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  1. Hey everyone as the title states I recently got out in Fall 14 and have multiple trips downrange including both theaters. I was in the ISR world the last 5 years so I also have pretty recent knowledge of brevity and battlefield terminology (mostly dealing with exactly what this game is about). Did over 11 years, received a medical discharge/retirement and am now permanently disabled so I'll have some time on my hands to contribute. Not gonna give much personal mil info here but can talk to clan leadership ONLY about some other info. Over 14 years of fps exp and Insurgency is what I'm on right now (send me a message if you want to squad up on that). I would consider myself: an average twitch shooter, really well at comms, above average at tactics, poor/fair as a sniper (getting better!) but mostly feel right as a MG laying down ACTUAL surpressive fire or compound/door breacher. Recently pledged to the "Squad" level so I'm looking forward to hopefully hooking up with a preferably mostly active/prior military with a serious/competitive to semi serious mindset. Honestly if no one in your guild says "Allah Snackbar" or any version of that--seriously--than I'll gladly accept an invite. Will be helpful, and will accept 99% of clan roles/spots. Looking forward to hear from you! -TJeezey
  2. Firstly, I apologize for getting my personal thoughts across mixed within the challenge to you all as I am not a wordsmith but I digrizzle... What drives me crazy playing and watching fps' are the freakin nametags over someones head, ESPECIALLY when there name is something like VodooButtPirate. Seriously? Is this an MMORPG or the Sims? Complete immersion breaker if you ask me. I've seen an heard from other players literally say "oh i didnt shoot him because he did/didn't have a name tag or not have to check his peripherals due to a mini map or hud. I've seen people on other threads say they want nametags on friendlies or out to a certain distance and I ask you why? Can you not distinguish between an insurgent or US soldier? Just because you would "know them in RL" dictates you see a bouncing name (or symbology) running around 800m away either with or without having to have LOS? It's like people want to be spoon fed more and more and I don't get it. My personal suggestions to the Dev's regarding this issue would be to: -remove all nametag's or hovering symbology or characters -not display arrows on HUD of where possibly friendlies, but most definitely enemy infantry positions are -a MUST would be to remove the scoreboard. Going to a scoreboard to see if you killed someone is insanely immersion breaking -remove the ability to communicate to anyone while you're dead, cause you're dead and dead people can't talk. (That's the price you pay. Not being able to sprint around the corner, die and immediately tell you're entire team where in the building they are located.) -the ability to crawl and reload. Try it. Then there's the "oh this is a milsim, not RL" and I totally agree! There's hundreds of reasons why this game isn't real life so can we please not bring that up further? That goes for 'oh it could be in the future". Trust me, I have a lot of real world information on the topic as a whole so again, please refrain from using that as an excuse. This obviously for a "milsim", not an arcade shooter should not be acceptable so here is a challenge to the Squad community! Let's come up with serious and immersion friendly suggestions that I will take the most commented on and use those for a poll once collected. We need to stop saying that nothing can be done about it and freaking come up with something about it!!! A few questions to be solved: -What is a more immersive alternative to knowing where your squad mates are around you? -How to update the mini map to improve SA without displaying too much? -Is there a more immersive way of knowing you killed someone than looking at a scoreboard? I will add more as dictates but I am very much looking forward to discussion/suggestions on a more immersive HUD for Squad! Annnnnnnnd go!
  3. Where do you live ill show you when its ready! lol
  4. There is a lot of your post that I dont agree with or incorrect and to save time and to be nice, ill hold it. You do realize that telling me I cant have absolutes is....applying absolutes? I did it because you have to set boundaries or else the discussion has no form. I asked 3 questions to be solved and for people to stop saying to leave it alone. We have roughly 5 brand new ideas that we could further discuss at a later time. Im not sure why you have to feel the need to waste so much energy typing that out and provided next to nothing in terms of good content to perhaps revamp an old system. Or feel the need to talk to me like im some little kid. You see this is why im so upset!! I appreciate the olive branch and its all good. Again per my request, refrain from any posts that do not positively generate NEW ideas. A toggle is not what im talking about, that does not solve the name over head. I'm looking for an idea/system that still incorporates the feeling of having to actually look at someone to IFF. Just like my squad on the hill scenario I posted a while back. That is what I'm looking to get at. I'm not shooting it down it's just that you didn't answer the question. And about Unfrial's post. Sir I apprecaite what you wrote and maybe didnt make it obvious. In a nutshell, the resolution of the screen in my mind, shouldn't have that much of an impact to IFF to have floating names. If someone is too far for you to see, you would instinctively would want to move up yes? If a floating name is there you wouldn't. That's one example of how it impacts your decision and risk taking process.
  5. Thanks man and welcome to the proper discussion side! Yeah the scoreboard thing gets people heated for some reason in my view. Why do people want to know your score in game? I wholeheartedly believe it makes it really arcadey. Still in PR as i mentioned before you can still tell after you spawn if you got that sniper off in the distance. All side points go to a squad wide pool that shows up at the end perhaps? An after action report screen showing total team kills, shots fired, deaths and maybe some cool other ones? Yeah being able to reload while crawling just looks too weird to me! What does he have super strong legs? haha Edit: I forgot to say that ill log your +1's and suggestions.
  6. Nah, we're just getting started. A few pretty new good ideas have came up of it so if you arent here to participate than leave please. You could have messaged me this. I asked that you not post what you did so why would you do it?
  7. See now this is what im talking about! Thanks man for contributing seriously. I like your ADS suggestion for sure. That gives pretty good balance to a realistic shooter. The audio clues easily could help bridge the balance as well. I like it!
  8. Please delete this. Not only is it against my multiple requests, I'm trying to get a good debate going. Please stop trolling.
  9. TJeezey, on 10 Sept 2015 - 3:30 PM, said: Oh snap I figured out how to multi-quote now! How else am I supposed to say that!? I literally said not being mean at all as the second sentence. I have actually made up multiple serious suggestions and fixes so I'm not sure how I'm beating a dead horse. Im not sure you know what that saying means... Again someone SANE please read my post and see the immediate hate to a whole thread because of my views on nametags? I have some good shit in there and asked people to not post what you have done multiple times already. Now THAT is beating a dead horse. -TJeezey out (that means no more communication with you. You've been nothing but abusive.
  10. Lol I can understand that. New topic: Figure out a new word for immersion. Haha
  11. Please please please I ask a sane person to look at my ENTIRE post. You can clearly see how I disliked the nametags, made suggestions on what i DID NOT WANT in the game (not take out of the game) but posed questions on improvements. The only thing you could have perceived as confrontational is me saying how much I disliked VoodooButtPirate bouncing on my screen when I'm trying to get hooked in the immersion. I stated I didn't want posts on how its been tried before or whatever excuse people still want to use. I asked pretty nicely I thought to pose friendly suggestions on improving VoodooButtPirate. Now look at what my replies to those were? Any normal person would get pissed that people are literally doing the exact opposite of the OP. You could then see me get more irate the more it happened. Then people throwing out lies that I said (which I'm not sure why when you can go back and look?). Seriously look at the replies and tell me what you would do? Is the must have for nametags to know if a guy next to you is a bad guy or not that great in this community? I'm honestly asking nicely because it's a big deal for me. Edit: Please please save the its been tried before, close thread. Not only did I ask not for those posts but thats been said before right??
  12. Yes that was an assumption but was posted after his assumption post. Thanks for the answers to the OP!
  13. No no no. If you're going to slander me than stop acting like a baby and say you messed up.
  14. Whats your call of duty gamertag?
  15. Still waiting for all of my absolutes and assumptions... He says lies and you like it? Eww why?
  16. I suck at web editing. Again thanks for the suggestions and positive improvements to the OP's questions!
  17. Ok i'll get out cause you feel telling me to shut up about improving the game's SA. Annnnnnnnd NO! Yes I'm new. What hw should I have done?
  18. LOL You didnt read my post either did you silly? I said there's hundred's of reason's why this isn't real life. PLEEEAASSSEEE somebody read my post
  19. I said that i read other threads' comments about it. You wonder why I'm caustic. How many posts have you posted answering the questions I posed? I said multiple times to leave the oh the norm is the norm comments out. Only constructive comments regarding my questions AGAIN I ask.
  20. So you're cool with having a floating name bouncing around that makes sure that you don't shoot him? How is that fun or challenging?
  21. Well that's the point is that we're all looking at these small screens so we all have the same advantage/disadvantage (not that much bigger diff for larger screens). Again having symbology over friendlies even while close will give you an insane advantage distigushing something moving in the bushes towards you. Do you guys know what I mean by that? You all like that?
  22. BAHAHAHA please show me these assumptions and absolutes, please!!! I also DID indicate that I read exsisting threads. is this the freaking twilight zone???
  23. I never said i was the only combat vet in this community so you need to check what you say before you type. I was ensuring someone who tried to talk to me about human senses in a combat environment what my accreditations are on the subject. Not being mean at all. However MY suggestion to you would be to read the OP's questions and make constructive suggestions on the matter. You are exactly part of the problem on why nothing changes. You simply say "man people have tried so you might as well quit." Nice attitude. I hope you are never in my squad. I've seen plenty of videos btw, thanks. Being out of the mil a year is a tactiool salt dog warrior huh?
  24. I appreciate the long post on human senses. From doing 3 tours and over 500 combat missions, I know a thing or two about battlefield SA. Can I distinguish the diff between a US, German, Brazilan and a football field's length? Are you kidding of course most people could. I recognize your suggestion to put names in the corner. Also yes if you would want to take your eyes off downrange to check to see if your buddies arent dead is a risk most soldiers do when they are out on patrol.