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  1. October 2017 Recap

    Probably because the TT is a common pistol, the APS is rare as hell.
  2. Long list of nerf and buff

    Varenyky doesn't agree with you and is decent enough to elaborate why he doesn't think so, yet you somehow managed to get butthurt about someone disagreeing with you. Grow up and learn to counter argue rather than calling other people "realism advisors" and accusing Varenyky of "showing how great" he is.
  3. August 2016 Monthly Recap

    I keep reading Al Basrah by ChanceBrahh as Al Brahsa and it gets annoying
  4. Community content WIP thread!

    Oh baby. OH BABY!
  5. Community content WIP thread!

    What are you making this for? Will the suppressor be included?
  6. PPSh

    The SKS can load an extra round, hence a neat 11-round capacity. It's honestly doesn't hurt to see a correction no?
  7. Better Rifle for Militia Medic?

    But a poll like this gives rise to bias. It doesn't paint the full picture, because it only displays data from those who want a new gun. Say a majority of the poll dudes want an AKS-74, it still may mask the fact that even more people still want the AKS-74U simply because the option isn't there. Just add the poll for reliability's sake. Yea I know, I was just addressing OP's polling issues.
  8. Better Rifle for Militia Medic?

    If you are going to do a poll, add the AKS-74U to it. It's not like that gun sucks, it has great CQB abilities.
  9. [Tutorial] How to be a miserable bastard

    We are still going to get a super-sized 552? Shame, but still worth it
  10. OWI's Logo

    *Where did you come from? *Where did you go? *Where did you come from? *Cotton Eye Joe Done.
  11. Poll: Your Preferences for Bullet Damage

    I've always thought that raw TTK, skill and the pace of the game are somewhat related and need balancing to ensure the best balance. For games like INS, one shot is all it takes. Granted, that slows the game down when you take into account the limited spawns and hence be more careful with those corners, but it compromises on skill when you can make a ill-aimed shot and still put someone down because of the spray. For games like BF4 and CS, it encourages skill regarding the shot placement department, because it boils down to who lands shots more consistently and accurately. Yet, it makes the game a lot faster, and players are less incentivised to be wary as they can always take more shots no problem. For what this game wants, I'm pretty damn satisfied with this 2/3 shot thing.
  12. US Medic M4a1 Iron Sight Foregrip

    Subjective. It's more about ergonomics.
  13. [Tutorial] How to be a miserable bastard

    You could try tinkering with the rail size by scaling it horizontally, then make the new M4A1 and 552 into a single mesh like how OWI made the rifle+UBGL into a single mesh as well. It's ok though, in Insurgency, NWI chose to go slack on the dimensions of their weapons, which make some scopes look oversized and others puny. It's disgusting but we've lived through it.
  14. New Players and Misuse of Gameplay

    THIS In Insurgency 2 sometimes a little newbie comes along and touches me with his gun and I die. Of course it's goddamn annoying, but most of the time they are decent chaps who are quick to apologise because they know they are in the wrong. And most of the time, TK happens because of stupidity on the part of the "victim", who usually does something silly like walking in front of a live LMG or don't announce their arrival and expect to be welcomed when we've just had to clear a horde of hostiles. However, when we implemented ReflectTK, it quickly lead to abuse, where players aren't afraid to walk in front of other people's barrels because they know it's not them that pay for the TK damage. There were so many frustrating moments when someone had to chuck his chest in front of me to steal my kill lane without warning, or when I've already announced I've deployed my M249 and have set up my killing field and some dude thought it'd be funny to jump in, and yet the one who has to pay for such dick-ish moves is me. Reflective damage sounds good on paper, but is a bad solution. It punishes players who have retarded teammates and promotes trolling. If it's a new player, he just has to learn like how we all did. If it's a troll, report him to the admins. But if we have to resort to reflective damage, I'd say it'd be a sad day for players as a whole.
  15. June 2016 Monthly Recap

    @ZiGreenand @VarenykySupremesadly, this IS one of those compromises that you'll have to live with. A weapon with 10-rounds, and looking at it, has only 6 stripper clips, will be utterly useless if you had to expand EVERY round before you can reload. Would you blast away all your 4 rounds if you knew that you might have to prepare for confrontation that requires a full magazine capacity? I mean, this isn't like the M1 Garand where you can pull the entire stripper clip out and shove a new one in if you are lucky not to make it into the "Grind Thumb"...