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  1. When about thermals?

    Axton the Dev made this a tad over a year ago just before he got hired so as for thermals and squad I just throw this around from time to time
  2. When about thermals?

    I guess ill just leave this here...
  3. Body size matter

    How about haveing certain classes change body types and or along with the inventory system that's being planed let's let certain body types do certain things better than others for instance big guys could carry some heavier things like lmgs extra ammo and physically do things a tad easier than some others just due to their larger frame haveing more muscle mass (I know IRL a small guy can be as strong as a large on but simplifying here). Would also be cool if each body type had differing values of physical strength for things such as buddy boosting, pushing a stuck vehicle free, etc. But also a speed and encumbrance differences. For one I say we keep the paced run we currently have (by useing shift) and keep it the same speed for all body types haveing the same stamina draw but also have a second sprint that varies between body types small guys being the quickest average being the middle ground and large guys bring up the rear still faster movement than just regular but not by to much. Along with this have varying uses of stamina in such situations, for instance the smaller guys not only sprint the fastest but could do it about ⅓ longer than the big guys with average falling in between. Lastly certain classes should be locked into 1 of 2 body types. Rifle men could be any body type depending on preferance. Lmgs, AT and other heavy weapons should be big guys or average. Dmrs, grenadiers, and medics should be small or average guys. Lastly SLs should be able to select any body type.
  4. why do i even bother makeing posts
  5. Tap firing issue

    ive noticed sometimes it can be a frame issue if your frames start dipping below 27ish you may start to have that problem
  6. not really because we still wont have logistics when we get the first vehicles
  7. Also when V7 launches with vehicles we still wont have logistics so if why not put it in between
  8. Just been seeing a lot of posts saying how they do or dont like it at this point im hoping that this will show us a bit more clearly which people prefer more
  9. FoB's have been ruined with V6 Update

    Gotta hand it to you Socrates the devs broke the game so you found a way to break it back to what we love what you did also this made me think of something what about placing 50cals on friendlies heads so you could get a better position
  10. Care to share your vision with us?
  11. FoB's have been ruined with V6 Update

    I agree with OP id like to see some things changed back
  12. Free look / TrackIR Support

    I would just like to say TRACK IR WOULD BE AWESOME!!!!
  13. Guess its time to put old Nessy down like the way of old yeller just do it quickly don't let us or it suffer
  14. missing founder items

    if you have it, it will show under DLC. when you got it it might not show up, just restart and they showed for me ok I fixed it thanks
  15. missing founder items

    yhea just realized I had to redeem the email did so but still cant activate the skins