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  1. The pr commander was a uav operator. Dont bother calling him a commander if he has no power. And Uavs should just be vehicles like any other. An actual entity in the gameworld that needs to be piloted and can be shot down. No point in having some special position either, he would just be another vehicle user like a btr driver or whatever.
  2. Why is it that no one ever reads what I write? The entire point of my entire essay was that people do not actually listen to the order of their superiors in this game - and that's okay because the game is designed to work regardless of this by these superiors controlling the spawn points. All I suggest is that this paradigm be expanded into 1 more higher level of authority that can indirectly push squad leaders to the right direction. Everything you people bring up as counterpoints to the idea of a commander already has a solution built into the original proposal. Let me ask again - Why is it okay for the game to be structured such that a superior officer dictates the spawn points to subordinates in the squad leader-squad member relationship, but it is not okay that exists one more relationship of commander-squad leader that is very similar?
  3. 1) The arrogant and rude way you talk is telling me that your big ego is making you imagine "putting six rounds in someone and not downing them," rather than it actually happening. Surely there's no way that your great self could ever just.. mess up? You totally got that guy, this game is bullshit, it was lag right? Why is it that you're the only one reporting this? Why is my experience in Squad, despite thousands of hours in countless different FPS over the years telling me that Squad's tick rate is acceptable? 2) I said the game is more of a strategic game, I didn't say tactical. In Squad the outcome of the game is determined by the ability for a team to properly maneuver its squads to attack an objective, or in defense of one. Note: spawn point placement is partially an act of maneuver because players flow out of them in a certain direction. Tactics are the methods used to carry out this strategy. But even tactics as a whole are not stifled by having a merely adequate but not exceptional tick-rate. Does it matter if you have an extra 30 milliseconds of delay when one of half of your squad attacks from one side while the other flanks around and takes the enemy by surprise, shooting their still and exposed bodies? No. Having extremely good netcode only affects the outcome of any sort of engagement you are just trying to get into cover, when you meet someone else face to face and the quicker trigger wins, etc. These sorts of situations are not determinant of who wins a game of Squad, and they rarely even determine who wins the entirety of a short engagement between two Squads. This is why it's pointless to spend all kinds of time to develop a super high tick-rate flawless netcode for a game like Squad. Right now Squad's is acceptable, and work should be done to have more players per server, and primitive environment destruction (just some fences and foliage please and thanks), those things would have a way more meaningful effect on the game.
  4. Squad's more of a strategy game than a shooter. Tick-rate is not really going to meaningfully affect the outcome of a match, as long as it's serviceable (it is). In games like counter-strike it's pertinent because milliseconds of whether or not a deagle bullet connects before the target gets around a corner or not can determine entire rounds. In Squad FOB placement/volume and out-maneuvering the enemy is what determines game outcome. Unless something dramatically changed in the last patch to degrade the quality of the "netcode" there's no reason for the developers to intensely labour to make milliseconds of improvements in a game that's much slower and more strategy based than other shooters. As for the actual existence of some dramatic change in the last patch that made the tick-rate go to shit, it's way more likely you're imagining it after getting shot few times when you were "totally around that corner" or whatever. If you actually think such a thing exists, report it as a bug.
  5. The End of Humvees? :(

    1 thing that's actually a concern is that the only US Army fielded anti-air vehicle is the avenger humvee. Without that asset the only thing the US army will have to shoot down helicopters are single handheld or a couple of stationary stingers. Not exactly what I would reach to first when confronted by the Havoc. That is, unless those fighter jets we were promised materialize.
  6. sounds like it's working perfectly to me.
  7. Night map?

    The PUBG developers have stated they are working on a system that successfully prevents gamma tampering, and we'll be seeing it in action in the near future. Something about a transparent fog that becomes opaque if gamma is too high? Anwyays, the point is that anti-gamma tampering is something that is possible. With this being said, I think night maps should be very common in Squad. There is so much potential there for breathing life into old maps, and adding new content in the form of night specific gear. Flares, and not just handheld but from mortars, underbarrel 40mms, and recoilless rifles. Flashlights, night-vision devices, player constructed lights, and map-defined lighting from buildings, etc. Proper night fighting isn't a bunch of idiots holding their hands out in front of them and teamkilling half the time, it's warfare where light is a commodity, and taking advantage of blind-spots is key.
  8. HMG bullet drop very exaggerated

    Its to keep the Stryker from being overpowered. If it had realistic accuracy it would be obscenely strong. Expect more realistic values when its appropriate.
  9. September 2017 Recap

    I don't think anyone appreciates how profound a change it will be if AAS gets replaced by this new game mode. Right now the maps get stale so fast because of the repetitive flag layers that dont take advantage of their massive size. Even the primitive version of a "territory control" game, Conquest on OP First Light is really interesting. This really changes everything. I always had faith the devs would finally see the light on this one..
  10. SPG techie should be equivalent to HAT

    disabled vehicles would definitely come with in the field repair functionality. In PR it was very primitive, but logi trucks could armour pieces whose turrets and tracks were disabled. In general it worked pretty well, there were very rarely times where you could "capture" a disabled vehicle, the crew knew what the vehicle was worth and would die fighting rather than abandoning it, usually resulting it in being a better tactic to just blow the thing up. If a tank's track is disabled, and you have a HAT shot lined up, it's as good as dead. But if you don't take the shot, attempt to capture the vehicle, fail, and it gets repaired, then you've obviously made the wrong choice. 99% of the time people will not get greedy and take the tank kill.
  11. tactical blind fire

    Why would it not be serious? Its a useful tactic in very close range engagements. Masters of blind fire would have a serious upperhand clearing those apartments in Al Basrah.
  12. How will body armor work?

    that's a joke right? You're saying something really stupid to be funny?
  13. Camoflague nets

    they would be nice. Concealing habs is pretty important and something to help break up their dramatic silhoeutte would be a good use of hammers. Doubley so when we have air vehicles.
  14. "Ammo FOBs" Promote Unhealthy Gameplay

    Skul is right that the game is over dependent on fobs and logis as is. Because logis are so slow, fobs need to be so far from each other, a logi can only supply one per trip, and probably more reasons, fobs are very few and logis very vulnerable. Obviously the team with better fobs wins a fight for the flag, and there are so few logis/fobs and some are so easy to kill, directly attacking them.is overly efficient. This renders the game over centralized around FOB and logi destroying. Hell Ive played games on fools road where it feels im in complete control of the outcome of the game by just camping the us main with a btr for logis, no matter how bad my teammates are. Helicopters in the future will do a massive service to rectify this. Armed logis like.. say a humvee with a .50 cal, 300 supplies in the back and 3 seats would also help. Decreasing the radius between fobs would be nice too.