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  1. New to Squad

    Hello and welcome to Squad Gh0st, you seem to be ready for teamplay, great to see and I'm sure you will eventually fully enjoy this game The first hours you need to take time to understand the mechanisms (make sure to play the tutorials ans spend time on the different Jensen ranges), next you have to look for squad or teamates ready to help you to progress. After those hours (and not the most enjoyable of your Squad career ) as you said yourself : " I have mic and plan on being an active player", all the ingredients we need with active new squadmates, so I'm sure you will enjoy this game as much as it is intended to be when the time comes
  2. Beta 18 Released

    Very nice update, good job guys !
  3. New to Squad, Roots in PR

    Hi and Welcome to Squad Dufflespud ! Always nice to see new SLs and people ready to help newbies
  4. New Squad noob

    Hi and Welcome to Squad Sensei !
  5. Modding Update - Whitelisting!

    Great news Ahahah right
  6. New MEMBER

    Welcome to Squad 4HAL, choose any serv with low ping and enough people to enjoy the game (at least 50 players) and I'm sure you'll have a good time. Don't forget to play the tutorial and spend some time on the training range
  7. new player UK

    Hi and welcome to Squad ! You will find people on every serv who don't care about new players, don't worry about them and enjoy the game
  8. new to squad

    Hi and welcome to Squad Felicitus !!
  9. Alpha 16 Released

    I tried to bind my joystick but it doesn't work ; are joystick supported atm in Squad v16 ? Note that I use it in many other games with no issue, so its not an hardware related.
  10. New to squad

    Welcome BenSully !
  11. Hallo, German player joining the forums

    Hello and welcome Sathor !! Can't wait to see and try your map
  12. Hello everyone!

    Hi and welcome to Squad Reezo !!
  13. SWAT Experience but short life span

    Welcome Gonz0, and may the Force be with you
  14. New to Squad and enjoying your server!

    Hi Craig ! Welcome to Squad and its... awesome community