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  1. EFT does so many things right, I am loving it at the moment. From September last year when i bought into it and now is a huge difference and all in the right direction. I'd love to pick up the EFT shooting mechanics and drop them into Squad, lots of other games too. Whether you have gear to lose or not you really do fear incoming fire.
  2. Welcome to the 3440x1440 club it's soooo goooood. For day to day stuff it's excellent, just don't maximize any windows and have so much space to work with. edit: what FOV did you settle for / are experimenting with? Max FOV is a bit fishbowl like but the extra area on screen is awesome. I 'think' im around 110 fov now.
  3. Something you don't want to see looking at you.
  4. Not angry at all. I've contributed far more than your one line replies, if you look back. 'as if if you have something against the mention of race.' - what would that imply?
  5. I'm awaiting the next post 'why are the black soldiers all AT? Don't you think they deserve to be squad leaders too?' This thread is going nowhere, ever. Edit: also how the hell do you get so many people together without a grenade being dropped by someone
  6. At what point is there enough black models in play at any given time? 10%? 90%? At what point can white people get upset that there is no longer enough white people in game? At what point do Asian models get in and at what percentage? Should we research actual statistics so as to have a fall back in case anyone gets upset over something so stupid? CIA factbook says: This thread is pointless. Lock it or delete it. Still unclear if bad at trolling or actually has issues. It's just a game..
  7. There you go, isn't life so much better now?
  8. Some whites understand? You're doing that thing people do when they assume only white people can be racist. Also if it hurts you so much not to be depicted in games, no matter what nationality/ethnicity/whatever you are - I think you have deeper issues at hand. I think Squad should focus on development of content, gameplay mechanics, etc and this thread should be locked, if not deleted completely. Make all the models black, white, green for all i care, make the gameplay worth playing and i'll be here. This is an absolute non-issue. After looking through your past posts (you'll see your recent visitors in profile), I still can't tell if you are trolling all the time or there's something else at play that i shouldn't mention.
  9. I got as far as the bold part and didn't bother reading the rest. Please go away. Edit: Sadly i finished reading. "But I doubt most gamers would be willing to play on a team that was majorities African. Which is unfortunate." I sincerely hope this is you trolling with a shit sense of humor and are not quite as inbred as you seem.
  10. Hope the team for this map get compensated on release, the queue of people drooling for this is insane
  11. I mean, i dont really know anything about anything except that EA are a bunch of c*nts. I'd be risk adverse in this situation too.
  12. Gimme naow plz. 24/7 Al Basrah servers will be a thing.
  13. Looking better and better. Would love to see this in Jan.
  14. Such a non-issue, again. There's much bigger fish to fry at this stage of development me thinks.