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  1. Soldiers Faces Moving

    It would be easy with mount, louder or higher the voice, the wider mounth opens. It was done in fuckin Cs 1.6. And these things would add to the atmosphere. Ofcourse it's extra work, but these small details will build up and make the expiriance awesome, i think this is must have before steam launch.
  2. Kickstarter Project update #8

    Yeah, i was suprised too. I hope Lithuanians could rally up for community
  3. =LithSOF= Lithuanian Special Operations Forces

    Sveiki sveiki, aš prisijungsiu! Kiek žmonių turite susirinke?
  4. Don't mess up Slow Walk

    Maybe good old step sounds would make it even? Slow walk: almost no sound(sneaking) , Jog: moderatestep sounds, Sprint: heavy step sounds and equipment clinking and stuff.
  5. Should MEC forces be in Squad?

    Yes, but with different name. I would say Syria or Iran.
  6. The big Tank and Apc thread

    Listen for this man! Great ideas! Talking about other comments, no solo tanking, ffs. I hate these guys that comes in these forums and cries that something is too hard to do than battlefield, so lets take it out.NO.
  7. On Entering and Exiting

    I think mechanic could work like this: One buttom click would only open car doors pretty fast (1 sec animation). Then you press buttom again if you want to continue entering and just jump into vahicle and shut the doors (maybe 1,5 sec animation). If car starts driving, all doors gets shut by momentum. This could work good while creating cover with doors but also make some time to enter vahicle.
  8. In insurgency game mode ( which will come after AAS with a game) insurgents does not loose a tickets anyway, so this mechanic wouldn't work. But this thing about taking out ring to throw grenade and you get shot while getting ready to throw would still release grenade is pretty good.
  9. Squad radar

    LESS HUD SHIT AS POSSIBLE. Maybe name tags in like 30 meter radius, but no more. Just like in real life, there is no perfect formations that you can do in war situation. Also without minimap, it gives that feeling that everything can happen, maybe you gonna get shot by friendly if you rush building they defending without them knowing. It just gonna take away huge part of teamwork. And teamwork should award players so it would be essential.
  10. Scopes/Iron Sights Thread

    I think it's good with 2D scopes, but then animations when moving rifle while aimed should simulate the 3D scope movement.
  11. Share a mag with your buddy

    This would be most easest way to do it.
  12. Again, Allahu akbar should be in cammo rose. In topic: if this would be implemented , it could be abused, like before going to bushes, someone shoots like 10 rounds in them and listens for "oh fuck we getting shot at" so they would know if they there or not. It defenetly takes away the stealth factor.
  13. Leaning upright

    I actually like BF4 auto leaning
  14. Misfit Squad characters

    Bigger guy, bigger target, everybody will take smallest guy to be harder to shot. But maybe would be interesting in far future if the balancing is right
  15. Just promise that when you put in the vahicles, you will slower that sprint speed...jezzzz