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  1. Teamspeak 5

    SteamChat looks like a pretty decent competitor to Discord, at least to keep people playing on Steam. TeamSpeak 5.... meh.
  2. Modding Update 2.0, #1

    Very nice!
  3. Problem with EAC squad_launcher.exe

    Deleting my EAC folder, closing squad and and verifying integrity within Steam Squad fixed my EAC issue.
  4. Community Feedback Roundtable

    Thanks for the write up!
  5. Concerned

    There have been times where I didn't touch Squad for a few months, just got burned out on it honestly. I think this year will be great in terms of what they are aiming for.
  6. Concerned

    You should listen to the community meeting that took place a few days ago. Most of this stuff was addressed.
  7. Concerned

    I would say the decrease in player numbers has a lot to do with performance issues, which they are already working on.
  8. A Little Update from Merlin

    Great post. Unfortunately, not everyone is as patient, but with time it will get even better. I've always admired the constant communication from you guys :).
  9. Shameless bump.
  10. Mavericks: Proving Grounds

    Battle royale is a trend, just like zombies. Core games will stay for a good while :).
  11. I did play PR when it had already been out a few years. For whatever reason, I couldn't get into it. Maybe I couldn't appreciate the tactical gameplay at the time. I've been playing Squad since around August of 2015 (pre-Steam), back when there were no vehicles, limited maps, but the core game-play was what drew me from the on-set. It's definitely an adjustment coming from a pure Battlefield background, but I love it. Going into Battlefield now feels a bit like childsplay. Lastly, I think many core folks of the Squad community come back in droves each major update simply because they, OWI, communicate with us on a regular basis about updates they are making.
  12. Alpha 10

    Oh ma gerrrrd. :D.