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  1. Vehicle reset feature

    I'll hold judgement until the battle with PhysX is concluded. However, I have seen vehicles get stuck in some really dumb situations and when they are mission critical vics, its can be very frustrating. If tanks release and we still have these some of these issues, I would prefer the reset button as a short term fix.
  2. What fortifications would you like?

    Hesco towers LRAS Dirt pits for tanks to go hull down
  3. I had the invasion layer from hell on Kohat as US. Type of massacre that would have a country rethinking its presence. Wrecks all along the road, lost all armor in the first 15 minutes, logistics never established, Squad comms a mess. If I ever play that layer as a US SL again I am just going to do a logistics and combat engineer squad to keep the roads clear of IEDs and try to keep an eye out for SPGs before they can strike.
  4. I will say after awhile with AAS and being on a server where folks have figured out how to really turn the screws on a cocky conventional force that it is a ton of fun. Hit their logistics, have Squads wait in hiding when they are about to take a flag and hit them as they move off, armor hunting teams. Not saying that is the norm, but boy does it feel good when you knock a conventional team completely off balance. Not sure I agree with techies being bumped in price vs. IFVs going down in price. Will have to see how that plays out. We do need a second conventional OPFOR, not sure what the options are for the short term outside of something like MEC, but playing Russia all the time gets a bit old.
  5. They mentioned it wasn't intended for so many non-conventional vs conventional forces on AAS layers in the recent Squad Chat. Just happened to be that way due to the facts that alternative game modes were taking longer. I like the challenge and feel like its actually gotten a bit better in the most recent patch because folks are figuring out how to properly mine/IED and especially using SPG techies against high value assets. On top of that, on certain maps its been really fun (or incredibly frustrating) watching one squad just ruin your logistics/ability to move heavy assets with any safety. We got wrecked by insurgents as British on a recent invasion layer because we simply could not get FOBs up and had all of our armor ambushed in a short matter of time. This is the first patch where I felt like the game was maturing at a noticeable level. That being said, they are clearly aware of the issues. Its just going to take time to iron it all out.
  6. Levolution?

    Search function would help but you are no so new worries. Not planned at this time.
  7. Cock Block Rush

    Yea was pondering this last night in my drunken stupor. Part of it is the FOB building mechanics and requirement for digging down on maps like Belaya or Mestia. The ability and necessity to fortify certain positions quickly on flags that are hard to assault just makes it a nightmare if you aren't there first. Belaya is by far the worst offender and the perfect example of where the META just makes things not fun. Too much emphasis is currently placed on achieving that objective because little else matters. Only thing I can think of to solve that problem is change resupply mechanics, where and what you can build, and maybe require supplies on the FOB for respawn. Granted some of this will be taken care of by new assets that can blow things to smithereens.
  8. Eh, it should probably be more substantial than engineers.
  9. Do you think there will be new faction

    Would be fine with me. Heck if it has to be a fictional faction that is very obviously a stand in for China I would be fine.
  10. Ego play - what you do ?

    Depends, a lot of the time they are right and I fully agree. Its sometimes a pain wrangling your guys out of contact or making them follow orders. So I simply explain I am working on it and I will be there ASAP. Most of the time, I explain what I am doing and that is that. No one has full situational awareness. For example, we were on Chora and the enemy had a fob near main supplying IEDs, ambushing vehicles, and ready to attack our back flags. It looked really odd having a squad that far from the current objectives, but when I explained what was going on everyone was fine. Probably because every vehicle that left main was blown to bits. Sometimes, you get a real jerk who thinks he is king of the world and can't help but clog up comms calling you everything in the book. I will only explain myself once, and then I am done. That would be the most important part of this, DO NOT CLOG COMMS or argue constantly. Doesn't matter how much of a jerk they are being, it isn't worth it and all you do is screw over everyone else by going to their level.
  11. LugNut pretty much summed it up. We know something is coming, at the very least hit location (like nailing rear armor will work better than hitting the front) seems likely as they have discussed some of the possible ways of implementing it. Health bars are for sure not the end system. In terms of immobilization, knocking out guns, engines, etc. we don't know yet. Certainly would love to see it pretty in depth, also would like to see a system where vehicles can essentially be "knocked out," aka not every wreck is the same burning carcass.
  12. Do you think there will be new faction

    That is true, but it would be a lot more interesting/fun to have Asian based maps. Regardless, pretty sure they said no to China because of issues you can run into with the government there.
  13. Do you think there will be new faction

    China would be fun but requires an entirely new theater and I think there might be some issues with the Chinese government or did I mishear that. I would even be happy to pay for a Pacific oriented expansion considering how much work it would take to build not only the new factions but a new theater. USMC, South Korea, Australia, if they can't risk doing China than some sort of stand in force, USMC, etc. are all fun options. MEC makes the most sense to me. Doesn't rustle any feathers, wide and fun range of equipment to choose from, setting is already in place. As for European factions, while I would love a bunch of individual factions I wouldn't mind an NATO faction focusing on the Eastern members in the same vane as MEC.
  14. When they putting in aircraft

    At this point, I am even just interested if/how they plan on making more traditional attack helicopters work. The ranges our current modest selection of vehicles can already engage at is pretty impressive. Start imagining what an Apache with even a basic loadout could do is scary. Of course there will be AA assets, but once again you get into an issue of will extreme range and view distances have them make attack helicopters useless? Going to be a fun balancing act, but they can figure it out. Of course, while PR has some things that made it easier, I think few people got through a round without losing a bird or two. I do hope the bring the Kiowah out of retirement for squad. Seems like the one type of dedicated rotary wing attack platform that could easily fit into certain maps.