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  1. Ammo bags & Take kits from down people?

    If you have been following the forum and game developpement since the beginning you should know that taking kits from dead bodies has been discussed before and wont be implemented, and I totally agree with this ; IRL a rifleman is not competent to be medic or recon and this applies to any role.
  2. New player

    Hi soldier, and welcome here ! Where are you from ? I'm french, I can play 2-3 hours a week and I usually play around 11pm-01am GMT+1. Add me on Steam (MP) and lets play together when possible. I've been playing each role, gamemode and maps of Squad atm, >300hours. I'm NOT the best player ever, by far but If I can help, it will be a pleasure to meet on the battlefield Cya !
  3. October Feedback Roundtable

    TY for recap of recap And when did you say A12 were supposed to be released ?
  4. Terrible Audio Glitch

    Burned Seriously, except a driver-related trouble, I don't really see any other source of problem.
  5. Flickering Ground

    Same here, except I've AMD R9 280X 3G VRAM GPU. I don't care about it atm as I plan to change my GPU, just to report the problem.
  6. Terrible Audio Glitch

    Problem happens with other games or audio samples (music...) or is it fully Squad-specific ? Hardware problem maybe ?
  7. September 2018 Recap

    Great update to come, can't wait and thx for the smiling faces, nice to be able to put a face on a name indeed
  8. August 2018 Recap

    That's all. I typed it so many times on this forum I should create a macro key for it : BE PATIENT. And don't forget to have fun with V11 its still very good as it is.
  9. August 2018 Recap

    Not even speaking of lone vehicles attacking a flag, especially urban ones, with few or no infantry support... Midway between arcady and quality of life. Like you I hope those features will be reserved for SL use (except map legends for example) but have you ever been SL ? Trying to chat with other ones who don't teamplay and don't answer your questions about the actual FOB status, or ennemy positions ? I think its a good way to reduce that ; and its not because you know how many ammo or building points are left on a FOB that you will win the game ; you still need to find the best way to resupply those FOBs and cleverly use the points that are available over there, which is much more tricky. In a word, your skills as SL will still be the most important, not those new informations that V.12 is going to bring. "Why is this kit here and that kit there." answer is : you are the SL, it's your role to lead the Squad (obvious hehe ) and squad leading includes telling your mates what they have to do and what they don't have to ; and criticizing is part of the "don't" ; if they don't agree with your way to lead and to use the available kits, they should help you and give enlightened advices, or simply leave your squad and make another one on their own. And you still can see the kit of any player in the squad screen status anyway, its just a shorcut, not a gameplay changer Colorful FT : I agree, its a bit colorful, but I can deal with it, at least it makes the screen and map easier to use.
  10. August 2018 Recap

    VERY good new features, especially those concerning the map system, it will help MUCH for squad leading (LOVE the new fireteam system, will be much easier to lead !!) +1, I was thinking likewise I didn't think about ennemy markers but this is a good idea too Personnaly I was wondering about a drag-drop system for squad waypoints : 1st left-click to put 1st waypoint (wpt), then releasing button will give you 2 options : either drag another wpt with a thin line attached to it and joining wpt 1 and 2 (2nd wpt will have a number "2" in it and so on) and you could drag-drop as many wpts as you want or right-click, which will stop the drag-drop system Optionally : wpts colored depending on which fireteam you assign a way to follow : green for fireteam A, yellow for FTB, purple for FTC, blue for FTD Just my 2cts... On me this drag-drop system would be easy and squad-leader friendly. Thx for reading
  11. Garensterz's Intense Squad Videos

    Whowhowho Absolutely awesome I LOVE this game so much ! And your video is very good, rendering the awesome fuc*ing good ambiance we can experience in Squad, so close to reality Very good job bro !
  12. Where Did You Hear About Squad?

    If you consider buying Squad, wait for the free weekend coming soon (21st june) it will cost 40% less Believe us this game is really awesome, as is its community and developpers, but as Gun_Yu said, don't buy and play this game if you want to play a battlefield-like. Watch youtube gameplays first Good luck and see you on the battlefield soldier !
  13. Alpha 11

    So gooood But so bad I won't be able to test it for many days/weeks, too much hard work here Enjoy guys !
  14. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    Got my key yesterday, big thumb up guys
  15. Post Scriptum for Squad Founders

    O M G Any better announcement to start the day ? THANKSSSSSSS guys