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  1. April 2016 Monthly Recap

    The .50!!!!! That's awesome you guys were able to get that working, so now that the .50 is essentially usable, that will translate over to vehicles from what I understand? Which is awesome, and as you stated in the recap, kills two birds with one stone. Good work guys!
  2. Backer Tag Redeem!

    oooh duh lol I forgot I have a separate email for Paypal. There we go!
  3. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Nice! How long does it take to show up?
  4. Alpha 5 Released

    And that's what I have a problem with. There is no "I" in a team game ;).
  5. Alpha 5 Released

    Yes, I do believe so myself because it happens frequently. Or, the SL of your squad radios into the trans squad to ask them to pick you up and drop you at a grid location.
  6. Please be patient

    Hell I paid $98 CAD for this game and I'm personally more than satisfied for how it has held up for an Early Access title. This has been one of the better experiences I have had for an early access game. The stuff that is supposed to come in the future will come, just have to be patient, but for now the infantry combat is awesome.
  7. Things I will love to see in the game

    There's a list somewhere of stuff that's going to be in, and not going to be in, or could be in... Tried finding it but dunno what I did with the bookmark lmao. But, 1 - Pretty sure that's going to be happening sometime in the future. 2 - Probably not 3 - Absolutely never ever going to happen, thankfully, at least I hope not, vast majority of people I have seen on the forums don't want that feature. the extra stuff probably won't happen, it's possible but I doubt it, as the way it is now is to force everyone to work together. Armour could happen, chest rigs with plates in em and such, but only certain factions would have something like that, the more funded and proper militaries. Guys like Militia, or Insurgents wouldn't have something like that. 4 - Been tried and failed miserably back in PR.
  8. Tell Spring Not to Come This Year (DOCUMENTARY)

    Watched that doc a few weeks ago actually, it's extremely good. I agree with Fantomactual, definitely watch it.
  9. Anybody else seen this before?

    LMFAO that's great! I've seen guys take flight before, but not to that degree! Good catch Gully.
  10. Programs to record squad?

    Shadowplay works fine, I've noticed that I have to put the game in Borderless, and allow Shadowplay to record desktop instead of game in order for it to work.
  11. It may not be possible with the engine according to this thread, it looks like it would have to be a decal that is created after an explosion. I'm unsure if the decal could be specified depending on the material that the explosion hits. https://forums.unrealengine.com/showthread.php?23047-explosion-craters
  12. Alpha 4 Released

    that's interesting, I've never actually heard of someone having issues with high FOV. I myself find I have problems with low FOV and usually have to have it at a minimum of 110, depending on what's in my immediate view in-game. I also wear contacts/glasses while I play.
  13. Fools Road map exploit

    I'd like to add there is a possible exploit on Fortress in Fool's Road, there's a part outside where apparently you can see into the bunkers from the hillside if you go prone. Not 100% sure where, one of my squad mates at the time mentioned it. EDIT: I believe it may have been on the ENE side of the hill Fortress is on.
  14. AKM vs other rifles.

    CQB to mid-range = AKM - 7.62x39mm M43 - cyclic rate, 600 rd/min CQB to long range = AK74 series - 5.45x39mm - cyclic rate, 650rd/min 7.62 is a bigger round, not quite as accurate long-range but would definitely hurt more than a 5.45. 5.45 travels better than the 7.62 so IMO the 74 would be better in mid-long range engagements, but for the suppression and devastating hits when it hits, the AKM would be the best choice. If I'm not mistaken this is how the damage model works.
  15. Alpha 4 Released

    HHHHNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG dat changelog. Boys, this is phenomenal!
  16. 90mm recoiless rifle emplacement for the US

    This is why they're called Recoilless Rifles :p https://gfycat.com/MelodicVillainousHermitcrab
  17. with the vehicles topic that got locked

    With regards to their being a dev roadmap, there are rough estimates on time frames where X feature will be implemented. To introduce a structured infographic based on a development roadmap with steady deadlines, could hurt the dev team and their rep. Because if they stated there were going to for sure be vehicles one month, but failed to meet it, then literally everyone would lose their shit, and the devs would get bad reviews for false information and all this other unnecessary shit. So, in reality, the devs keeping such a fluid development route and letting everyone know that they are working hard on X feature or to squash X bugs then they're better off, not just for the community, but for their own sanity. I love OWI, I love how interactive they are with the community, and how they come forward when there are issues and something that they're having trouble with getting working (vehicles for example) it makes me feel safer in purchasing Squad rather than a roadmap with deadlines that aren't met.
  18. To see the pictures, just remove "https://"
  19. Squad Tags & General Questions

    I believe I can answer SOME of these questions. 2: How do you find a particular server ingame? I have not seen a way to search for servers,- only updating the server list. A: http://Squad.rocks is now useful for joining a specific server, you can also join on friends. 3: It's not easy finding a good tutorial on how to play as a squad leader. I've come across a few, but they tend to leave important information (for me that is), such as how "FOV-points" or whatever they are called,- work. Any good tutorials out there? In the game, I had to learn how to build and maintain a fortificated position from a guy who kept yelling and team-killing in order for the other 2 squads to maintain their position. It's a game, and some of us just need to be respected for not having sufficient knowledge. Even as a rifleman. A: There are plenty of youtube tutorials around, I can't remember the specifics but do a search on youtube or google and you should get some answers. If anything, find a server hosted by a clan, they will generally be open to helping new players learn the ropes and get everything figured out for the most part. 4: Isn't people banned/kicked for "x" amounts of team-kills? This did not happen while on a server 9 hours before I wrote this. 1 guy team-killed over 10 times within 10 minutes. A: Not implemented yet I don't believe. Until a server script is written to detect that, or it's implemented in the game itself, it's up to the sever admins to deal with it. 5: Is it possible to kick people from my squad? How? And is it possible to kick an unassigned member somehow? A: yes, you can kick people from your squad, IF you are the squad leader. Just click on their name and kick player, you can also promote them to squad leader in this way. 6: Names ingame sometimes got a tag. What's that good for and how do you get it? A: If someone has a tag, that means they are part of a group/clan. Whether it's [Redcoats], [RIP], [sFSS], or [303RD] Last question that is likely to be the dumbest one; I've got the best resolution while playing, but never tend to see the enemy unless they are about 30m away. Everyone else seem to be pretty good at spotting enemy from a good distance, even while they are not "snipers". Is there any trick to spot enemies in dense enviroments, such as in a poppy-field or other flora? A: No real trick, except to look really. I know it sounds redundant but spending a bit of time staring at a particular point where there may be enemies, or that you've been told there are enemies, will allow you to learn that area and anything that looks strange or different will pop out pretty quick. EDIT: regarding my answer to Question 3, finding a good squad leader tutorial is going to be hard by nature. The best thing that I have heard works pretty well is joining a squad that has a good squad leader and paying attention to what they do, where they go, and what they're saying about any particular situation. Of course communicating between the squads as well as squad chat and local chat is a different dynamic to get used to. EDIT 2: I just noticed in Question 3 you mentioned "FOV-points" I'm not quite sure what you mean by that, if you could elaborate I could probably give a better answer :)
  20. Alpha 3.9 Released

    NICE! Good stuff boys, can't wait to see the rest that you've all got planned.
  21. Love Squad league. Gives clans the chance to play in a controlled environment against each other exclusively! It's going to be awesome to see everything once it hits a full league. Awesome work DrBigMoney, I'm sure everyone appreciates a fantastic medium to show their skills! I know I do for sure.
  22. Alpha 3.7 Released

    This is beautiful. Makes an admins job 100x easier :P hahaha Is it able to be customized?
  23. Jittery aim? [VIDEO]

    I think it was mentioned as a known issue. It happens when you are away from the center of the map IIRC, EDIT: It happened with 3.1/3.2(?) I believe, if not 3.5/3.6
  24. Fools Road Flag variation

    Yeah there's a skirmish build and it's really interesting and takes the fight off of the mine site, which is very easy to get trapped in lol.
  25. Rolling left/right whilst prone

    Currently, and I think this is a glitch, in fact I'm positive it's a glitch lol, I've found that in certain situations you can rock yourself back and forth into a lean-while-prone type of thing.