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  1. Optics vs Current mapsize

    Other shooter that had flamethrowers was Bad Company 2 Vietnam.
  2. Incentive for Winning a Match

    I personally never cared about rank while playing Cod or Battlefield. The incentive for me was unlocking new weapons and attachments, but that is something that doesnt fit in Squad.
  3. Incentive for Winning a Match

    I just noticed that this forum has a ranking system: Grunt > Fireteam leader > Company commander.....
  4. Incentive for Winning a Match

    I never played CS:GO. They probably impemented a ranking system to attract Cod players. But the original CS 1.6 and CSS had no ranking system and people still play it. To be fair, I think the reason CS survived for so long is due to the modding community (skins, maps etc.)
  5. Incentive for Winning a Match

    Counter-Strike also has no ranking system and is the most popular online-shooter.
  6. Birds , as a sign of movement

    Project reality has this in jungle maps if I remember correctly.
  7. Escape from Tarkov

    An earlier Version of Squad had a 3D Scope and with weapon sway: You can see it at the 10:48 mark. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcgJ5UubU1w I wonder why the developers changed it.
  8. Laser attachment for m4 rifle

    American soldiers in Afganistan often have this laser sight attached to the barrel when using the m4. Why not add this to the game? It would give the m4 a more military look.
  9. Blood spray should be removed.

    There are also no indicators for air strikes, mortars and grenades. Example: You throw a grenade in a buiding where you saw some enemies. The grenade explodes and you dont know if the explosion killed or hurt someone because there is no indicator for that. So why do we need an indicator for bullets? Playing PR I had many situations where an enemy was hiding behind a bush or vegetation. You have to shoot some rounds at the bush but since the enemy is not visible you have to check later if the enemy is dead or if he escaped. This is one of the things that make PR/Squad different from other shooters.
  10. Blood spray should be removed.

    Of course there are blood pools and bodies covered in blood, but we`re talking here about the blood spray/red mist. When somebody gets hit by a bullet there is no blood at the moment of the impact. The blood starts to leak after a few seconds creating the blood pools etc.
  11. Blood spray should be removed.

    I agree with this one. A shot could make the enemy flinch and then the blood would soak slowly into the clothes. Additionaly the victim would start to hobble and finally collapse if not treated by a medic.
  12. Blood spray should be removed.

    I dont want to sound like a psycho but I`ve seen hundreds of videos where people get shot and there is no blood spray, not even with exit wounds. Like I mentioned bevore, it only happens when someones head explodes due to the impact (Example: JFK assasination). I cant post gore videos here, so who never saw a person get shot in real live go watch some videos on Liveleak. And there are plenty of other shooters with unrealistic blood effects, no need to put them in Squad because it looks cool.
  13. Blood spray should be removed.

    The blood spray looks pretty cool and is practical (to see if you hit the enemy), but Squad is supposed to be realistic so it should be removed from the game. Unlike in movies there is no blood spray/splatter when someone gets hit by a bullet in real life, except when the victim is shot in the head by a shotgun (at close range) or when the head explodes. I guess most factions will wear helmets so even blood spray from headshots wouldn`t make sense ingame.