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  1. Alpha 16 Released

    I tried to bind my joystick but it doesn't work ; are joystick supported atm in Squad v16 ? Note that I use it in many other games with no issue, so its not an hardware related.
  2. New to squad

    Welcome BenSully !
  3. Hallo, German player joining the forums

    Hello and welcome Sathor !! Can't wait to see and try your map
  4. Hello everyone!

    Hi and welcome to Squad Reezo !!
  5. SWAT Experience but short life span

    Welcome Gonz0, and may the Force be with you
  6. New to Squad and enjoying your server!

    Hi Craig ! Welcome to Squad and its... awesome community
  7. What FPS do you get playing Squad with your rig?

    I play on i7 2600K @ 4.4, AMD 280x @3Gb VRAM, 16Go RAM + Squad on SSD and I usually get 50-60 fps quite stable, except on the most recent maps not optimized yet. So I'd say yes
  8. PR oldie, Squad newbie

    Welcome Cedrus !
  9. New UK player

    Hi kevlar and welcome to Squad It's avery different game than the ones you're used to but when you play regularly (and/or play within a team) you'll get used to the team spirit and begin to love it ! Have fun mate !
  10. New to Squad

    Hello and welcome !!
  11. What's good Boys!?

    Hello and welcome to Squad Crasy Ian
  12. Alpha 15.4 Released

    Yeah. Its a risk, and certainly not the best mechanism... And well new players will learn quite quickly when they are killed 2-3 times after trying to revive an exposed corpse But after all, what the meaning of such a mechanism ? Balance between game and realism = need to learn how to secure position and cover medic ; even the base 15.4 mechanism for cal 50 is 30 sec = enough for a fool medic to get killed... then 5 or 15 sec... Heavy weapons would then really be something you have to fear
  13. Alpha 15.4 Released

    I know (80% playtime as medic) but countdown would then stop at the moment a medic begins to heal you
  14. Alpha 15.4 Released

    Won't be able to test this 15.4 for days, but the new revive mechanic looks very good to me, much better than ever imo. Good balance between instadeath / too forgiving mechanism. I'd tweak the "standard" headshots to 20-30 secs and heavy caliber/tanks/sniper rifles hits to something like 5-10 sec (in fact I'd like instadeath for those kind of wounds but well... )
  15. Merch Store Relaunched

    New stuff is very nice !!! I love the SL hoodie... When I saw "mugs" I didn't expect those ones, more something like this (sorry for the 2min-MSpaint-work) : Any chance we get some one day ?