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  1. Escape From Tarkov 20% off

    Right now it's just the raids you will have seen in videos. No open world or story elements are in yet. The gunplay, movement, weaponry is all awesome - but not without its issues of course. Playing a group is where it shines I think. Also factory map gameplay is not the whole game right now, it's the CQB shitfest map, it's fun but doesn't really highlight what tarkov is. Kind of like how Sumaari used to be the COD map in Squad. Anyway, sale is on now, if anyone was close to buying - now would be the time. If not, wait and see I guess.
  2. Escape From Tarkov 20% off

    A video in russian? Excellent.
  3. Escape From Tarkov 20% off

    The top one. It tells you on the order page what you get with each pack.
  4. Escape From Tarkov 20% off

    Yes and no, it's still damn expensive for the top level package.
  5. If anyone is interested and hasn't yet seen this: I'm in a love/hate relationship with the game right now, it's awesome... but it's frustrating as hell. Was going to link my twitch vids, etc but you can find what you need to, if you want to instead. Just don't blame me if you buy it and get 1 tapped by the AI in the most stupid way Can answer 'some' questions about the game if anyone is on the fence.. i'll be honest i swear haha
  6. Strange as it's a performance killer for me using a 6700k and 1080. Haven't looked into this stuff for a while, might have a play around.
  7. RPG Blast supression is useless

    My medic better have temazepam instead.
  8. Why 1.5 supersampling?? That's an FPS killer. If it's to mitigate AA issues (i see you're also using FXAA though), try using SMAA with Reshade? 1.5x is just giving away frames for what i perceive as very little gain.
  9. RPG Blast supression is useless

    Only 50% chance of success unless they deploy the hot chocolate and marshmallows inventory item.
  10. RPG Blast supression is useless

    +1 for shit your pants effect. Can't sprint till minimum 2 teammates come and shovel the shit out pants and boots.
  11. No servers?

    Many threads on this, linked one above, if that doesn't help search.
  12. Comp mount proportion change

    It would? No? That would be gameplay from other games unrelated to Squad. No I don't get it. It's not like this forum has done wonders to shape every aspect of the game.
  13. Schweeeeeeet FX

    If you have EAC issues read here how to sort that:
  14. Our very own investigative journalist Pvt. Lewis. You should add 'I think' to the start of the title... and probably most of the stuff you wrote here.
  15. Comp mount proportion change

    I can't say I pay that much attention to knobs in general, but I'm glad your keen gaze picked it up. You might convince me if you send me a picture of your knob? PM is fine.