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  1. Few things I noticed after last patch

    well said Frogman :)
  2. These are just my thoughts regarding changes after patch, well things that bother me per say: - Don't remember which map or maps, but the day light effect is weird, very unpleasant to the eyes and this happens while you look around or move around. - New rules for rally points, I'm sure devs made this changes for what so ever reason they thought is best. All I have been experiencing from this change is the SL having hard time to drop rally points, many times your forced to spawn at the base etc etc . I find my self just disconnecting from the game because the Squad experience is broken... Just how I feel about this. - High props to the devs that added new design areas to the maps, I cant say why but majority of the new added areas feel generic to me, its like they were made in a rush. That's how I feel about this update too. IDK why but every since the last update I can barely play 5min after I enter and then I will just drop out and disconnect, I see people staying and playing the game, so they must be ok with the new patch, good for them :)
  3. Vac banned?

    I'm enjoying reading all the butt hurt cheaters are getting, go for it cry us a whole ocean.
  4. Would this build run Squad?

    don't fall for the people that say flawless and then they tell you hey look at my epeen rig..... Gonna give it to you straight 72 men server will make even the latest i7 and I don't care you can have 980ti in SLI, you will still dip below 50 FPS on occasions. This has nothing to do with the hardware, most of the issue is that the game is in alpha and lots of optimization to be made in near future. I don't even play the game in Full screen because it activates usage on both GPU's and game starts to lag like crazy, then I gone the whatever screen choice is in the middle option, using only 1 GPU and all goes back to normal, steady 50-60 Fps on occasion goes to 45 FPS in heavy battles, but both GPU's working barely 30 FPS???? See the problem here? The PC you have in mind will give you same performance as mine and I don't think my PC is weak.... Here are my specs: - I5-3570 4.4ghz ( although there is no gain once you pass 4.2 ghz) -R9 290x Crossfire -Ram 16gb 2000mhz -250gb SSD
  5. Will SQUAD be released ?

    @Silent In every country all around the world there is the same thing as you mentioned that people are fearing from. Its nothing new, its been ongoing with hundreds of years if not more. FYI this sort of thing is called in now a days "Fear Based Mind Control" a very useful tactic to keep people in check. Sorry to break it down to you, but you are one MF scared puss.
  6. Would this build run Squad?

    no, no build in existence can run this game flawless. That build will do decent and should be enough to get 60 FPS but not steady, expect dips to 40 fps in heavy firefights and weak servers.
  7. No point of reporting if you don't catch him and record him, no proof no dice. I'm not about to pay $100 for a recording software so I can chase after cheaters.
  8. Which ones will be most likely to get in V4? this is not a post to put pressure on the devs, they are doing good job as it is. - Locked CFG files to prevent altering terrain and walls - Anticheat - Raw mouse input - Performance increase ( AMD needs this more than Intel)
  9. just got out of a server like literally 2 min a go, we were for sure doing much better on tickets until we heard the typical GL bombardment and took us all out, like 90% of our team, then he was just shooting us as we were spawning.... Left the game as usual. I think I wont pick it up till I hear Anti Cheat is being implemented in the game.
  10. Team Squad ESPN Sports

    I will say this once! playing games is a NO SPORT!!! I don't care if you call it E-Sport or whatever, playing games is no sport.
  11. Anti Cheat

    hahaha AbortedMan, glad you asked. There is a group buy on Massdrop for the CADGXL2600USB mic, I think 2 more days to join the group buy, just not sure if I should pull the trigger on it cause some people said even when set on the loudest it still sounds quiet.... go figure. My mic is not a table mic but its the one that I use trough the Logitech camera and I'll be damn if I take it off from the speakers and put it close to me every time I game. If any one have any experience with the mic mentioned above please chime in, cause I'm debating on the purchase.
  12. Anti Cheat

    Devs what is the ETA on the anti cheat?
  13. How is the cheating?

    140 hrs gameplay, blatant hackers the ones the use aimbot, infinite GL and RPG + aimbot , encountered them at least 25-30 times. Suspicions of people using ESP, well at least 30-40 so far, but ESP is tricky to spot so I guess I might be wrong. Yes Squad has big problems with hackers in my opinion, but this is not the devs fault, there is nothing more they can do even if they bring in anticheat, that's the fact about online gaming these days.
  14. Hey devs just wanted to let you know that the in game server browser is faulty, all possible servers that are on the list it shows 0 players inside the servers, I kept on refreshing and refreshing but no dice. Now speaking of Steam server browser it shows properly which server is populated and how many players are on it. I honestly Am not bothered by this because since you guys made it possible with 3.9 patch to enter server trough Steam server browser, I actually prefer this way, its easier, snappier, more simple and honestly before when the in game servers list was semi working it wasn't showing the true numbers of players in the server. I prefer to enter trough Steam server list, but just giving you heads up because its your game, and your server browser list should perform better than Steams, just saying....
  15. that's weird to hear that about AMD GPU's...... I have 2x r9-290X crossfire XFX brand and first thing I did when I got them I did a stress test on them, both cards 100% load never passed 65C.... I do however had modified the HAF 932 so it can have extra fans, all in total 9 fans and XFX is known for making bad ass aftermarket GPU coolers.