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  1. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    waiting for Ver 10
  2. November 2017 Recap

    Question: Will TrackiR compatibility be available for use with free-look?
  3. Hell Let Loose - Who's backing it then?

    not this time, hope they hit there target though.
  4. Squad_JO [game play modification]

    played it, loved it, miss it still. Best of luck
  5. Smaller, faster game modes?

    I hear where your coming from; though I have teenage children who game and a wife who also enjoys her laptop time; and its an interesting perspective to look from but look at other titles for that quick "fix" your needing. At this stage I don't see any benefit in the devs investing in making/creating/coding whatever new small format game types/maps for now or the future full release. If it is a topic that garners enough interest and support from the community leave it in the hands of the community mod makers and map makers. As for titles these are ones that I play or have played in smaller player count area that I have enjoyed: TC Rainbow 6 Siege for some fast paced 5v5 . Really good support for a Ubisoft title and coool toys. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam 16v16 servers. Been a long time fan boy of the original Red Orchestra mod to the current game. Brutal Shooter Player Unknown Battlegrounds with 3 mates for a round or 2 is perfect for the cheese factor. CHEESE FACTOR lol nothing like Squad or the games I have previously mentioned but can be just plain good fun.
  6. Some ideas coming from a rising storm player...

    this thread is turning toxic. INBL
  7. What Server Do You Regularly Play On? (One Vote)

    -OCS- The Pub -OCS- Kebab Shop BigD Oceanic Squad Servers
  8. Backer Tag Redeem!

    that would mean using a brain
  9. Cannot Solve FPS problem

    Low end CPU + low end GPU = your issue
  10. AK74 recoil

    troll thread? inbl
  11. Lag and no refund

    What they all said.... potato wont play Squad
  12. Low FPS not reflective of hardware

    So your a UE4 developer?
  13. New Community Manager

  14. New Community Manager

    If it ain't Jamaican Blue it ain't coffee sorry Covffee Good luck
  15. Pre-round 'Ready' system

    With the new 9.4 inclusions I would like to see more time at the start of the round especially if a commander role is implemented in the game. Apart from giving people with slower loading rigs more time to get in and Squad up the SL's (and commander) can properly formulate a decent roll-out AND take note of the unfortunate douche SL who doesn't communicate that mite impair the tactics wanting to be used.