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  1. Vehicles Local Practice

    Will we be able to practice / learn to drive the new vehicles offline? CHEERS! Len
  2. Helicopters

    Nice. That explains things perfectly. In summary, a long way off as they will be building from scratch similar to what they just did with ground vehicles. At least it's in the works. Once heli's are in I can delete all other games
  3. Helicopters

    I just love being a pilot in PR! Something about flying into a hotspot and dropping off troops! It's like crack.
  4. Helicopters

    Hey guys - been away from SQUAD a while and can't seem to find anything on search. What is the current position and expectation from Offworld on the implementation of choppers? Thanks! Len
  5. Backer Tag Redeem!

    I did bro, thank you!
  6. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Thanks, bummer. Can't believe I missed the deadline for credits by 3 days.
  7. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Hi guys - I am a SL backer and when following instructions: > You will see a new field below the About Me section. Add your in-game name there and we will add you to the credits later. < I don't see the "new field". Any advice? Thanks, Len
  8. Get it. Opportunity's like this don't come around often enough.
  9. Time's been short this week and I've only managed to get in on a few games. But each time I managed to get in this week, the SL and subsequent experience was pretty shitty. Some dudes got pissed, the SL's weren't willing to listen, let alone lead. I hung in there providing moral support but ultimately the experience was pretty limp. I however didn't care, as I love this game and know just how fucking awesome it is. But it got me thinking; how will Steam and new players react to this grand sandpit? How will players who haven't experienced PR learn how to "play their part" in a squad, and furthermore, enjoy (and learn) being a SL if everyone's giving them shit - or - quitting. There's a lot at stake here. Unless the lofty goal of Squad is to be a PR replacement and that's all (which I know it isn't). I'm kind of concerned about how the genius of this game is going to be lost on some and potentially isolating for others who would otherwise be invaluable members of the Squad community. Len
  10. I hopped back into Project Reality yesterday for the fist time in weeks. Within minutes me and my squad were dropped into a hotzone by a chopper, defended a position using RPG's against tanks (and not against men), dropped 'nades and cleared out bunkers, all the while working in tandem with another squad. We fortified a position and then I performed overwatch with a squad mate, while the rest of our team pushed forward. I had the binoculars out and called in threats to my squady who had the sniper rifle. I saw a fast-mover coming in towards my squad, told them to take cover, and they all survived an otherwise unsurvivable situation. Spotting an enemy squad gave us the advantage in a quick battle for territory. All of this in about 45 minutes. With a SL who was just a regular PR player but knew his shit. He encouraged voice communication and kicked a guy who didn't respond and didn't cooperate in any way. We can't do this right now in Squad. But we will. Soon. It reminded me of the potential of Squad, and what Squad - I hope - is going to be. For now we have to remember we are beta testing the foundations of a classic. And if you want that full experience just hop back into PR for a while :)
  11. What do people think of 3rd person view??

    Madness I tell you, madness.
  12. I did not Stream Snipe Bluedrake

  13. Impressions from New Players?

    Don't forget you can back out and join a different squad, if that fails look for servers with familiar names and join their squads. It only takes a few days to start recognizing players from those great games you had.
  14. Me too... already offered to deliver and buy 'em coffee (what else in Seattle apart from our wonderful micro brews)... not sure though how many dev's are actually at that address though. But for sure I'd meet and buy Will and co. a beer.
  15. Hello all

    In a great squad with you last night in fact.... good times a plenty!