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    Pasta, bear, pizzas & barbecue
    Computing, gaming, drawing & 3D-drawing
    Reading, running, hiking, fishing
    Darts, firearms, military-related stuff (tactics & strategies, weapons, survival, military history...), paintball, pool
    Electro, blues, hardrock & metal
    Sci-fi, westerns, war movies
    My job & my own business

    Oh sorry, and my sweet wife (except when she calls me for diner while I'm playing as SL)

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About Me

Proudly Frenchie Froggy Squaddie

And proud member of the Squad community !


Doing my best either as a random squaddie or as a SL when time comes to handle things. So please forgive my bad english and be sure I'll lead the squad as well as I can and pay attention to your wise advices ;)


-Do it, or don't. There is no try-

-Dont ever think that the reason I'm peaceful is because I forgot how to be violent-