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  1. [WIP] Korengal Valley [Vanilla]

    This will be so very good
  2. If you'll click on those threads, as I have, none of them begin to discuss the topic. anyways, there's nothing stopping me from making my own ranking system, but it would also be completely meaningless because having 1 individual server doesn't really accomplish any of the things that a matchmaking system does. How are you going to have games with high and low level players separated? How are you going to have a rank that anyone is going to care about? Now this is a convincing argument. User Cavazos might quit.
  3. Countless games have this sort of system, and it works quite well. It can be implemented at any point in the game's life cycle, this is nothing revolutionary or untested. In games I've played the do a full reset of ranking from time to time, and start from scratch, and it works just fine. Why would we need to have a ranking system from day 1? Would it be difficult to develop an accurate system for Squad? yes. That's not the point of this thread. I'm simply trying to convince readers that there's a lot to gain from a matchmaking system, because it's something I've never even seen entertained here.
  4. In part, this post projects that Squad's popularity will improve a lot when the game gets released. Right now it's lacking a lot of content and features.
  5. Definitely a challenge that would need to be overcome. This problem can partially be mitigated with tutorials for the players that explain how the game works and how to play it. But, this is a problem that in part solves itself. Will low skill players lack guidance from high skill players? Yes, but, if everyone sucks, then there is opportunity from growth, and new low skill players will learn the game for themselves, and eventually improve their rank, and progressively learn from the better players theyre in the games with.
  6. I want to bring up the topic of replacing the server browser for non-custom servers with a matchmaking system. The purpose of this thread is to be, at the very least, thought provoking. I don't think in all the time I've been playing this game or browsing these forums have I seen someone entertain the idea of Squad having some sort of matchmaking system, complete with a player rating/ranking. Firstly, let's define a matchmaking system and a server-select system. In squad's current configuration, a server-select system, the player is presented with a list of servers to choose from if they want to join a game. In a matchmaking system, the player hits a find match button, and a number of algorithms go to work to find the player the best possible match, based on ping, skill level, wait time, match progress, etc. You can see how the second way might give the player a better experience. Let me go over what I think some of the key points that a matchmaking system could improve. 1) Games can often be imbalanced, by chance. This is pretty easy to understand. While it's true that most of the time games are pretty fair, as in, each side has a roughly equal level of skill in the game, somewhat frequently one side just gets absolutely rolled, often for a few matches in row, simply because one side has way better players. Who has fun in these games? I don't enjoy getting rolled, and rolling the enemy is no fun either. There's a reason people want to play against other players and not mindless bots. A matchmaking rating system pretty effectively mitigates this problem. 2) Matchmaking rating systems, as long as they work correctly, improve the overall quality of players you will play with. Especially as Squad gets more popular, there becomes a greater need to have the low skill and high skill players in different games. It improves the experience for both groups. It's much more enjoyable to play the game with high skill players as a high skilled player, because your teammates are actually competent and are able to work with you and understand what you are trying to do. Likewise, as a low skill player it is more fun to play with low skill players, as you will not be hopelessly slaughtered over and over, especially as a vehicle operator. 3) Matchmaking rating / ranked play improves the average level of skill of the community. This is something I have observed playing other games. When a player has some sort of rating/rank attached to their name, they simply put in more effort to win. They screw around less, they are more willing to work with teammates and resist temptation to be selfish, because they have a stake in winning. In a game where the only thing at stake is personal enjoyment, sometimes this can conflict with what is actually necessary to win. I assert that some sort of ratings or ranked option would make the game more fun. there are other small advantages like not having to join matches already in progress as frequently, and shorter wait times, rather than there being a queue of 10 people for each full serve,r which would be enough to fill up another server. In my opinion, the Squad experience would be a lot better with a matchmaking feature built into the game. Discuss.
  7. How would you improve the G3?

    I wager when body armour gets modeled in the game, the G3 will be more valuable.
  8. Is The 30 Mil BTR Overpowered Now?

    It's extremely strong but still eats shit if it gets too close against competent LAT users. Just don't try to fight it in the Stryker anymore unless you outnumber or outplay it big time.
  9. The pr commander was a uav operator. Dont bother calling him a commander if he has no power. And Uavs should just be vehicles like any other. An actual entity in the gameworld that needs to be piloted and can be shot down. No point in having some special position either, he would just be another vehicle user like a btr driver or whatever.
  10. Why is it that no one ever reads what I write? The entire point of my entire essay was that people do not actually listen to the order of their superiors in this game - and that's okay because the game is designed to work regardless of this by these superiors controlling the spawn points. All I suggest is that this paradigm be expanded into 1 more higher level of authority that can indirectly push squad leaders to the right direction. Everything you people bring up as counterpoints to the idea of a commander already has a solution built into the original proposal. Let me ask again - Why is it okay for the game to be structured such that a superior officer dictates the spawn points to subordinates in the squad leader-squad member relationship, but it is not okay that exists one more relationship of commander-squad leader that is very similar?
  11. 1) The arrogant and rude way you talk is telling me that your big ego is making you imagine "putting six rounds in someone and not downing them," rather than it actually happening. Surely there's no way that your great self could ever just.. mess up? You totally got that guy, this game is bullshit, it was lag right? Why is it that you're the only one reporting this? Why is my experience in Squad, despite thousands of hours in countless different FPS over the years telling me that Squad's tick rate is acceptable? 2) I said the game is more of a strategic game, I didn't say tactical. In Squad the outcome of the game is determined by the ability for a team to properly maneuver its squads to attack an objective, or in defense of one. Note: spawn point placement is partially an act of maneuver because players flow out of them in a certain direction. Tactics are the methods used to carry out this strategy. But even tactics as a whole are not stifled by having a merely adequate but not exceptional tick-rate. Does it matter if you have an extra 30 milliseconds of delay when one of half of your squad attacks from one side while the other flanks around and takes the enemy by surprise, shooting their still and exposed bodies? No. Having extremely good netcode only affects the outcome of any sort of engagement you are just trying to get into cover, when you meet someone else face to face and the quicker trigger wins, etc. These sorts of situations are not determinant of who wins a game of Squad, and they rarely even determine who wins the entirety of a short engagement between two Squads. This is why it's pointless to spend all kinds of time to develop a super high tick-rate flawless netcode for a game like Squad. Right now Squad's is acceptable, and work should be done to have more players per server, and primitive environment destruction (just some fences and foliage please and thanks), those things would have a way more meaningful effect on the game.
  12. Squad's more of a strategy game than a shooter. Tick-rate is not really going to meaningfully affect the outcome of a match, as long as it's serviceable (it is). In games like counter-strike it's pertinent because milliseconds of whether or not a deagle bullet connects before the target gets around a corner or not can determine entire rounds. In Squad FOB placement/volume and out-maneuvering the enemy is what determines game outcome. Unless something dramatically changed in the last patch to degrade the quality of the "netcode" there's no reason for the developers to intensely labour to make milliseconds of improvements in a game that's much slower and more strategy based than other shooters. As for the actual existence of some dramatic change in the last patch that made the tick-rate go to shit, it's way more likely you're imagining it after getting shot few times when you were "totally around that corner" or whatever. If you actually think such a thing exists, report it as a bug.
  13. The End of Humvees? :(

    1 thing that's actually a concern is that the only US Army fielded anti-air vehicle is the avenger humvee. Without that asset the only thing the US army will have to shoot down helicopters are single handheld or a couple of stationary stingers. Not exactly what I would reach to first when confronted by the Havoc. That is, unless those fighter jets we were promised materialize.
  14. sounds like it's working perfectly to me.
  15. Night map?

    The PUBG developers have stated they are working on a system that successfully prevents gamma tampering, and we'll be seeing it in action in the near future. Something about a transparent fog that becomes opaque if gamma is too high? Anwyays, the point is that anti-gamma tampering is something that is possible. With this being said, I think night maps should be very common in Squad. There is so much potential there for breathing life into old maps, and adding new content in the form of night specific gear. Flares, and not just handheld but from mortars, underbarrel 40mms, and recoilless rifles. Flashlights, night-vision devices, player constructed lights, and map-defined lighting from buildings, etc. Proper night fighting isn't a bunch of idiots holding their hands out in front of them and teamkilling half the time, it's warfare where light is a commodity, and taking advantage of blind-spots is key.