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  1. I would love a game mode based on convoy ambush, a game mode for 10 minute quick matches ie no spawning, small maps. also I would love an arcade mode that had less spawn penalty, quicker capture speed, more ammo, no rally point spawn limit/time limit. I am sure people will hate my suggestions, I just like more gameplay options and I don't always have 30 to 45 minutes to play a single round.
  2. More optimization!

    Also, note that OWI chose to use the Unreal 4 engine, which as far as I know isn't a well optimized engine for wide ranges of hardware. Seems that a high clocked 2/4 CPU with an mid to high end NVIDIA gpu is the only way to semi enjoy this game right now. Even with high end hardware, players are at the mercy of the server not being fast enough to have more than 50 people in a server. The minimum clock speed for a server CPU is 4ghz, which is WAY too high which also leads me to believe that the game engine isn't threaded properly. I doubt we will see good optimization for a very very very very long time.
  3. January 2017 Monthly Recap

    I can run it at 60 fps, but I am right there with you. Can't recommend this game to ANY of my friends while it runs like this.
  4. GTX 1050 ti Review Squad

    Interesting back in 2012 how multithreading was seen as cumbersome and difficult. Now look at cellphone operating systems...it can be done and if you ask me, needs to be done. Single threaded works loads rely off of brute force from a cpu, which cpus seem to be coming to a halt in improvements lately. Unreal 4 was being touted as the game engine of the future, good luck if it can't use an 8 core cpu because that is standard NOW. No more dual core cpus at a bazillion megahertz, how about an arm cpu that can be powered by a hamster wheel. Epic needs to get their stuff together.
  5. How to improve performance?

    Please refrain from telling people to upgrade their pc for a terribly optimized game. If OWI ND epic don't pull it together there will be a lot of unhappy customers.
  6. GTX 1050 ti Review Squad

    That's the only issue that OWI has mentioned. Pc enthusiasts already understand the issue is unreal 4 having terrible cpu utilization.
  7. require graphic optimization asap

    The issue for most people with migrate hardware is that Squad does require a great deal of twitch shooter skill which is very difficult when fps drops to the mid 20s because the cpu gets bottlenecked. Optimizing would bring a wonderful new experience to the game.
  8. require graphic optimization asap

    To the The truth is you have an 8 core cpu that isn't being used, everyone on this forum doesn't understand the strength of a multi core cpu, also. People say you need to spend a lot of money to upgrade when the truth is an i3 skylake with a gtx 750 ti plays this game without a hitch, because this game overloads core 0 and core 1, amd would need all cores to be used and this is not the case, the game engine is flawed and most gamers like myself heard that unreal 4 engine would be a dx12 game engine, but it's dx11 and has a ton of cpu overhead. With a true dx12 implementation the cpu would be less of a bottleneck. Don't upgrade for this game, keep insisting that the development team optimize for multi core cpus.
  9. Anyone running this game in i3?

    I had Squad running on a gtx 750 ti and a pentium g4400. Medium settings 45 fps 1080p.
  10. Games ruined by traitors.

    Until the development team figures out a solution, I don't think anyone should be protecting the game mechanics with admin rules. America's Army had a good solution to tking. For the fob revealing, which happens too often, the ticket penalty should be reduced for losing an fob, or a game mechanics that allows for a danger close scenario where artillery can blast the area of an fob at a cost of tickets. Just spit balling but the issue at hand is a big deal. People on this forum might think otherwise but I see things a bit differently when I notice the same people over and over leaving a match a few minutes into a game and then bam, your fob and troop movement is completely forseen.
  11. Games ruined by traitors.

    It's a play on words. In the English language, when someone is messing with you, a response can be "Don't play games with me" Or "I don't have time for games"
  12. Games ruined by traitors.

    I don't have time for games. lol
  13. Games ruined by traitors.

    I don't have time to play a game that takes 20-30 minutes per round and it gets ruined. Its happened at least 3 times out of 10 for me.
  14. I have been experiencing something kind of worrisome lately while playing Squad. When the Open Alpha started over a year ago, 3 out of 10 games had people giving away FOB positions at the beginning of the match. The last 3 rounds I have played had very obvious traitors revealing FOBS and team killing then leaving the server. I want to know what the Dev team has planned to keep this from happening in the future. As of right now, this game is completely ruined by this.