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  1. did you want some cheese with your whine? Constructive way to enter the community.
  2. Well done and keep up the good work.
  3. every time I have played insurgents I have won..... unbalanced me think not
  4. Modest and attractive
  5. or a good scotch
  6. use the search function
  7. doesn't use Unreal. Good game sunk 25 hours into it and got bored
  8. If you and your ego can do better please go ahead and start to develop a title.
  9. if you actually read the message when you start the game it is a Steam issue that has been posted and mentioned over and over and over and over again.
  10. The Expanse Season 1 Six Supernatural Season 6 Taboo Taken Season 1
  11. @Psyrus Once again your down with the good info - been tossing up between a 1060-1070 as old faithful 4gb 680 died and am running a mates old 760. Good luck with the engagement
  12. @Psyrus Why a 1060 and not a 1070? (1080 $$$$$ not worth it) and when are you back form the Land of the Rising Sun?
  13. Glad to see you have been looked after in regards to compensation for injuries.
  14. INBL
  15. dickhead