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  1. Founders - In Game Credits Name

    Just updated my info and linked my steam account so I can have my name in the game credits but how do I change my user name here on the forums?
  2. Onward: a tactical VR-only FPS for the HTC Vive/Rift

    Ive been trying to get in contact with the developer to see if I can test for this game too but ive got no response yet but it looks like its going to be pretty damn amazing. Hopefully he stays on the simulation side of things and stays clear from arcade style game play Any other squadies out there have a vive that plan on trying this game out?
  3. Technically they can have 100 but no one is complaining about that, I've play tested in a 100 man server and it had its up and downs.
  4. Brahhs Afghan Map

    Looks like fun chance!
  5. Q: Ticket loss for giving up, true or false?

    This is correct.
  6. Alpha 4 Update

    it happens every player every death. Check it out for yourself. It's pretty scary when your a medic trying to revive someone and all you hear is footsteps surrounding you.
  7. Alpha 4 Update

    I feel like a junkie who's dope sack has been taken away! Lol
  8. Alpha 4 Update

    Closed pre-alpha had the best performance for my rig, no audio glitch no FPS drops my 7.1 audio worked perfectly, ran 50+ FPS on a full server. Now 30 in full server of 50-60 players. I'm a sad boy. ;(
  9. Alpha 4 Update

    I have an 8370 o'clock at 4.7 and found workarounds that actually worked but with the 4.2 update the workaround no longer work.
  10. Alpha 4 Update

    ive logged 600+ hrs on squad and never seen or heard the footstep glitch. New to me.
  11. Alpha 4 Update

    Discovered audio glitch when players are downed, it sounds like there's footsteps when the player isn't moving at all. 4.2 update
  12. Customizable server rules screen or billboard. [VOTE]

    This is why I like the idea of having a billboard in the deployment similar to some servers you join in ArmA because there's no way people could miss it and you could also add the servers team logo or some other cool images. It's not spammy and players would appreciate knowing the servers rule set. Yes most of us that play squad are mature and have a common understanding of what's to be expected from players and most server rules are similar, but they're defiantly not all the same. For example some servers prefer that you fill all existing squads before starting a new one or require a microphone and will kick players for not meeting the criteria, but how would players know that without any notification or posted rules? I know that I'm not the only one who thinks a simple message in red text wont actually get people to follow a link to an external website to read the servers rules, it's more of an annoyance if anything when it's automated and comes up randomly in the middle of a match. But we do need something!
  13. Im not a not much of a fan of the server message, but as an admin we do need some delivery system in place. Cast a vote for the delivery system you prefer most. http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/11449-customizable-server-rules-screen-or-billboard-vote/
  14. Clearing up any confusion with EAC and altered files

    Awesome because I was poking around trying to get rid of the screen door effect but irontaxi helped me out. Thnx again OWI.