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  1. Hey guys, I know this is an alpha build after all, but there are a few things that are really just art nitpicks. They certainly aren't urgent or gameplay-breaking, and I doubt there are many who will go apeshit over them, but I thought it'd be nice to list them down, in hopes that someone will find it useful and fix them. M17 MHS It really is just a full length P320. The two-tone finish is a dead giveaway, with the manual safety is missing and there are 5 segments on the railed frame, which extends all the way to the end of the slide. M17s or M18s come with full tan finish and have a 3-railed frame similar to the compact P320 (probably for better compatibility with the M18 slide?) Animations-wise, I'm not sure if the M17 has an slide that auto-releases with a magazine insertion? Finally, I can't help but notice some of the obvious smoothing errors when reloading. Glock 17 The L131A1's barrel should tilt upwards when empty, like how it does for the M17 right now. M4A1 Aside the oversized rail width, there are M4 Carbine markings on the receiver, complete with the 3-round burst option (visible with freelook). Since it uses the same texture maps as the M4 Carbine, would it not be possible to make a copy but amended texture and have the M4A1 use that instead? Finally, it'd be nice to see AN/PEQ-15s, even if they are cosmetic. L85A2 with ACOG Currently the one in game seems to be a mock up of the TA31-CH (judging by the reticle), but isn't the one adopted by the British the TA31F? Furthermore, I understand back-up sights not being added, but it'd be neat to have the RMR for cosmetic purposes. For magazines, it'd be nice to see the Magpul EMAG. AKS-74N There's nothing wrong with it visually, but why the S-74N instead of just the -74N? Having the 1P29 would block you from folding the stock anyway, plus if it's for telling troops apart, the scope is probably more prominent than the triangular stock. If the side-rail is a separate mesh it might be easy to just port it over to the AK-74 and viola! 1P63 Obzor Was there really a need to remove the pink tint when the model was acquired from Assi's mod? I can't imagine the pink tint being bad for gameplay, it seems about as significant as the killflash on the M150 RCO. GP-25/L123A2 Could we revert the aiming FOV back to the olden days? The current one is intrusive and right in your face, and gives you the impression that you are giving your rifle a blowjob. It's the same for the L123A2, it's way too close for comfort. SKS (Actual gameplay suggestion) The SKS is in a weird place. Topping up with stripper clips does not actually top it up but rather it is something closer to a "magazine swap" - you have 4 rounds in the magazine, you load in 6, but in reality you remove those 3 rounds to the back of your stash, while you have 6+1 in your current gun now (because the game marks it as a closed-bolt, which automatically means it can chamber an extra round in game sense). So I'd propose what Rising Storm 2 is doing, where they intend to make it such that reloading mid-clip involves emptying the whole magazine so you can actually lock the bolt back, before loading in clips. It's a waste of rounds yes, but can be rectified with more clips. After all, clips are more compact than magazines no? L110A2 There was a long post on the Squad forums yes, but basically it's really just a Minimi Para with an M249 feed cover. It can mount picatinny rails, but like the L85, it has to be mounted to the SUSAT base. Additionally, the sights are different in order to accommodate that base rail. M240B Nothing wrong with it aside the mysterious blessed 50-round-bag-that-holds-75, but I reckon that's really a gameplay consideration. Perhaps 50 rounds, but more spare ammo bags to make up for it? Furthermore, since this is the US Army we are talking about, wouldn't it be nice to replace them with the M240L later down the line? The M240L is meant to be the new US Army standard, and it'd be nice to see them since the M17 is already added to the game. L7A2 The current one is really just a standard MAG 58, because it is missing the iconic mounting bracket on the left of the receiver, and its carry handle is not the L7's. Additionally, L7A2s do not come with railed feed covers either, although it's likely that it's just a shared model with the M240 receiver, just as with the carry handle. PKM I've noticed that there seems to be a mix of a plum pistol grip and wooden stock, it'd be nice if it could be wood as a standard for both. PKP Pecheneg The PKP doesn't use 1P78s. There are 1P78s for AKMs, 1P78-1s for AK-74s, 1P78s for RPK-74s and 1P78s for RPKs, but none for 7.62mmR. It would be better to use the 1P77 too, and it's also 4x. But I suppose it'd easily be the machine gun king with a higher magnification and a higher magazine capacity than the other contemporaries. L129A1 Same with the ACOG on the L85A2, it'd be nice to have a fully cosmetic RMR on it. SVD"M" Would be nice if we actually had the modern SVD (not the real SVDM, nor the weird black SVD in game), but an SVD with actual polymer handguards, the proper polymer stock and the proper receiver. And call it SVD instead of SVDM. British launchers It's funny how the British Army has 2 interim launchers, of which one is the M72A7 instead of A9 (actually meant for bunker busting instead of tank busting). Would be neat to have the actual L2A1 ASM (MATADOR) to replace the M72A7, and the NLAW (MBT LAW) to replace the AT4-CS. Frag Grenades I miss the spoon flying out, can we have them back? M18 white smoke M18s are strictly coloured smoke grenades, but would it be too much to retexture the markings and change the in-game designation to that of the M83? AN/M14 I can't seem to see the view model anymore, is this a bug? M203 The smoke shells no longer use different coloured shells for coloured smoke anymore. Is this also a temporary thing like the AN/M14? It's really just a few minor things, as I've stressed (with some gameplay suggestions too), if you have some please share them too!
  2. Alpha 11 Released

    Yes please! And can we keep the PG-7VR for the Russian HAT? It's not like they use the RPG-29 anyway, that is an export thing that would make more sense with the Insurgents because of their distribution in Syria.
  3. Reddit AMA Transcript

    It won't be awesome if your opponent could kill your team again and again by lurking and camping behind enemy lines without any penalty. Sometimes gameplay isn't always about what would be awesome if you had, but what wouldn't be awesome if your opponent had.
  4. The Weapons Thread!

    Alright, in which case it creates a whole new balance issue instead, where the gunner doesn't need to watch his flank or have a buddy watch it for him, because he has a lethal alarm bell behind him, that prompts him to turn around and redirect his massive firepower in the direction of incoming hostiles.
  5. The Weapons Thread!

    You seem to have the misconception that M18 Claymores function like landmines, no, they are remotely detonated. So when you still need to be aware of your surroundings so you can manually detonate it when someone's coming (basically, it'd probably be like with the IED where you have to switch to your phone to ring it up and shit. I disagree with this, if it's a G3A3ZF with the Hensoldt 4x24 optic, it would be in direct competition with the SVD. It fires a full power rifle cartridge like the SVD, and has the same optic zoom, but on top of that it has select-fire (if you even need it) and twice the magazine capacity. So you basically outshone the SVD and make the marksman class irrelevant. What I'd really want would be an AN/M83 (or M83) to replace the M18 white smoke grenade (M18 smoke grenades only come coloured), and alternate LAT kits with different rockets (eg Russians with a choice of RPG-26s, RPG-7V2s with OG-7Vs, RPO-As or RShG-2s, etc.)
  6. October 2017 Recap

    Probably because the TT is a common pistol, the APS is rare as hell.
  7. Long list of nerf and buff

    Varenyky doesn't agree with you and is decent enough to elaborate why he doesn't think so, yet you somehow managed to get butthurt about someone disagreeing with you. Grow up and learn to counter argue rather than calling other people "realism advisors" and accusing Varenyky of "showing how great" he is.
  8. August 2016 Monthly Recap

    I keep reading Al Basrah by ChanceBrahh as Al Brahsa and it gets annoying
  9. Community content WIP thread!

    Oh baby. OH BABY!
  10. Community content WIP thread!

    What are you making this for? Will the suppressor be included?
  11. PPSh

    The SKS can load an extra round, hence a neat 11-round capacity. It's honestly doesn't hurt to see a correction no?
  12. Better Rifle for Militia Medic?

    But a poll like this gives rise to bias. It doesn't paint the full picture, because it only displays data from those who want a new gun. Say a majority of the poll dudes want an AKS-74, it still may mask the fact that even more people still want the AKS-74U simply because the option isn't there. Just add the poll for reliability's sake. Yea I know, I was just addressing OP's polling issues.
  13. Better Rifle for Militia Medic?

    If you are going to do a poll, add the AKS-74U to it. It's not like that gun sucks, it has great CQB abilities.
  14. [Tutorial] How to be a miserable bastard

    We are still going to get a super-sized 552? Shame, but still worth it
  15. OWI's Logo

    *Where did you come from? *Where did you go? *Where did you come from? *Cotton Eye Joe Done.