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  1. Linux server files

    dont hold your breath for it, from the answers i got its still far away.
  2. =FU= Freelancers Union

    sounds good mate, sent you a PM
  3. Abusive trolls in-game

    yea... Do you have a screenshot of the end of the round as well, or did you quit before kills was visible?
  4. =FU= Freelancers Union

    I will try to rally up some guys for tonight, but alot of people are away over christmas. I'll make a post on our forum and i'm sure we can make this a weekly thing after new year though.
  5. We were a bunch of guys on todays, server was skunkdogz.com. Obvious cheater with grenade launcher and some hacks, ended up with 136 kills and 5 deaths. We have video of the entire round, and i switched at one point to his squad. Just laying behind him and recording his blatant cheating. This has happen so many times on different servers, it's getting comical. This time we got all the evidence though, but where do we submit it? Should i just post the video and screenshots here?
  6. is vsync on in your game settings? (it locks your fps to monitor refresh rate)
  7. How to auto walk

    global warming, no snow for many years here ;) But thanks for all the opinions and feelings on such a trivial thing, forums never stop to amuse me :lol:
  8. Welcome to the forums fellow viking, I see you roll with the evil RIP :P j/k, you couldnt have found a better place to be, and we will probably see each other in some friendly scrims very soon;)
  9. How to auto walk

    edit: i checked out how to do the macros, and i never knew you could do that. I see why this seems like a stupid thing for you, but I never used macro before. I usually only play PR or other games were i never needed this that much. I dont know how to script, so that means i would have to get a macro keyboard. It wasn't ment as an insult, but a joke. You and some other seemed to miss the point completely. Strained fingers was not really the issue, its just a way to keep walking for a minute if you have to do something else, or just stretch for a second. I as many other find this useful when you have to walk for a long distance. But thanks for your and dubs suggestion of using macros.
  10. How to auto walk

    yea, you see, not everyone play video games or posts on forums 24/7 so after holding down shift + W for 2hours straight i actually get cramps, and i'm not the only one. Sorry for having a life guys, i'll try stop doing that and be more like you ;)
  11. How to auto walk

    wow, so many comedians on this forum :lol: Fyi, some people actually gets a strain from pressing W+shift all the time, my self included. And if you genuinly think were using this while there's a chance of enemy contact, well... Sometimes it's nice to be able to scratch your balls, check your mobile phone or take a zip of that beer without having to stop your character. And if you find it hard to press your mouse or keyboard to turn this off again, well maybe you shouldnt play computer games then ;)
  12. How to auto walk

    Well its a video game... Getting a strain in your left hand because your walking is not realistic either.
  13. How to auto walk

    Are you like me and miss the auto walk from PR? I accidentally stumbled over this one today. Tab out while holding down W, when you tab back you are still walking, press aim button on mouse and you can look around also + open map etc... (not the most elegant solution i know, but its a way to auto walk anyway) Couldnt find any topics on it, so sorry if it's been mentioned before
  14. Stop FOB silliness like this?

    lol... same link buddy
  15. Gateway to another dimension

    hmm, i'm afraid you guys got some bad rat poison and not psychedelica.