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  1. Release - Alpha 9.12

    The MAT-V isn't the replacement vehicle you are thinking of. That is actually the JLTV which looks very similar but is smaller than the MAT-V. However, the humvees are still going to be around for a good long while.
  2. Founder Weapon Skins

    I just want my fast rope thingy.
  3. Commad Role, do we really need it?

    Certainly think there should be a commander roll and that he should have a few critical tools to make him useful beyond just trying to coordinate squads (because lets be honest, there is no guarantee that anyone will listen. Hope they find a balance where the commander roll significantly augments the capabilities of a team as opposed to being a necessity to win. Having the outcome of a game rely on the abilities of one man is never fun. We have had hints that fobs will eventually have tiered tech levels (for lack of a better term). Having a commander in a position to approve in some manner the higher tiered fobs would be nice, especially if those higher levels become major tools for teams to support heavy assets. The obvious tool that should belong to a commander is if we get a UAV tool where he can mark enemies on the map. If we see heavier CAS options (fixed wing strikes, heavy arty, etc) that were featured in that mod enter the game, it would be nice to have the commander in charge of approving those strikes and having to manage when to use/risk them. If a counter to those strikes are featured in the same manner (call in air superiority fighters for a period of time to neutralize enemy call ins) that would also fall under his command. Regardless, would simply be happy for it to be an option even with bare bone features for really organized teams.
  4. May 2017 Monthly Recap

    I spy with my little eyes.. a suppressor and a new scope for the DMR platform.
  5. Will we get a M1128 version of the Stryker?

    I wouldn't mind seeing it as it would lead to pretty cool and unique game play. However if you are looking for a 30mm solution for the US Army and want to use existing art assets (until Bradley is good to go) EUCOM is starting to test the new Stryker Dragoons which were acquired in direct response to Russia. Normally I would be wary of even considering a vehicle that is this early in the acquisition process, but EUCOM sent over the request as a high priority need and the turnaround time has been impressive. Vehicle is supposed to be operationally deployed in 2018. Only downside, currently only a little over 80 models are scheduled for delivery at this time with more possibly on the way, although those models could have even further upgrades. Good news is that it would be pretty accurate for US vs RU Eastern Europe maps.
  6. Potential British Faction Vehicles

    2019 isn't too far away and considering how much of their armor is getting replaced (and how many of their new platforms will based on Ajax) it might be worth taking a look at. That thermal camo is crazy. Can't wait to see how it holds up against current tech.
  7. Potential British Faction Vehicles

    Aren't the Brits getting the initial Ajax (Scout SV) deliveries this year? Not sure if it is just LRIP for testing or the actual first full block of vehicles. Regardless, Brits have lots of toys to play with.
  8. is the m9 gong to disappear?

    No point in even thinking about it until the Army actually starts procurement. If you think Beretta is going down without a fight you are seriously mistaken.
  9. Join us on Discord

    It appears the instant invite is expired?
  10. Roadmap, when beta, when final?

    I fail to see what everyone is yelling about.
  11. If you are going to bleed a ton of tickets on a well defended cache then yes it is smart to not get bogged down on it. On the flip side, it does provide a good opportunity for intel farming from a distance but your team shouldn't devote a ton of resources to it.
  12. Can downed incapacitated players be damaged?

    Negates the role of medics and incredibly disruptive of team play. Respawns are already utilized way too much.
  13. Brutish forcesTea

    Not only that, they will be able to parade in main in full dress reds, have snappy marching animations for when you want to go into battle looking smart, and the medic class will heal with bagpipes.
  14. Can the engine handle THIS player model?

    For sure need a way to earn cig skins.