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  1. It's been a while since I've been this amped for a patch :D.
  2. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    To many different factors in this update to say one thing will 'ruin' it. I was not a fan of rushing, though. As far as the update itself, I couldn't be more hyped for it.
  3. Server Favorites

    Hasn't been implemented yet.
  4. SW:Battlefront 2

    Meh. EA, nuff said.
  5. TBG was founded on January 1st of 2008 in Battlefield 2142. Since then, we have grown into one of the premiere Battlefield communities. Our structure is simple and easy to follow. There is no military ranking system in place. We currently have over 7,000 registered site members, and over 100 members that have joined TBG, with 80% of them active on a daily/bi-daily basis, so there is always someone to game with. Over 40% of our members are active or retired military (all branches). Currently, we host 9 Battlefield 4 servers, along with Battlefield 3, Insurgency and Team Fortress 2 servers as well.
  6. I think you'll love it. It definitely hits all the right spots :).
  7. Just Downloaded the Game

    Welcome! - Remember to always listen to the Squad lead. most people will always lend a helping hand.
  8. All inquiries related to any issue, be it ban appeals, suggestions, or general feedback should be directed to TBGclan.com Server name: TBD Rules: No racism - results in an instant ban. No toxic and/or abusive behavior - results in a kick/ban. No recruiting in server - results in a ban. Admin contact: Soulzz Deputy Swan Sebbywannacookie Zula Website: True Born Gaming TeamSpeak: Request for info here: TeamSpeak
  9. Do you use any Anti-Virus software? If so, what brand? Have you tried whitelisting Squad through your A/V or Firewall?
  10. On the top left of your Steam interface, press on the Steam button: Go to In-Game -> In-Game server browser : Change the setting to 500. Should help.
  11. An Unreal Process has crashe: UE4-Squad

    Were you in a game and it crashed all of the sudden?
  12. If anything, it's another game to play with dedicated servers. I'm all for extra fun and a BF1 alternative.
  13. Joining

    Welcome! I think you will be pleasantly surprised :).
  14. Check us out!
  15. August 2017 Recap

    Very nice :D.
  16. 2142 was a huge hit for me. That's my first vote :).
  17. Looking for a group that PLAYS with each other

    check pm.
  18. The Wrench - July 2017 Edition

    Very nice :).
  19. Revisiting Anti-Aliasing

    You're also comparing a finished product that also has over 10 years of development to a much smaller team. I don't think it's a a huge problem since this is still an Alpha.
  20. Revisiting Anti-Aliasing

    BF3 is also based on the Frostbite engine, and they spend millions of dollars on developing the engine to make it look and feel the way it is. I'm not sure if that's a fair comparison. Squad has a lot of things that Battlefield doesn't have. Tactics, real teamplay, etc. In my opinion, graphics only go so far to entice a gamer to play consistently.
  21. WTF with the cheating over?

    I have yet to see an obvious hacker in the many months I've played.