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  1. Looking for a Team? POST HERE

    ================================================================================================================================== Name: Defi45 Steam Profile: http://steamcommunity.com/id/defi45/ Ingame Name: Defi Primary Language(s): English + German Age: 28 Timezone or Region: UTC +1 /+2 (Summer & Winter time in Germany) Nature of Interest: Casual & intense Teamplay Gaming Background: Played with the [Redcoats] in the Squad League Events. Early Squad backer. After a long Squad break iam addicted again. Additional Skills: My english isnt perfect, but i like to play with a english talking Community. Can fill any ingame slot, but got struggle with Squad leading. i guess i just like more to follow instead of leading. Status: Unsigned Just feel free to add me on Steam. Greetings Defi ==================================================================================================================================
  2. Any Autohotkey Guru's Out There?- Please Help!

    Take a look at "digital audio cable", so you can add a extra layer for your microphone so you can define more push to talk Buttons for you mic with the programm. For your Example p/o/h will trigger your Microphone in Digital audio cable and record. Thats how i handled Dxtory back in the days with Arma2. that shoud solve your problems without using some autohotkey scripts thats maybe trigger easy anticheat (i dont know that, its just a guess)
  3. SDK Issues

    http://imgur.com/38q13vW i got it in German, but shoud be the same for you i guess
  4. Free Logo Commisions - [Taking Requests]

    Nice service you offer! Hope you can make alot of guys happy!
  5. Bloody Chora

    I really love this one, watch it over and over :D
  6. What gets you pumped in Squad?

    Check the Video at 1:09 for some crazy hit detection :D Edit: i get pumped by the Game feeling, shots in the far, screams an orders in the vocal chat <3
  7. What gets you pumped in Squad?

    not really :D
  8. got the same, all time Para. Doesnt matter of the GTX770 before or now on my GTX980Ti
  9. The map reminds me to Day of Defeat! Edit: to compare: The trailer years ago ^^ Youtube Day of Defeat Source Trailer (Sorry, someone posted that before already) ^^
  10. Moving backwards while focusing (sprint key)

    yeah thats a old one :)
  11. i love this kind of stuff, and i dont talk about the money... <3 But why is your Signature picture that big now DBM? i have to rework mine now lol ;)