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  1. Alpha 11

    Yes please! And can we keep the PG-7VR for the Russian HAT? It's not like they use the RPG-29 anyway, that is an export thing that would make more sense with the Insurgents because of their distribution in Syria.
  2. Reddit AMA Transcript

    It won't be awesome if your opponent could kill your team again and again by lurking and camping behind enemy lines without any penalty. Sometimes gameplay isn't always about what would be awesome if you had, but what wouldn't be awesome if your opponent had.
  3. Join us on Discord

    I've tried all visible links on this page: ANGEREY#6160
  4. Join us on Discord

    Hey I remembered joining the Squad discord some time ago, and suddenly I was no longer in it, and when i click on this link months later, it seems that it's still invalid. Was I banned? From a server I barely spoke in? If it was because it was a ban, could someone tell me my offense, because I really doubt I broke any rules supposing i hardly posted there. DiscordID #6160 - If it was because of my previous username, since i've changed it since then, would it be alright to lift it?
  5. The Weapons Thread!

    Alright, in which case it creates a whole new balance issue instead, where the gunner doesn't need to watch his flank or have a buddy watch it for him, because he has a lethal alarm bell behind him, that prompts him to turn around and redirect his massive firepower in the direction of incoming hostiles.
  6. The Weapons Thread!

    You seem to have the misconception that M18 Claymores function like landmines, no, they are remotely detonated. So when you still need to be aware of your surroundings so you can manually detonate it when someone's coming (basically, it'd probably be like with the IED where you have to switch to your phone to ring it up and shit. I disagree with this, if it's a G3A3ZF with the Hensoldt 4x24 optic, it would be in direct competition with the SVD. It fires a full power rifle cartridge like the SVD, and has the same optic zoom, but on top of that it has select-fire (if you even need it) and twice the magazine capacity. So you basically outshone the SVD and make the marksman class irrelevant. What I'd really want would be an AN/M83 (or M83) to replace the M18 white smoke grenade (M18 smoke grenades only come coloured), and alternate LAT kits with different rockets (eg Russians with a choice of RPG-26s, RPG-7V2s with OG-7Vs, RPO-As or RShG-2s, etc.)
  7. October 2017 Recap

    Probably because the TT is a common pistol, the APS is rare as hell.
  8. Long list of nerf and buff

    Varenyky doesn't agree with you and is decent enough to elaborate why he doesn't think so, yet you somehow managed to get butthurt about someone disagreeing with you. Grow up and learn to counter argue rather than calling other people "realism advisors" and accusing Varenyky of "showing how great" he is.
  9. August 2016 Monthly Recap

    I keep reading Al Basrah by ChanceBrahh as Al Brahsa and it gets annoying
  10. Community content WIP thread!

    Oh baby. OH BABY!
  11. Community content WIP thread!

    What are you making this for? Will the suppressor be included?
  12. PPSh

    The SKS can load an extra round, hence a neat 11-round capacity. It's honestly doesn't hurt to see a correction no?
  13. Better Rifle for Militia Medic?

    But a poll like this gives rise to bias. It doesn't paint the full picture, because it only displays data from those who want a new gun. Say a majority of the poll dudes want an AKS-74, it still may mask the fact that even more people still want the AKS-74U simply because the option isn't there. Just add the poll for reliability's sake. Yea I know, I was just addressing OP's polling issues.
  14. Better Rifle for Militia Medic?

    If you are going to do a poll, add the AKS-74U to it. It's not like that gun sucks, it has great CQB abilities.
  15. [Tutorial] How to be a miserable bastard

    We are still going to get a super-sized 552? Shame, but still worth it