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  1. Unban?

    Same, I looked high and low and couldnt find where the bans went.
  2. BlueFangSolutions.com Squad Game Server Hosting

    May I ask how you did this I run a community of 4k+ members, and currently a platoon size of roughly 50 interested and signed up for Squad. Have the hardware and I maintain it would love to get in and help and run our own server.
  3. BlueFangSolutions.com Squad Game Server Hosting

    The proof is NFO stopped selling them because of this exact reason. I don't think you are being critical but servers are very demanding, and this game is just now being pushed out more. It will smooth out as it gets built more, Keep on keeping on team!
  4. Community Clan Fight Night

    I am thinking we should make a central area for all community/platoon leaders so we can setup scenarios etc. Hostage/Convoy/etc etc then we can do huge group battles. Remember the old MFOTS days in BF1942 desert combat! Anyway hope to get a pm about this would be great.
  5. Community Clan Fight Night

    I will be talking to my squad and get in on this, we are US based however. Have to get the platoon setup and game out to every one and training.
  6. BlueFangSolutions.com Squad Game Server Hosting

    This isn't price gouging, some games are MUCH more resource intensive, being an experienced provider (I owned a larger tier 1 provider about 5 years ago called Speed-Frag, LLC). As the game becomes optimized price will do down, this is why Arma is so expensive it is so resource intensive. AWS or any cloud provider does not offer you anywhere near the same performance a vps/dedicated environment. This is why you dont see CoD, BF etc on cloud servers.
  7. New!

    I love hell! @MalcolmSL
  8. New!

    Yeah of course! Shoot me a message with any details. I saw your info on the recruitment thread! Thank you also!
  9. New!

    More thanks! Thanks for all the love Squad Family!
  10. Squad radar

    Blue Force Tracker and DAGR are both real instruments, and I was also a trainer on them. Pretty much only commanders and squad leaders have them. But maybe better then a map element etc. However to balance you'd have to give something out for OPFOR. Possibly the ability of knowing your surroundings and providing a color tick etc. Just some ideas, I did not go through all 10 pages so excuse me if its been visited.
  11. New!

    Thank you thank you! All the love!
  12. New!

    Yeah I guessed as much! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.
  13. New!

    O no, I am just interested to help them out with anything they need my career field is Director in a large hosting/datacenter company in LA. I've know about Squad because of my time doing stuff on Desert Combat for 1942. I played PR a bit. Then my life kicked in (army/kid/school/work) now back to a bit of stability and just been following the bf2 mod community a bit. Do they have any community package options 10+ orders? Sorry these are probably all directed to the wrong people.
  14. New!

    Hello all, Game Vet, Army Vet. All around bearded god. I am here to stay, ordering a few copies this Monday. Who do I contact about server dealings? I understand its still closed but very interested! Would like to do some events for other veterans and stuff. I did stuff in the old Desert Combat mod and its been many many years. Either way HELLO!!!!