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  1. So, the possibility to Toggle stances, like this: 2x ctrl = you stay Crouched 2x Q or 2x E = you stay in the Lean position 2x Shift = you keep sprinting I mostly would love to see this cause its frustrating and actually pretty impossible to Hold crouch , plus lean and hold breath (shift) and even more impossible to move with A or D to and from cover while doing this. (If someone played the Arma Games he will knew this was in them, and was Damn Helpful) Devs Plz answer :3 PS: I Knew there is a toggle button for that actions so you don't have to hold the button , but I personally don't like to have it strictly off or on. And that's why I think the "2tap" thing gives players a better experience and more freedom, then to have it simply on or off.
  2. Movement, too fast ?

    Hello fellow players. Just a quick question... Do you guys find the movement a bit too fast, also the movement to left-right a bit unnatural? Also a thing I saw is that running uphills is the same speed as normal running so you can run on top of a hill within seconds... Of course I knew the state the game is and so on and im not bashing the game in any way,just would just like to hear did the developers said anything about the movement?...
  3. Hi I watched Squad a bit on Youtube and I saw that the US forces have m4 / m16 that have scopes that have zoom. While the talibans only have Iron sights on their AK47s. So the question isn't it unbalanced making the main assault rifle (m4/m16) have ACOG scopes that have zoom, while the talibans have only iron-sights. I dont owe the game so It maybe isnt like I think. Would love to hear about this (sry not english) greets
  4. Price ?

    Hi guys. Does anyone knew how much will Squad cost when its on Steam ?
  5. Scoped or Un-Scoped Assault Rifles ? Hi guys I would love to hear do you prefer to use a scope with a AR or more iron sights? Now I'm asking this cause I play 2 games Arma2/3 and Project Reality. Both games are IMO great but that's not the point. It is the Scopes, in RP all assault rifles have them (almost all). Witch makes it more a sniping game from long ranges. While when playing Arma we don't use magnifying (we do use Red Dot, holo etc.) scopes so the combat takes more IMO skill to have to iron sight a enemy at 200-300m - use suppression or bursts , then just use a scope and end it with 1 bullet with a Assault Rifle. Well I understand that Scopes are much needed in a game where you fight over big distances but IMO iron sights are the ones that I experienced a better game cause of the more intense fire-fights and less one snipes with the assault rifles. Would love to hear what you guys think about it .