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  1. Hell Let Loose - Who's backing it then?

    not this time, hope they hit there target though.
  2. Squad_JO [game play modification]

    played it, loved it, miss it still. Best of luck
  3. Smaller, faster game modes?

    I hear where your coming from; though I have teenage children who game and a wife who also enjoys her laptop time; and its an interesting perspective to look from but look at other titles for that quick "fix" your needing. At this stage I don't see any benefit in the devs investing in making/creating/coding whatever new small format game types/maps for now or the future full release. If it is a topic that garners enough interest and support from the community leave it in the hands of the community mod makers and map makers. As for titles these are ones that I play or have played in smaller player count area that I have enjoyed: TC Rainbow 6 Siege for some fast paced 5v5 . Really good support for a Ubisoft title and coool toys. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam 16v16 servers. Been a long time fan boy of the original Red Orchestra mod to the current game. Brutal Shooter Player Unknown Battlegrounds with 3 mates for a round or 2 is perfect for the cheese factor. CHEESE FACTOR lol nothing like Squad or the games I have previously mentioned but can be just plain good fun.
  4. Some ideas coming from a rising storm player...

    this thread is turning toxic. INBL
  5. What Server Do You Regularly Play On? (One Vote)

    -OCS- The Pub -OCS- Kebab Shop BigD Oceanic Squad Servers
  6. Backer Tag Redeem!

    that would mean using a brain
  7. Cannot Solve FPS problem

    Low end CPU + low end GPU = your issue
  8. AK74 recoil

    troll thread? inbl
  9. Lag and no refund

    What they all said.... potato wont play Squad
  10. Low FPS not reflective of hardware

    So your a UE4 developer?
  11. New Community Manager

  12. New Community Manager

    If it ain't Jamaican Blue it ain't coffee sorry Covffee Good luck
  13. Pre-round 'Ready' system

    With the new 9.4 inclusions I would like to see more time at the start of the round especially if a commander role is implemented in the game. Apart from giving people with slower loading rigs more time to get in and Squad up the SL's (and commander) can properly formulate a decent roll-out AND take note of the unfortunate douche SL who doesn't communicate that mite impair the tactics wanting to be used.
  14. Reduce mortar spam

    suck it up princess
  15. What's up with the community?

    did you want some cheese with your whine? Constructive way to enter the community.