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  1. The Wrench - July 2017 Edition

    Very nice :).
  2. Revisiting Anti-Aliasing

    You're also comparing a finished product that also has over 10 years of development to a much smaller team. I don't think it's a a huge problem since this is still an Alpha.
  3. Revisiting Anti-Aliasing

    BF3 is also based on the Frostbite engine, and they spend millions of dollars on developing the engine to make it look and feel the way it is. I'm not sure if that's a fair comparison. Squad has a lot of things that Battlefield doesn't have. Tactics, real teamplay, etc. In my opinion, graphics only go so far to entice a gamer to play consistently.
  4. All inquiries related to any issue, be it ban appeals, suggestions, or general feedback should be directed to TBGclan.com Server name: TBD Rules: No racism - results in an instant ban. No toxic and/or abusive behavior - results in a kick/ban. No recruiting in server - results in a ban. Admin contact: Soulzz Deputy Swan Sebbywannacookie Zula Website: True Born Gaming TeamSpeak: Request for info here: TeamSpeak
  5. WTF with the cheating over?

    I have yet to see an obvious hacker in the many months I've played.
  6. Any clans for older/mature folk?

    sent pm.
  7. Any clans for older/mature folk?

    I think he was referring to me. It's an avatar, nothing more nothing less. Lol.
  8. Any clans for older/mature folk?

    Check PM
  9. Music!

  10. Favorite Inspirational Quotes

    One of my favorites
  11. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    Very nice!
  12. June 2017 Monthly Recap

    Good stuff!!!
  13. TBG was founded on January 1st of 2008 in Battlefield 2142. Since then, we have grown into one of the premiere Battlefield communities. Our structure is simple and easy to follow. There is no military ranking system in place. We currently have over 7,000 registered site members, and over 100 members that have joined TBG, with 80% of them active on a daily/bi-daily basis, so there is always someone to game with. Over 40% of our members are active or retired military (all branches). Currently, we host 9 Battlefield 4 servers, along with Battlefield 3, Insurgency and Team Fortress 2 servers as well.
  14. May 2017 Monthly Recap

    My god that chopper!!! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  15. Another WW2 game enters the fight

    Sounds very Squad-like :).
  16. Switched our server to Chicago. Check us out!
  17. TIME: 8PM Eastern Time DATE: Saturday, May 20th Hosted by True Born Gaming - Credit to Thunderdome for the original concept. -Each team has 15 minutes to fortify and protect their FOB position on the map. -Build your FOB & HAB within that position. -Communicate with squad leaders to find weak spots within your FOB’s defense. -Once the 15 minute timer is up, one pre-determined team will be chosen to attack. -The attacking side has 25 minutes to capture the defenders FOB. -The defending side wins if they hold a defense for 25 minutes. -Once the 25 minute attacking timer is over, both teams are given 5 minutes to regroup/repair the FOB. -Once regrouped, the attackers and defenders switch roles. RULES: -Your team is allowed unlimited logistics runs throughout the game. -Defenders must stay within FOB radius. -The attacking team may place 1 additional FOB/HAB while attacking. -The attacking team cannot use mortars, the defenders can. -You can use vehicles for attacking and defending. -Attackers must retreat when specified.
  18. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    I find it to be a nice change of pace. For the price it's a steal in my book. Different strokes for different folks. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  19. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    This is going to be awesome :D.
  20. xChoPPed , new to NA

  21. hi very new

    Hi there! Welcome! You'll find plenty of EU based squad servers. You'll find this community to be very helpful to all sorts of player types. Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  22. Bump! Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Tapatalk
  23. Come check us out!