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  1. [SNGE] Samy arrives to Squad !

    Welcome home buddy and see you soon on the battlefield
  2. New Noob!! Old Friend!

    (Late) welcome Nugz ! I've a friend of mine who used to play JO and who misses that game too, I've done my best to make him play Squad and join the community but with no result atm... If he ever joins us I'll drive him to you
  3. Squad v12 teamwork training playlist

    Wow Didn't know this learning tool and its awesome, great job thx for the tip !
  4. New but not noob

    Hello Absurd and welcome to Squad even if you know the game basics through your PR experience. Cya soon on the BF I usually play on FR++, EN & UE servs but don't have much time to spend on it... (J'aurais parié que t'étais français dès les premières lignes et t'inquiètes je suis au moins aussi nul que toi en anglais )
  5. Wiki Task #008: Central game data source

    Great idea indeed !! Playing SL means being aware of the last changes in the game mechanics (tickets loss system, respawn timers and so on) and having those numbers centralized in the same place would be GREAT ! I absolutely don't know how to manage the wiki (and don't have time for it anyway ) thus I only can support you Usgu and others contributors to make this "task #008" become something working and fonctional.
  6. Alpha 12.1

    Iron sights : +1 as its not something that would unbalance the game Militia medic AK-74 : I'd like it too, same reason than above + variety and not unrealistic
  7. So new

    Hello Rotblut and welcome to our community I often play as medic too, hard but enjoyable times to come... See you bandaging on the battlefield !
  8. Alpha 12.1

  9. Alpha 12.1

    I had BIG lag pikes yesterday evening on V12 (45 to 5 FPS with game lagging for 1-2 sec at least, and as soon as I move my look >90° ; almost unplayable) ; gave V12.1 a short test atm on Narva 72 players and seems that those lag disappeared... Fingers crossed EDIT : and maps seem to load faster too (was MUCH longer with V12 than V11, 12.1 is faster)
  10. Alpha 12.1

    Nice !
  11. I've returned!

    Welcome again Joley
  12. New man here

    Welcome soldier !!
  13. Gun attachments

    Many topics about that, and the answer is definitly NO. Search function is your best friend.
  14. Alpha 12 Release and Free Weekend

    Winter is coming man
  15. Emplacements and Mobility

    Great ideas !! Love it
  16. New Player Looking for someone to play with

    Hello Devil, and welcome to Squad ! I guess you bought the game during Free Weekend ? Maybe SL were new to the game too, Free Weekend players too but usually 2/3 or 3/4 of SL communicate and know the games basics. May I suggest you to follow some Squad players videos on Youtube ? -Squad tutorials -Karmakut's videos -and many others you will find on Youtube or elsewhere You can find some very good tutorials on Steam : -Here (1) -Here (2) -Here (french version if you can read it) - +++++ made a very good guide too Some guides may not be up to date but still very useful. Search the forum and the internet and you'll find many guides for game basics and squadleading However practice is the best way to learn, thus good luck finding a team/community Cya on the battlefield soldier !
  17. performance issues

    Some players do have perf and/or textures issues and some don't, some with very good PC specs have issues and some with average PC specs don't... The game is Alpha, its the 12th version, each one brings new and very good things to the game, and new issues too ; devs just can't manage to fix every problem of every player encountering issues ; most of these are fixed after some hotfixes. Bringing a major trouble-fixing update would just fix problems til the next update. Just deal with it and enjoy with what you have in your hands yet (and I mean : your Squad game of course, not... something... else )
  18. Alpha 12 Release and Free Weekend

    +1 for bipods, in Jensen I just can't deploy it for ex.
  19. performance issues

    Exactly the same for me Because it actually IS the first thing to chek after each release. Have you even given his solution a try ? Fully Loaded Textures turned ON and V12 is unplayable for me @ 15 FPS max ; OFF and it runs fine @ avg 50 FPS (no other changes in GFX settings since V11). Try "Verify integrity of game files" in Steam + "clear cache" ingame. Happened to me in V11 and clear cache fixed it for me.
  20. A12 just got released?

    Are you sure you're not talking of this ?
  21. Squad - Public Testing now available on Steam

    Same here, @ 800 kb/s +1 And great idea to separate V11/V12 , Thx devs
  22. Limited Testing - 10/31

    Thx for help I tried everything, Fully load always off (tried earlier and it causes game to drastically increase loading times, will try later with new GFX card) I'm actually checking integrity of game files and Squad just downloaded a 330 Mb update, will try ASAP.
  23. Limited Testing - 10/31

    Game usually runs fine (45-60 fps) at med settings ; and of course I did clear cache I7 2600K 4,4 ; R9 280X 3G VRAM ; 16 GRAM ; but specs is not problem as game used to run Jensen @ 80 FPS and more, now starting @ 80 I get constant fps pikes down to 15... explosion, reloading animation, turning tank turret is never smooth, even firing a single shot with rifle/handgun causes fps drop Steam server list is ok but the ingame one shows 0 server, even after refresh. Only a couple of custom servs (except if custom are the test servers but I don't think so as one looks like being a test server for the Starship troopers mod).
  24. Limited Testing - 10/31

    HUGE FPS drops on Jensen, almost constant thus unplayable for me ; not able to test on servers as none appear in the server list.
  25. Howdy! Streaming the game

    Welcome extaa !!