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  1. Alpha 15 Released

    Seen this in every patch. Honestly, you can't please everyone. I'm looking forward to trying it :).
  2. Alpha 13 Survey Review

    Interesting feedback on the survey, although I can't say I'm surprised. I keep saying this. Most players don't post on forums, or aren't as verbal. Believe it or not, the concurrent player count has literally tripled almost since the patch was launched, and consistently. I don't think that would be the case if everyone hated the patch. Hell, I hardly play anymore, but I love seeing updates! Why does it matter if players who voted are Squad or PR vets? Seriously, it's a game. Everyone enjoys it differently. My 2 cents.
  3. Alpha 13 Released

    You are certainly entitled to your opinion. But like we keep saying, 95% of the gamer's are casual. It's a bit silly at this point.
  4. Alpha 13 Released

    You're entitled to your opinion, but many will disagree, hence my prior point. I think people need to just slow down and play the game instead of nit picking. Lol.
  5. Alpha 13 Released

    I think we have to make a distinction on 'core' players. There are hardcore competitive. There are casual. Pretty much everyone I know or interface with is casual, not competitive. The problem I see is that certain folks demand a lot. It wouldn't necessarily fit for Squad. Most people play the game less then 5-6 hours a week. They have lives, and families. It's a hobby. There is plenty of room for both players! But keep in mind, some people that I've heard on feedback are putting quite harsh criticism on movement and other stuff, doesn't really make sense. The patch just came out. I'm sure they are listening.
  6. Alpha 13 Video Patch Notes

    Post in support on Squad discord. but have you unsubscribed froma ll mods?
  7. Alpha 13 Video Patch Notes

    That's also a opinion. Having played just now, I completely disagree. Have you played BF5? Come on, let's not throw arcade out there without substance. The game has 90% casual players like myself who don't have 20 hours to spend playing games.
  8. Alpha 13 Released

    It's also just out. We just got the patch, you guys need to just play it.
  9. Alpha 13 Public Test, Round 1

    It seems every major patch, people complain about something that is completely not finished yet. This is an alpha. It's probably at best 80% done, but until it's fully finished, I'm sure those of you having serious gripes with certain features that may or may not stick will have a different tune. The reality is the core gameplay, even if the movement is faster and certain UI elements remain, is what has kept so many people playing Squad. My community guys seem to absolutely love the new changes. Sure, not all of it is perfect, but I feel like a small minority may be complaining.
  10. General Update

    I've been here since July of 2015 as well, just have realistic expectations, and they aren't a AAA studio (thank god).
  11. General Update

    Communication is better than nothing, folks.
  12. PAX Demo Walkthrough

    Thanks for the fun guys, I enjoyed meeting a few of the devs in person!
  13. Teamspeak 5

    SteamChat looks like a pretty decent competitor to Discord, at least to keep people playing on Steam. TeamSpeak 5.... meh.
  14. Modding Update 2.0, #1

    Very nice!
  15. Problem with EAC squad_launcher.exe

    Deleting my EAC folder, closing squad and and verifying integrity within Steam Squad fixed my EAC issue.