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  1. What are you working on?

    I'm starting work on an MQ9 Reaper mod, I'll be buying the assets myself and am looking for a coder to implement it. I'll be providing all the details of the aircraft and HUD from the real thing (from what I can recall). If you would like to help please PM me. Hooves
  2. Free look / TrackIR Support

    Is this something that a modder could do for you guys? Then you could roll it in later?
  3. Free look / TrackIR Support

    Hey Devs, any word on that support?
  4. 2 years now- Crave some track ir support

    Yeah the ability to use track IR with more and more vehicles coming out is absolutley necessary. Else this title reminds me of the limited BF2 engine in that regard. Its 2018 for gods sake, let us look around with track ir.
  5. With tanks coming. I'd love to see a battle of 73 eastings with the Iraqi t-72s out numbering the m1's 3 to 1. Out in the middle of the Iraqi desert. After that I'd love to see a battle of Sadr City from summer 2008. Iraqi insurgents fighting US Army/ Marine forces building the wall down the center of route gold. Additional air equipment such as MQ1 predators and the Helos that will eventually make it into the stock game, would be needed . And finally, revisiting the Korengal Valley, but in a dramatically more realistic and to scale effort than what PR provided. Need fixed wing CAS for this though.
  6. World Origin Rebasing

    After reading the comments you spoke of, yes it looks as if the 20km limit is still there. But I am glad they are exploring the limits and ways to stretch them. I can tell others are researching ways to do as I was speaking of and so far it's working rather well, so its all possible. It just depends on if Offworld sees a feasible ROI for the tech.
  7. World Origin Rebasing

    This is by far the most exciting news I've heard about Squad yet!! This technology should unlock the ability to have REALISTIC fixed wing distances to support the game. Being able to page in imagery and always be the centroid of the world should be possible now!
  8. So. This was built several years ago, and it looks like the ArmA frontline mod has picked it up. By this game mode in squad seems like a match made in Military FPS heaven
  9. Free look / TrackIR Support

    I'm hoping that with Heli's soon on the way into the game that Offworld sees the light and just enables this. It isn't difficult and Natural Point will even help.
  10. World Origin Rebasing

    The possibilities for this are truly global. If you had the terrain and imagery, or just used generic imagery, you could theoretically cover as much world as you have hard drive to store data for. Obviously the game cant deliver 1000 sq KM, but it doesn't need to. Imagine being able to fly a Fixed wing asset in this game with even semi-realistic altitudes and ranges, Squad, using this re basing tech could easily put airfields with Fixed wing assets 100Km away. And one would have to fly it in, hang out, then, when out of weapons, fly back and re arm. It would go a long way in balancing such an important game changing asset such as an A-10 or F-16 (SU-25 and Mig-29 for the Ruskies). Its very exciting, and I hope they take full advantage of this feature.
  11. I received the key in my email after verifying my founder status. I copied the key and pasted to into steam under the activate a game option. It comes back saying the code I have input is an "invalid code". I have hand put it it, copied and paste, nothing works. Need help. Hooves
  12. Post Scriptum Keys

    Usgo, I have PM'd support. I hope to get in soon. As far as invalid. I was trying to paste a screenshot in here but not sure how. But I'd imagine you would get this message if you stuck in a random set of numbers. Only thing is, this key was sent to me immediately after I verified my founder status the day the announcement came out. I'm confused why the key is invalid.
  13. Post Scriptum Keys

    I don't get this message, mine says the code is Invalid. I paste it straight from the activation email I received.
  14. Post Scriptum Keys

    So, I have my game key, and try to activate it. Says "invalid code" is this not ready for that stage yet?
  15. Did TrackIR work with the V10 testing?

    Track IR has a mouse look feature, has anyone tried that?
  16. Free look / TrackIR Support

    So with v10 it was awesome to look around via the mouse. Any chance we could get it defaukted to always on and controlled through tir?
  17. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    My biggest reason i want to lock squads is exactly to not ruin other peoples experience. No matter how many times ive put it in the name (mortar 3 people max) i end up getting a 9 man squad. Which im not going to lead. So those dudes that joined a squad under automatwd threat to do so end up with an SL that is manning the mortar with a small dedicated crew, and they end up being randoms that dont help the team, because they cant use rally points. The mortar can be immensly effwctive and its a full time job measuring out shots, coordinating calls for fire and getting the needed supplies to continue that effort. Some will say "well dont run a mortar squad". Well you are dumb. The only way to make them effective is to be constantly engaged in that pursuit. Just allow me to make a 4 man squad. Lock it, and let us do our work. Of course locking comes with join requests and recruiting requests. Hooves
  18. Reduce mortar spam

    I have had both fantastic and mediocre results with running a mortar squad. It is wholly reliant on the team. Even a squad with an FO is only effective on the one portion of the map within view of your FO. Whilst i can be incredibly effective on his targets, the rest of the enemies are left un harrased. However, in the rounds where other squad leaders are utilysing the mortar squad by way of accurate timely calls for fire. My mortar squad has had upwards of 40-50 kills. Lets not also forget that a mortar team need not have 50 kills to be amazingly effective for the team. Suppressing fire can be used to aid an advance or hold an enemy at bay long enough for the inf squads to regroup. I think the inclusion of helicopters will really add to the gameplay as well. As once RPs and FOs are placed, the burden of quick resupply will fall to the heli squads. One of those resupplies will be the mortar squads, thus freeing up that dedicated logi runner. As to your point of "who would want to run back and forth to grab mortar rounds". I can say. Me, id love to do that. In turn, Id like to have my mortars do a little more damage than they currently divie out. Its all about what floats your boat. In mine (and many others) case, the supporting role of mortars or even resupply, far out gratifies the rush of close infantry or vehicular combat.
  19. Reduce mortar spam

    Well yes, they would have to address that, but I'm sure its not beyond their skillset to do so if they were to incorporate an idea like mine.
  20. Reduce mortar spam

    Im glad to hear that some more improvements to the experience are coming, as the current experience is lacking in a few ways. Even more stoked to hear i was close to the mark on further developments ;p The time between rounds with my method can be directly influenced by the process it takes to grab a mortar round from the crate of rounds. And the distance a player must travel (2 steps or 5 steps) that way the artificial (and unrealistic) reload timer can be more organically bypassed.
  21. Motar squad watch your size

    This will go away when we can lock squads at certian sizes. Problem is, many servers make you join a squad. And a mortar squad needs only 4 max. So 5 slots just sit waiting to be filled.
  22. Squad Mortar Calculator App (Android)

    So, one more thing that crossed my mind for a future update would be a representation of each map. That you would be able to just touch where you want to place your mortar and target. No actual keypad entry, its automated by touching on the map. Of course it would take time to incorperate each in game map. But that could lead to alot more bells and whistels like a range plot, time of flight indicators and even more. Hooves
  23. Reduce mortar spam

    One possible solution to at least slightly slowing the SPAM but still being fun to use is as follows: Treat the interaction with the mortar more like planting ieds. That is to say. Be "mounted" in the mortar sight long enough to set distance and direction, then have to get out and "grab" a mortar round. It would be in your hands as if you had the ied. But the ONLY place it would turn green (to place) is at the tip of the mortar tube as if you were "hanging" the round. When you clicked to "place", the mortarman does the "duck" animation, the mortar round slides down the tube and fires. At which point the mortarman can either get back in the sight to correct the next shot, or go "grab" another mortar from a crate that is auto built as part of the mortar tube. This accomplishes two things. 1. It increases the immersion for the mortar team as if single crewed, it would take longer. And if crewed would improve teamplay. 2. Slow down mortar spam unless the mortar is multicrewed. It would also provide the currently missing mortar animation. (Hanging the round, then ducking, which is a cool extra bit that very few if any other games have). Basically just like the video above. But slowed slightly due to "picking up" the rounds.
  24. Squad Mortar Calculator App (Android)

    One more request. (I love this tool by the way) Once set, can you allow us to save the presets? Ex: Target loc - f5 kp2 5. Save as Alpha Target loc - C2 kp2 3. Save as Bravo Etc etc. That way we can quickly reference fire locations and concentrations? Obviosly changing mortar positions would be a challenge but perhaps still have to select origin site? Or maybe even save the origin site? Like, alpha (mortar loc.) to bravo (tgt loc) Great app dude. Very fun to use. Hooves