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  1. Freeze issues

    Hi Teague, i have finally upgrading my pc. These are the features: - i7 7700K; - ASUS gtx 1080 ti Strix OC edition; - Corsair RAM Vengeance 16 gb (4x4); - MSI M5 Z270 Gaming RGB; - Corsair M850i; - Corsair H100i V2. That's all, mate, and thanks for your interested. nk
  2. Freeze issues

    Hello, everyone. I'm finding issues with the game. It shows freeze and I need to be forced the Pc reboot if I want to continue. So, my Pc specs are these: - CPU: i7 950; - VGA: Ati Radeon 6970 2gb; - Motherboard: Asus P6T SE; - RAM: G.Skill 12 GB; - Soundblaster: Creative X-fi Titanium Fatality Champion; - O.S.: Windows 10 64 bit. Can you help me, please?
  3. I reinstalled the OS on Pc. I'll try the access game just ready. Thanks a lot for the information, Portland. Hooah!
  4. Thanks for your attention, Portland. I'm using Avast Free Antivirus with "Defender" disable on Win 10 Pro
  5. I have an identical issue. Moreover, it's stopped Steam and my SSD with consequences on my Pc system. I need help guys. Hooah!
  6. Hi All, guys

    Cage, thanks for the informations.
  7. Hi All, guys

    Hi guys. I'm new on this forum and i'm approaching on the game: how can i download "Squad" and play it? Thanks a lot for attention. Best regards.