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  1. Release - Alpha 9.12

    THX for update and for the had work guys +1 EDIT : still getting big FPS drops on Fool's Road...
  2. Release - Alpha 9.11

    Same, jumped on my seat when I saw Steam downloading a new update andddddddddddddddddd not yet V.10 but anyway THX for the fixes ! When is V.10 schedulde for ? Please please please
  3. August 2017 Recap

    +1 Great job guys, those animations...
  4. What FPS do you get playing Squad with your rig?

    Hello, PC built in feb 2012 CPU : i7 2600K OC @ 4.4 GHz GPU : R9 280X IceQ X² 3Gb (not original one) RAM : 16Gb DDR3 Corsair OS : Win 7 Home Playing @ 1920*1080 @ 60Hz ; V-Sync off, no supersampling, effects cinematic, shadows medium (high/epic unplayable, too laggy) foliage medium/high depending on map ; using SweetFX (~5 FPS loss with SwFX activated but game looks much sharper and more beautiful, on me...) ; I play for fun and for love of Squad so I don't care about lowering gfx to spot ennemies easier, when I see I can set some settings on epic coz the map is not demanding, I do it. Only condition is not to get my FPS under 30-40 or my eyes can't bear it --> FPS min : 35 (~20% time) , avg 55-70 (~60% time) max : 80-90 (~20% time) servers full @ 70-80 players, if number of players gets below 60-65 I usually switch server so I rarely play on not crowded servers. I'd say it depends on each player ; I perfectly can see the difference between 40 and 60 FPS and even if I don't care and can play a demanding game on a medium rig, however it is quite tiring after hours. And I can say that playing @ >100FPS is much more relaxing for my eyes (but I know I've good and reactive ones, maybe the reason why ?). We're all different And low-end PC owners could answer "buying a new/updating an old PC can be expensive" and they'd be right... I've been one of them for years. We have to compose and deal with low-end PCs and cheaters trying to get the best KDR with no respect for others players and the spirit of the game. You are right, its sad but eh ! +1 !! The funny fact is that my 150€ CPU and 150€ GPU can run the game @ avg 55-60 FPS when some high-end PCs (CPU+GPU > 1K€) sometimes get the same result ^^ I dont laugh at high-end PCs owners of course, the game just need more optimization... I trust the devs @banOkay If you don't still, I recommand using SweetFX, it sharpens the game very well and with the right settings it makes it much better and warmer concerning colors I can remember you put it somewhere (if I'm not mistaking) and it was embarrassing amazing wow Impressive... GG
  5. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    Good idea, makes sense
  6. Free resupply for Medic

  7. Free resupply for Medic

    Never had troubles resupplying as medic and I play medic 75% of the time. And don't see any reason why medic should get a free pass for this as medic bags and bandages are stuff just like ammo, rockets, sandbags and so on... they dont grow on trees Dont take it the wrong way mate
  8. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    +1 +1 too I personnaly dont like the new feature allowing riflemen to plant sandbags out of nowhere. I'd limit this ability within the range of a correctly supplied FOB. The base idea is good ; but too powerful
  9. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    "New Spawn selection list next to the map, which lists all the possible spawns and allows players to easily identify where to spawn." => Never been a problem for me but very good idea for newcomers ; and reducing risks of bad choice when several spawn points at the same place. Love it. "New Player Stance and Vehicle Engine indicator icons, that show what stance your character is adopting (standing, crouching or prone, as well as which way you are leaning), and if you are in a vehicle the indicator would also show whether or not your engine is on." => To increase immersion I'd personnaly prefer the stance (as infantry) not to be displayed on screen ; concerning engines, an indicator on the dashboard (rpm counter activated or anything else) would be more immersive, maybe in later releases ?
  10. Release: Alpha Version 9.5

    Nice, thx !!
  11. Get rid of the conquest game mode entirely

    +1 Same here. I do like conquest personnally
  12. Will Squad run with SweetFX?

    Ok my apologies
  13. Will Squad run with SweetFX?

    Since the first page of this topic, they say "set your game on windowed or borderless as SweetFX wont work in full screen" So yes, we all encounter the same problem, the answer is : play borderless/windowed.
  14. OooOOooh yeah !! Ca fera pas de mal quelques FPS et ça coûtera moins cher que changer de config, bravo !!