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  1. Struggling with target acquisition.

    Hmmm, I run everything on Epic and have no problem spotting targets when I take my time and "look" at my surroundings even at long ranges.
  2. If you are looking for a great evening in Squad, join us in our U.S. server, 303RD Warzone for our weekly FNF (Friday Night Fights). Start time is 9 EST but jump in the server early to get a spot. As a clan/community we more than welcome new players to the game and are always glad to answer any questions they may have, we take pride in helping others have the most enjoyable experience in game no matter what level of experience you have to date. Also this week for our first official v9 FNF we are going to have members live streaming (Infidel Rage, AceDOTD, and Bash) if you cant make it in game. https://www.twitch.tv/infidel_rage https://www.twitch.tv/acedotd & https://www.twitch.tv/amerkican . (There will be a stream delay to prevent anyone from seeking an unfair advantage). ,Infidel Rage and Ace DOTD will be streaming their first-person views with Bash overhead in admin cam. Multiple angles of the same Squad battle! Also if you have a favorite map or mode that you would like to play we also encourage map request at any time. Also feel free to drop by our web site 303rdtigers.com. Hope to see you guys Friday!
  3. Enhance the realism of radio communications.

    There is a reason why they are separate. Local comms is so that you can communicate directly with those who are around you with info pertinent to them in local and its not heard by someone 100 meters from your location who is irrelevant to the situation. Squads some times break into fire teams and the local chat is key to your fire team. Seperation of comms is a great idea, if you mess with the setup then what is the point in having them separate? As far as other squads near you if they are savvy players they will automatically use local to inform everyone around them. Many times in game I repeat info on both to alert everyone who could be effected by what is going on around me.
  4. For good insight about how to effectively use the rockets Karmakut has one or two really sweet videos on youtube with him spotting and directing rocket fire for effectiveness. Check them out. Here is a free promo for you Karma.
  5. how do i rank here?

    damn spammers! Yeah you can rank in the community but as of yet (if ever) there is no rank up system in the game. Squad is not designed to be categorized with COD or BF, its about the squad/team as a whole not the individual.
  6. Enhance the realism of radio communications.

    Personally I'm good with comms in game, if you want static try crumpling a plastic bag next to your mic when you speak...
  7. Perma'd from all bluefang servers?

    A good practice would be not to TK players period, even the ones who are trolls or ass hats. When we are in game we police our server very seriously and don't put up with people who try to intentionally ruin everyone elses fun for their own gratification. Friendly fire is always on in Squad so mistakes do happen, people step in front of you or bad frags can lead to TK's. We don't ban people for one TK unless its at the start of a map and your being an ass hat. We as admins base our decisions to ban by evidence, we record it and keep it on file to back up our decisions. If you got perma banned you must have looked pretty guilty to whoever banned you, If you have any video from when this happened then share it with us in your appeal as well if you fill one out.
  8. [RIP] vs World Friday nights event

    that's impressive, maybe we can talk when the servers hit that mark!
  9. New Players and Misuse of Gameplay

    your making a comment based on only partially quoting what I said, you must work for the media. Anyone who has been in game lately knows exactly what I'm saying, there are a lot of new players out there that have not learned the ropes yet.
  10. IEDs

    I personally don't want this game to turn into BF, I enjoy still playing it from time to time but only on occasion, so tired of those tactics. I love the slower methodical play of this game and the team work. Suicide bombers just creates Rambo's/lone wolf's and generally useless players as a whole as far as team play goes and that is the fundamental element of this game!
  11. i have the game but can't intstall

    I have basically used the same name since that time, spelled it differently over the years though...
  12. i have the game but can't intstall

    I remember those nova logic games! good times...
  13. i have the game but can't intstall

    no, once you buy it, that's it for the base game. Not sure about mod's.
  14. i have the game but can't intstall

    version one was pre steam, if he purchased that and never updated it doesn't matter. He will have to get the email with the steam key to access it and down load it. If he does not have that any more he will have to contact support. Check all E-mails from mid april if you have not deleted them!
  15. I don't have time to read all of these responses, but in my opinion FOB placement at this point in time is based on the past! You didn't have logi trucks to instantly supply you and it took time to build points for defenses. Placing FOB's on points was risky because they got over ran far too often, especially when you didn't have enough people to defend them. Even though it is hard to change more experienced members minds about it with vehicles in place now it has become a more logical idea that will become a more common tactic in my opinion from here on. Plus when enemies are close the spawn timer goes up on FOB's.