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  1. Ridiculous accuracy.

    I tried to reproduce each of your performances. Standing, 1920*1080, 27" screen and playing @ FOV 100 and mouse DPI 800 while aiming, SS & AA OFF. I can get the same results, even 200m targets can get shot with M9A1, just need to calculate bullet drop with some practice and a minimal stuff (just enough to see the targets) I'm sure everybody can ; its not very interesting but it does work. Not to say I'm as good as you but yes, its quite unrealistic. Reason why I agree with some more barrel inaccuracy. Playing @4-6000 (mouse) DPI on almost any FPS, and with very low sensitivity ingame, little shoulder moves and almost all the moves comes from my wrist ; I've been playing like that since the very beginning of Counter Strike, Unreal Tournament... never failed me. Additional option to lower DPI on-the-fly allows me to play @ 800 DPI when using sniper scope : extremely powerful. [Using Roccat Tyon Mouse.]
  2. Ridiculous accuracy.

    As far as I can remember, Gearbox's game Road to hill 30 from the "Brother in arms" games serie, based on UE2 engine, had sight misalignment (I may be wrong). Or was it Take Two's Vietcong ? AK forever. Accurate and powerful, very good feeling with it, many HS at med-long range ; my fav with G3. ******* To answer to OP : Focal plane : to complicated imho ; Sight misalignment + barrel accuracy => good ideas, but isn't barrel accuracy implemented yet ?
  3. Reshade

    Reactive devs as usual, TY Gatzby
  4. Reshade

    Could anybody competent in game programming explain to me why it isn't possible that OWI develops its own "ReShade-like" program (thus entirely controlled by OWI = no possible cheat) to enhance Squad gfx and sharpness ? Or just implement it inside the game ? Is it impossible to do with Unreal Engine ? Simple question (no blaming devs AT ALL for anything) : If ReShade can do so, why dont you ? So many players have been complaining about game sharpness and dull colors till beginning of game development... I can understand that you davs may have MANY other things more important than developing such a program, I just dont understand TY I dont look for another way to cheat, I say again I'm NOT a cheater, never have been and never will and I hate cheaters ; but the blurriness of the vanilla game just makes me sick
  5. Reshade

    Settings-dependent. Not to say that each of us has its own "version of reality" as your eyes don't "see" (with " ") what I see, and what Shove-It see and so on...
  6. Reshade

    Because its a worldwide rule. As usual, few {¨^$ù@ cheaters are going to punish many fair players. I'd never use such a program to get an advantage, as I would never set my shadows to lowest even if it makes my game unplayable, I prefer not to play at all. And I even don't know if my Reshade has such an option, I just want it to make my game look better (and I dont even have time to look thouroughly in its options, just installed it and lets go). I don't know if you can force players to use a specific version or to forbid all other versions except one in particular ; anyway, I cant get back to Squad w/o such a program, sorry, its REALLY too blurry. Will wait til ReShade releases a new version. Might seem weird to stop playing a game for such "little" trouble but I don't care, vanilla Squad is just unusable for me (really sorry devs I know you do your best).
  7. Alpha 10

    its been 1 year since I did last donation and the idea came back itself when I discoverd the V10 trailer... So bad we cant donate any longer I've got 1 or 2 friends that might be interested but they don't have time to play... Those guys who have a job...
  8. Alpha 10

    Idea : Possible to add a server filter "don't show servers with ping higher than [set a number]" ? TY !
  9. Alpha 10

    GREAT !!!! Waited so loooooong
  10. Required experience for being a SL

    Absolutely LOVE this post You said here all the things that were colliding in my head, but with the simplicity I dont have. Clear, simple and short, nice In fact, the first aspect I see in SLing is the personnal improvement it forces you to make. I have to be a leader, comprehensive, clear and understood in my commands, followed, I have to respect and learn the abilities and traits that will grant me respect form my squadmates, have a global awareness of the battlefield and situations, make quick decisions, communicate, understand and react... + being french, my english speaking is not very good so its not easy to lead an eng squad, thus it gives me the opportunity to improve my level in english. So many things that may help even IRL. To be honest, I need to improve my leadership for my own business IRL, and Squad, via SLing, is a very good way to train for that
  11. Alpha 10 Public Test

    The problem is : I know that, but many times it just won't work. I think some players use different nicknames (or steam account is different and I dont know if its the account name or nickname that is shown on this panel) but it happened that I tried to add 2-3 or more people from a good squad, searched this list and didn't find ANY of them... Same when searching on "Steam Community" panel, searching for a nickname will often show many players with similar nicks but not the one you're looking for... Or maybe (certainly ) I'm just blind and completely idiot...
  12. Alpha 10 Public Test

    Both ideas are really good indeed ! Yesss ! So many times I have tried to add a good squadmate/SL as friend for later games and coundn't even find his profile on Steam for any #~[@^* reason... But dunno if it's a feature that can easily be implemented ingame...
  13. New to the site! 450+H

    Welcome Billy !!
  14. Alpha 10 Public Test

    +10, TY
  15. Required experience for being a SL