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    I am a huge hockey fan and when I am not watching or playing hockey I am playing FPS games. I am also a huge WWII aviation nerd and know more than I should about that subject.
  1. Performance Update

    I'm not understanding why using an ethernet cable instead of your home's wifi would affect your FPS in the slightest.
  2. Impressions from New Players?

    Played for a few hours last night and had a great time. Everyone was very friendly and accommodating and the gameplay was very fun! My only gripe with the game was the smeary, blurry effect there is past 100 meters or so. It seemed to get better if I turned off anti aliasing but there was still kind of a blurry effect, makes it quite hard to ID targets at longer ranges.
  3. Anyone have a fix for my friend? Please help....

    I'm having the same issue. Checked my connection and it was fine, no other issues with any other games either.
  4. Din't recieve Closed Alpha key!

    Patience is a virtue.
  5. Closed Alpha Released

    Awesome stuff! Can't wait to start playing this weekend!
  6. Coming from a newbie I can say that this is quite helpful! Seems like a lot of it is just communicating to your squad and team and doing what your SL's want you to do.
  7. I was not expecting this to be such a powerful forum post but I am glad I was wrong! This post is exactly why I love these types of games. The communities are so mature and so understanding, whether you are new to this community like I am or you have been a part of this community for months you feel like you are a part of one large community (dare I say family) from all corners of the globe and from all sorts of backgrounds. It's quite incredible how many great people have formed a community over such a great game.
  8. Hello Squad community

    Thank you for the warm welcome everyone.
  9. Hello Squad community

    Will do! Do you know of any PR servers that you would recommend?
  10. There are dozens if not hundreds of examples of 5.56 rounds in Iraq and Afghanistan just not being enough to drop insurgents. In many cases Marines and Soldiers would put 3, 4, 5, and even more rounds into Insurgents until they would actually drop. 7.62 rounds do pack a bit more of a punch but they still will almost never kill someone immediately with a chest shot. In the book "Hogs in the shadows" a single 7.62 round from M40's would generally incapacitate an Insurgent but at closer ranges the rounds would not expand as much and would take 2 and sometimes even 3 rounds to drop an insurgent. So just by a realism standpoint 5.56 and 7.62 rounds should not kill in one center mass shot.
  11. HEAT, AP and tanks

    Yeah like I said I don't know how well they plan on modelling vehicle projectiles but if they do model them realistically then HEAT shells are going to be terrifying. Especially against lightly armored vehicles and APC's. It would be a bit disappointing to see them model the shells like in PR though.
  12. HEAT, AP and tanks

    Not sure how realistic they want the vehicle projectiles to be, but HEAT rounds would do far more damage than a kinetic projectile like an AP or an APFSDS shell. HEAT rounds send pieces of molten metal all over the fighting compartments while APFSDS rounds will for the most part penetrate the armor and potentially fragment a bit.
  13. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    Definitely have to add in the United States Marine Corps or a MEU (SOC) force. It would also be nice to see a Canadian force at some point.
  14. Hello Squad community

    Yeah I actually just downloaded PR:BF2 a couple days ago and got some of the settings to my liking! I haven't played any of the multiplayer yet though, probably gonna hop on and start playing this weekend!
  15. Hello all, I have been watching this game progress for a while now and finally decided to bite the bullet and try it for myself! Just ordered the squad leader package and can't wait to be able to play with you all.