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  1. Hello and welcome to Squad Vince ! Nice to see you here I'm curious : why didn't you play after buying it, and only now ? To find a team/clan to play with you should look there => http://forums.joinsquad.com/forum/22-teams-clans/ Have fun and hope to see you soon on the BF mate !
  2. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    +1, forgot to mention
  3. Tybo reporting for duty!

    Interesting story welcome to squad !
  4. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    I wouldn't leave Squad for this but I've to admit I'm the kind of guy who would like to see REAL insta-death (e.g headshots, at least by high calibers, when hit by 30mm round...) more than entirely removing the instadeath mechanism ; the V12 death system was much better. No more instadeath after revive + rally on buddy SLs = never ending waves of ennemies ; in a word, back to Metro map 64 players in BF3 the winner is the one who dies less than the other, less place to thinking and strategies...
  5. New to Squad

    Welcome to Squad Danny !
  6. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

  7. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    I can't say I really tested it atm so I've little to say except this : -In "controls" the "Chat to SL9" is still in "Infantry" section while others "Chat to SL..." have been moved to "Command" section -The DELETE key (the one above arrow keys) can't be bind to some controls (I use DEL to chose my frags, used to work til v13, now I can't bind it any longer). As DEL is the key used to delete keybindings I can understand but it worked before. Please fix it. -In "controls", in both sections Infantry and Vehicle, "Forward, backward, strafe left & right" appear as "NONE" instead of their respective names Considering running system, I appreciate the new system, inertia, duration... maybe little too fast indeed. Only played 1 round (and I admit its not enough for a consistent comment) and I really don't like the new rally mechanism (ability to put rally on another SL one) ; on me its the same problem as it was with the "ping" in V12 : as BLUFOR it doesn't force SL to think before placing a new rally ; as OPFOR its harder to eradicate ennemies as more important waves of ennemies come back at the same time... Plus, if a noob SL uses your rally ton spam his guys while you tried to hide it, it may be discovered by the ennemies much faster
  8. Hello, my name is Mauti

    Added cya soon !
  9. Hey All

    Welcome buddy Youre the kind of guy we will looking for when jets and choppers are implemented ^^ and the one its better to have as squadmate than as ennemy (hard BF memories... )
  10. Hello, my name is Mauti

    Sure ; whats your steam nick ?
  11. Hello, my name is Mauti

    Hello Mauti, and "welcome again" to Squad ^^ I'm an entrepreneur too and its always a pleasure to "meet" new ones on random forums through the internet Good job for your site and R6 community, big thumb up ! It would be a pleasure to play with you as SL or squadmate, hope to see ya soon on the BF !
  12. New recruit..

    https://steamcommunity.com/app/393380/guides/ Also see : Some times you will play several games with good SLs and some times you will spend an entire night playing with random guys who do not know the game rules and the squad roles... Just navigate through servers, play on several and different ones, see which of them are the ones with good and regular players and stick to those ones ; eventually find a clan to play with HF and don't let those bad games stopping you from playing with us you know... sh*t happens
  13. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    VERY GOOD news, anyway !!
  14. New recruit..

    Welcome home Lee Wouldn't say that exactly... If you just tend to play with your teamates, follow you SL' orders, and call for contacts, it will be fine and you will be appreciated as a good squad mate. And yeah, not much to learn, only time spent and experience will make you better. BUT if you wanna lead, or take a greater place in game in general, you actually need to learn the game mechanics in depth, tickets system, vehicle management, squad management, tactics, squadleading, maps layouts, communication and so on... And this is a lot of information ! And a LOT of time spent and experience to becomme really good (what I'm NOT, I have to say but you easily can feel the difference between standard SL and really experienced ones) GL & HF guys !
  15. New player (who hesitate to purchase the game)

    Euh... Tu as pas besoin de faire partie d'une team pour rejoindre un serv... C'est recommandé et plus sympa surtout pour découvrir le jeu, mais pas obligatoire (heureusement ^^) et franchement en quelques heures tu auras assimilé le principal, surtout vu ton expérience de jeux similaires. Le reste c'est de la pratique.