORALIS@OWIDEV.COM . This email contains your keys. It is probably in your spambox, that seems to be the general problem. regards Got this message a sec ago, but nope no mail with the correct key, maybe they can see from when they started to accidently send the templates and send new mail to the people who got them.
  10. Yeah I bet that some devs are like, stressing the fuck out right now because to be fair the start has not been all that smoothly, but I believe that they are putting all there time in this so they can solve the issue. Great respect to the devs right now gotta be a hassle.
  11. I think that the people who got the mail because they send a mail to the support because they hadnt received one before 15:00 GMT that those mails are a template. I don't blame the devs because problems like these can happen the only thing is I am so eager to play that this is so painfull especially the wait...
  12. Indeed, I think that we are not the only ones who got this problem I hope that a dev responds on this topic so they can see.
  13. yes same here, I think the codes where not applied to the mail correctly.
  14. For some reason I think I might mis copy the code or I got a wrong one for the devs who read this post my email is schippersniels@hotmail.com maybe somehting went wrong with my code?
  15. What guns would people like in the game

    Either the Minimi or the L85A2+SA80