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  1. Nice, thx !!
  2. +1 Same here. I do like conquest personnally
  3. Ok my apologies
  4. Since the first page of this topic, they say "set your game on windowed or borderless as SweetFX wont work in full screen" So yes, we all encounter the same problem, the answer is : play borderless/windowed.
  5. OooOOooh yeah !! Ca fera pas de mal quelques FPS et ça coûtera moins cher que changer de config, bravo !!
  6. Afaik they won't implement such a feature, it has already been discussed earlier
  7. Great !! TY m8
  8. Great update, as usual !!! I haven't been playing Squad for a long time now (lot of work) but I can't wait to test all that new stuff
  9. +1 here, lower right
  10. Are you using the latest ReShade version (3.0.6) ? Try verify game cache in Steam Try reinstall EAC
  11. I agree with the "slowing down" suggestion (but I think the whole animation will be improved over time).
  12. Very good job mate !!! Much appreciated ! Translation to french is goint to begin ASAP, depending on the time I've left after work Thx !!
  13. Like each update and new release
  14. Except the fact that during the animation of looking around w/o moving legs, your torso has a strange behavior when you reach the point when legs begin to move too (hope I'm clear enough) this recap and the anouncements are very good !!! And the improvements in explosion effects
  15. TY mate, I owe you one once again Hadn't seen the latest ReShade release... Problem solved, SweetFX with ReShade 3.0.5 + Squad V.8.8 is ok !