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  1. No workarounds for AMD users?

    I would ditch the CPU, I also have the 8350 and I get below average performance on nearly all of the games I play. Arma can't get over 25 fps no matter what setting, same as Squad. OKAM is running quite dodgy, Warthunder gets terrible fps drops when I catch on fire or get into the fight while when I spawn in I'll get 120+ fps, and Fallout 4 would get bad fps and lots of drops. I've been wanting to switch to Intel but I'll have to spend around $400 since I need a new mobo. MY GPU is the gtx970.
  2. One account 2 servers

    So I figured out what happens, when one account is logged on the other person can't log on. It just keeps you at main menu.
  3. Expected Visual Fidelity

    it is not even in beta yet lol, they need to fix up game play before aesthetics.
  4. Graphics Questions

    First 2 are with HDR set to false, the other 2 are set to true which is default. Graphics are set to Epic. The color is way darker when set to true but on false things look cleared with a graphical downgrade. https://gyazo.com/7d56a54ef7a11c36ec483faa2d75d5e6 https://gyazo.com/4c1d7b1988e4e0e79c21888b03dee15f ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ https://gyazo.com/4dffbef99ccb81f67e62c9eae38cb145 https://gyazo.com/4201bd498089a361610fa4059b5b5d90
  5. Graphics Questions

    You can turn HDR fully off which gets rid of the blur. It does however make the game seem too sharp but it's your opinion. Go to your squad folder > Squad folder in the folder > Config > Open DefaultEngine > search for r.MobileHDR > set it to False and save. It should make things less blurry. I don't know who found it first for the credit but it was from a forum post that also didn't know who found it.
  6. Answer please !

    Yeah sometimes my mouse will disappear if I am on the map or squad menu when I die. I pressed esc which enabled the mouse so I can click close/give up and then open up that menu again with the mouse working.
  7. When servers are ran by the community, admins can enforce rules like no locked squads or a minimum amount of people in a locked squad. PR is free, go download it if you haven't and try it out if you want to see how the squads work.
  8. Confused on purchases

    So right now $70 is access for closed alpha which is going on now until early access. $30 gets you early access and the game. The game is still like 2-3 months or something until early access on steam. Use this link http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/2778-where-is-my-email-answer-inside/
  9. One account 2 servers

    I was wondering what would happen if one account would try to play on two separate servers. My friends are asking me to let them try out Squad on my account but I don't know what would happen if we both happened to be on the same server as one account or on two different servers on the same account. Also just an annoying bug is the UI on the compass. Being a medic is a nightmare when you constantly have red dots on the compass that just won't dissapere.