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  1. Nvidia GeForce Experience

    Hey guys. I contacted Nvidia GeForce Experience support to ask informations on Squad and add it into optimization games list. In fact, the Nvidia's software expect "feedback" section for represent these issues to developers I will report news here to regard
  2. Nvidia GeForce Experience

    Hi everyone. The question is this: why doesn't Nvidia GeForce Experience takeover Squad into optimization section? All my games are included in this software except Squad. In the future, will the application be utilizable? Thanks in advance
  3. How to change "movement" buttons on the keyboard?

    Thanks a lot for the solution, Gatzby. Hooah!
  4. How to change "movement" buttons on the keyboard?

    Thanks for your response, suds, but in the new Squad version (V10) there aren't the movement commands
  5. Hi everyone, as well as the title of the post, I need to change the "movement" buttons in the game. Unfortunately, the default buttons are "A - W - D - S" and I can't change these. How can I do it? Help me, please. Best regards. nK
  6. Alpha 10 Public Test

    Hi everyone. Can you tell me when the V10 released? I saw some video and I can't wait play it. Best regards.
  7. Freeze issues

    Hi Teague, i have finally upgrading my pc. These are the features: - i7 7700K; - ASUS gtx 1080 ti Strix OC edition; - Corsair RAM Vengeance 16 gb (4x4); - MSI M5 Z270 Gaming RGB; - Corsair M850i; - Corsair H100i V2. That's all, mate, and thanks for your interested. nk
  8. Freeze issues

    Hello, everyone. I'm finding issues with the game. It shows freeze and I need to be forced the Pc reboot if I want to continue. So, my Pc specs are these: - CPU: i7 950; - VGA: Ati Radeon 6970 2gb; - Motherboard: Asus P6T SE; - RAM: G.Skill 12 GB; - Soundblaster: Creative X-fi Titanium Fatality Champion; - O.S.: Windows 10 64 bit. Can you help me, please?
  9. I reinstalled the OS on Pc. I'll try the access game just ready. Thanks a lot for the information, Portland. Hooah!
  10. Thanks for your attention, Portland. I'm using Avast Free Antivirus with "Defender" disable on Win 10 Pro
  11. I have an identical issue. Moreover, it's stopped Steam and my SSD with consequences on my Pc system. I need help guys. Hooah!
  12. Hi All, guys

    Cage, thanks for the informations.
  13. Hi All, guys

    Hi guys. I'm new on this forum and i'm approaching on the game: how can i download "Squad" and play it? Thanks a lot for attention. Best regards.