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  1. Free resupply for Medic

  2. Free resupply for Medic

    Never had troubles resupplying as medic and I play medic 75% of the time. And don't see any reason why medic should get a free pass for this as medic bags and bandages are stuff just like ammo, rockets, sandbags and so on... they dont grow on trees Dont take it the wrong way mate
  3. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    +1 +1 too I personnaly dont like the new feature allowing riflemen to plant sandbags out of nowhere. I'd limit this ability within the range of a correctly supplied FOB. The base idea is good ; but too powerful
  4. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    "New Spawn selection list next to the map, which lists all the possible spawns and allows players to easily identify where to spawn." => Never been a problem for me but very good idea for newcomers ; and reducing risks of bad choice when several spawn points at the same place. Love it. "New Player Stance and Vehicle Engine indicator icons, that show what stance your character is adopting (standing, crouching or prone, as well as which way you are leaning), and if you are in a vehicle the indicator would also show whether or not your engine is on." => To increase immersion I'd personnaly prefer the stance (as infantry) not to be displayed on screen ; concerning engines, an indicator on the dashboard (rpm counter activated or anything else) would be more immersive, maybe in later releases ?
  5. Release: Alpha Version 9.5

    Nice, thx !!
  6. Get rid of the conquest game mode entirely

    +1 Same here. I do like conquest personnally
  7. Will Squad run with SweetFX?

    Ok my apologies
  8. Will Squad run with SweetFX?

    Since the first page of this topic, they say "set your game on windowed or borderless as SweetFX wont work in full screen" So yes, we all encounter the same problem, the answer is : play borderless/windowed.
  9. OooOOooh yeah !! Ca fera pas de mal quelques FPS et ça coûtera moins cher que changer de config, bravo !!
  10. January 2017 Monthly Recap

    Afaik they won't implement such a feature, it has already been discussed earlier
  11. HiRes-maps and online-viewer

    Great !! TY m8
  12. January 2017 Monthly Recap

    Great update, as usual !!! I haven't been playing Squad for a long time now (lot of work) but I can't wait to test all that new stuff
  13. Release: Alpha Version 8.11

    +1 here, lower right
  14. Will Squad run with SweetFX?

    Are you using the latest ReShade version (3.0.6) ? Try verify game cache in Steam Try reinstall EAC