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  1. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Woot, getting closer and closer... Keep up the great work guys, thanks.
  2. Don't like it ask for a refund, or STFU and go smoke another fatty, unless, OMG I know what it is. They revoked your Medical Marijuana Card and your all Pissy, they said Laziness' isn't an accepted reason for smoking weed... Just Kidding FourTwenty, Just chill let them work out the bugs sit back enjoy the game....
  3. SFSS clan looking for active members

    Barrel Training Tonight, How to Ambush the Bad guy...
  4. SFSS clan looking for active members

    After that first Scrimmage I am having more and more fun with SFSS our server seems be the new hangout :)
  5. Not mentioning the unmentionable.

    Heck, I heard Fallout 4 even affected Porn Sites.... Not that I go there not my bag of Tea Baby :rolleyes:
  6. SFSS clan looking for active members

    I'm new SFSS, I'm only a RCT but I know they are an active clan with great guys playing. On the issue of "Dues" they are willing to work with you if you have issues coming up with the funds. But honestly $3.00 a month to help pay for the Servers, TS, Domain Names, and NCO Slush Fund... just kidding on Slush fund, but the rest cost money. My last clan i was hosting with a few others and cost us around 25 a month to keep server up. But once again I'm new, and its just my opinion.
  7. New Class: Civilian

    would this not lead to "Lone Wolf" something we are trying to avoid?
  8. Suggestion Have to be in a Squad to choose class. Only squad of 3+ can have a DM (Sniper), AR, Grenadier, RPG/LAW, and if you drop out of squad it switches you to Rifleman.
  9. What monitors are you using?

    Samsung 28" 4k running @ 3840x2160
  10. 6nov15 18:55 PST While playing on Alpha Seattle USA #1 in a full match (50/50) I was guarding a door with my squad and was "Kicked"??? from server to the server browse Icon screen you see after loading a map, then had to re browse for server. My question if an admin kicks you from server for any reason does it log it or give you a message? Or was this just my first time being "Dropped" by server?
  11. Dropped or Kicked from full server.

    No it had dumped me to the screen right after you select a server to join you know the screen with Icons and what keys do what in game, then back to server selection screen... I think it was just my first server disconnect...
  12. Spanish Squad

    Don't worry they will have a Cartel Faction soon.... LIBERTAD Deja que mi pueblo siegue!!!
  13. 2.1 Medic still bugged

    I found it easer as Medic just to shoot the guy, put him out of his misery and let him re-spawn, then to find the 1cm area you can apply bandages....
  14. Switch your Setting to Offline, And at this time the only way it launches via steam is if you manually add the game into your Steam library
  15. Accept every name?

    My new name, Pvt. Harry P. Ness hope to make Major that would be nice...
  16. I need a favor can someone call my boss tell him I cant go to work cus the new release?????
  17. The Language Barrier

    You need to get NATO interrupters in your squad Soc or have Goggle Translate open on second screen :) Besides, My Englrish not so good looking to
  18. Yea i'm Pacific time zone but have to be at work at 4am think ill wake up an hour earlier and DL it maybe play it a bit. I once heard that "Working a certain Friday can cause Blindness", maybe ill stay home and not chance loosing my sight....
  19. I thought you hit Alt F4 to start the jet once inside? But now its just NVG cycle?? :)
  20. Welcome aboard brother. Former Army 88-93 now I'm a squadie :) See you on the field!
  21. Op First Light map updates (old Forest map)

    Red Forest formerly the Wormwood Forest 10 square kilometer area surrounding Chernobyl Add some "Red" Dying Trees and maybe the shell off the Nuclear Plant and surrounding structures :) American Sticking their noses in checking on alleged WMD at Chernobyl, meet Russians :) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Forest
  22. GREAT POST Thank you for your effort hope all can learn from this :)