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  1. Post Scriptum Keys

    It worked great. Have 2 keys on the email with which I also bought Squad 2 times :)
  2. The Soviet Tower of Power

    omg that is awesome
  3. Steamkey??

    I have Bought the "Squadleader" Edition. There are no Mails in my Inbox or in the Junk/Spam Folders
  4. Steamkey??

    Good day, I wanted to ask when I get my key for Steam? Many of my friends have already received a key. I have already searched in all my email accounts but found nothing . Please help or send the key. greez chucky
  5. No key?

    I have the same Problem. Iam playing since the beta and dont become any Key for the Steamlaunch. I didnt become any Email, not in the Inbox and not in the Spam Folder. How long must i wait for the Key?
  6. Closed Pre-Alpha week 7

    Is this official confirm't? Please provide the source
  7. Buy 2 get 1?

    Nono i Key is for me and 1 is mor my M8. He has no PayPal
  8. Buy 2 get 1?

    Hello Devteam, today I have bought the game 2 times but only get 1 confirmation on my PayPal Email Account. Is that normal? Greez chucky