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  1. Community Clan Fight Night

    Yo Yo - Ez Guys! Just dropping by to wish everyone a Happy New Year. Couldn't end the year without thinking of you all and the many happy hours spent together. Stay Strong. PEACE
  2. More information for Server Admins?

    Good suggestion. Any additional admin tools welcome.
  3. @LaFuria Hello - If you had taken the time to read the server rules before entering the server you would know EXODUS runs a zero zero tollerance policy. All bans are perma, we never warn, and we never kick. All players receive their only an warning when entering the server via the server message: Welcome to EXODUS... Full server rules at www.exodus-uk.com I am genuinely sorry for your communities experience on the server, but you are no different to any other players. Zero tollerance. Please take time to read server rules. And once again, all bans are appealable via discord.
  4. Hello @OssOr I can understand your grievance. I will explain the situation from a server admin point of view. I was on the server at the time, saw it all unfold, and it was I who issued nine bans to try and bring control back to the server. Firstly I am not attempting to defend any xenophobic behavior. I agree that I witnessed derogatory abuse aimed at the Spanish squads on one team of the server. I believe these comments started as the Spanish squads were failing to communicate effectively on SL comms channel leading to the team loosing several constitutive rounds by 300+ tickets. This lead to some public, non regular players becoming vocal in side chat with comments about the Spanish squads. To address this an admin broadcast message reminding everyone - 'All Nationalities are welcome on the server but ENGLISH must be used in SL comms'. Unfortunately this did not help as desired and several of the public players continued to post diorgatary comments about the Spanish Squads. Those two players were then immediately banned for side chat abuse under the reason 'grief'. On any normal day this would usually be enough to bring the situation under control and the focus on the server to return back to gameplay. This was late Saturday night though and rather than die down the situation continued to develop with an argument developing in side chat between who i assume were the friends of those player just banned with half the team joining in to support the original comments of those banned, including regular players on the server, re-reinforcing their feelings that the Spanish squads were not communicating, not attempting to communicate, and had lost the last three rounds through their approach to Squad Leading. At this point side chat is out of control and I issue a warning - 'Hold it down in side chat plz'. Most regular players stop on side chat at this point aware of what is likely to come next, several public players including Spanish players continue to argue in side chat. I issue a second warning almost immediately after the first again advising players to stop using side chat. Again that is ignored and side chat is still extremely active with a two way enlargement between players calling the Spanish squads out for poor gameplay / comms and in return Spanish players defending their stance. A third warning was again almost instantly issued. Once the third warning had issued anyone who spoke in side chat was banned, Spanish, English, Clan, non clan, black, white, human, alien - Anyone. A total of seven bans were issued for side chat abuse upon failing to comply with the THREE warnings. Following the bans the server started to return to normal gameplay with minimal side chat and situation regarding the argument between the Spanish and non Spanish players dissipated. Questions in side chat from both parties began to be asked and an a simple explanation was issued explaining 'All bans were issued for side chat abuse - three warnings were issued' and 'All bans are appealable via discord'. A this point i was called a racist and another ban was issued. Following that the server returned to normal gameplay with minimal side chat. I believe I have screenshots of the console chat log as it is very rare for a situation to get so out of hand, even on late on a Saturday night. All players are welcome on the server. We are an open server welcoming all nationalities and have a diverse player base. This has been the same policy since the first day the server was live way back in December 2015. All Squad Leaders are required to speaking English in SL comms and communicate effectively. With this particular event my experience leads me to believe that that your Squad Leaders were not communicating effectively, I draw this conclusion from the basis that it was not just one or two players calling you out, but the whole team was complaining, add the fact that the team had lost by 300+ tickets for three rounds, and regular trusted players were also supporting the claim made by the public players that the Spanish Squads were not communicating. A message was broadcast reminding ALL players that English and effective communication is required in SL channel. Two players were then banned for xenophobic comments regarding the Spanish squads, then a further six players were banned for side chat abuse after three warnings were issued not to use side chat, one further player was banned for using side chat to call the admin a racist. All nationalities are welcome on the server. English must be used in SL comms channel and SLs must communicate with the team. Side chat abuse, ie the excessive use of side chat is not tolerated. When admin warning are issued they are followed up with bans for non complaint players. We never answer to calls for 'admin online?' We never explain bans during LIVE games, except to offer that statement that - All bans are appealable via discord. All bans are appealable via discord. I would like you to carefully consider the nature of your grievance - EXODUS servers are not and will never be Xenopobic / racist / or discriminatory. Players on the server seemed to have a genuine grievance to the performance of your Squad leaders and the negative impact they had on gameplay for over three rounds - the situation was dealt with effectively by the admin team once it bubbled over into side chat, multiple bans were issued and an explanation has been provided in this post. You are welcome to your opinion. I'm sure many players would disagree. I've laid the facts bare, have the screenshot evidence, and explained the server administration actions. I'll finish by saying once more - All players, all nationalities are welcome on the EXODUS servers, but English language and and effictive communication is required in the SL comms channel. You lie in the bed you make, and a situation was seemingly created by your Spanish community SLs on the server that lead to an out of control situation, that required excessive admin action to resolve. Here a link to the EXODUS discord for any players wishing to appeal bans. #admin_contact
  5. hi very new

    Don't eat yellow snow... You'll be fine. See you on the servers. #SquadFTW
  6. Gameplay Restrictions

    Mosque FOB Wars FTW Big shout to all the seeders out there - Servers are dead without you...
  7. [ EXODUS ] UK / EU Squad Server

    Free weekend is over now and there's lots of new players about - Server browser is bouncing! Need to drop a big shout out to all the EXODUS regulars and new players that visited the servers over the free weekend. Its been super busy, and a special shout goes out to all our community moderators and admins who've done a top job over the free weekend. We did 150+ server bans and processed 8 appeals. The standard of gameplay remained surprisingly high, we had lots of close games without balance going to wonky at peak times. We'll be keeping the Al Basrah 24/7 server running. I know the EXODUS crew have turned into full on Al Basrah junkies! Once again - Welcome to all the new players... Whitelist always open for players with 100+ in-game. Beat the quques with a reserve slot and recieve locked server invites, etc. EXODUS - Come find us... EXODUS Discord
  8. Squad Free Weekend Love

    Big shout out to anyone involved in the free weekend, OWI, ChanceBrahh, discord / forum staff, server owners, server moderators, promoters, streamers anyone that helped anyone else, and of course all the players new and old. Been a marathon, hard work, but very enjoyable. Epic times, more fun than previous free weekends. Looking forward to seeing the server browser bouncing that little bit more with all the new players and the communities they will form or join. Super big shout to OWI for making it happen and the effort put in looking after it. Have we got any stats - How many copies sold, max online players, etc? #SquadFTW #SquadFreeWeekend #AlBasrah24/7 #TravelwithChanceBrahh

    Got be be honest I was really high when posted and thought March was May - Easy mistake I guess, they both begin with the same letter...
  10. [ EXODUS ] UK / EU Squad Server

    Squad Free Weekend continues. Where you been playing? [ EXODUS ] UK / EU [ EXODUS ] AL BASRAH 24/7 Big shout out to all the 24/7 junkies EXODUS - Come find us... EXODUS Discord

    Happy Birthday. May 28th 2016?
  12. [ EXODUS ] UK / EU Squad Server

  13. [ EXODUS ] UK / EU Squad Server

    [ EXODUS ] AL BASRAH 24/7 24/7 Al Basrah 74 slot + 6 reserve EXODUS banlist and whitelist Dedicated hardware EU hosted It's finally here! The long awaited Squad remake of the classic Project Reality map 'Al Basrah' has been completed and is ready for launch. To celebrate the launch along with the Squad free-weekend on steam we are putting up a second public licensed server running running 24/7 Al Basrah. Both EXODUS servers will use and share ban and whitelists. Expect to be LIVE sometime on Wednesday when the update drops. EXODUS whitelist now at 600+ players. Head over to the Discord to get listed. See you on the server... EXODUS - Come find us... EXODUS Discord
  14. CCFN 65 Al Basrah EXODUS Highlights

    Some top firefights last night - Some of the most intense experienced on Squad to date. Please join me in saying @ChanceBrahhyou are a ****ing LEGEND. Al Basrah rocks! GG
  15. Free Weekend April 6th - 10th + New Map!

    HYPE - Looking forward to the carnage! Can't waiit to play @ChanceBrahhbeautiful re-creation.