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  1. F1r3's Squad gameplay & first impression

    After getting back to the cap zone, a full squad decides to back cap us. I became the only man alive. The job had to be done.
  2. Squad tutorial's by F1R3

    LOL I get that ALOT.
  3. What.. door gunner for Bad Company 2 was too badass. It provided the best support from the eyes above.
  4. Thowing knives

    Reason why it was more of negative feedbacks and bashes was because of how this wasn't a well thought out thread before posting. If people post here enough, they should already know the game, what it's supposed to be, and how it should turn out. So realistically, it's the baby of Project Reality. Aside from that it's suppose to be a game about modern warfare, as opposed to COD. Please also read the pinned post on making a suggestion's thread.
  5. F1r3's Squad gameplay & first impression

    haha I don't even know man. Somehow the americans found their way in and capped the fob, then we attempted to build another one which they got in before it was finished.
  6. F1r3's Squad gameplay & first impression

    2 super fobs built within the cache. But do we win?