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  1. 10th Special Forces Group

    Had a good game on yall's server tonight. Will hop on Discord tomorrow.
  2. Factions You Would Like To Play As Or Against

    Sad to see so little love for a potential MEC faction. Just so many interesting and fun Soviet toys out there, plus all the liberties they could take in their basic kits.
  3. USMC & M1A1 Abrams tank. When??

    Eh, regarding tracked vehicles, hoping they get a physics overhaul (and expect they will). Regarding AGS, won't be surprised to see those put in eventually as FOB emplacements. In a game where we are going to see MBTs, ATGMs, and all sorts of other toys that shouldn't be an issue. But at the end of the day, I am not even expecting to see USMC, or at least not for a long time. Just simply not needed before the core factions and systems are fleshed out.
  4. USMC & M1A1 Abrams tank. When??

    LAVs AAVs M27s Tossing Charms out the windows of vehicles no longer allowed in game. Stealing supplies off Army Fobs
  5. USMC & M1A1 Abrams tank. When??

    Oh absolutely, I was simply saying when it comes to Russian armor, the devs can have a lot of fun and shouldn't be limited to the T-90.
  6. Night map?

    I know Logar Valley has a night layer. It just isn't played very much because a lot of players just don't enjoy night fighting. Helicopters are planned, no idea when.
  7. USMC & M1A1 Abrams tank. When??

    Nope, T-72 still makes up the majority of their MBTs and they are constantly upgrading them. T-90 proved too expensive for the Russians to replace their entire tank force. It also looks like they will be bringing a large number of T-80s out of mothball and upgrading them. I will be surprised if Russia fields more and a couple hundred Armatas.
  8. British Armed Forces Maps

    Yea, Would love a map in Germany, Holland, Belgium or anything that isn't dreary Soviet Bloc turf. Plus I would love for some of these maps to feel like they have been a battlefield well before the current ground forces engage (destroyed and damaged buildings from arty and air, civilian vics abandoned during evac etc). But that requires a whole bunch of new assets sadly. Still, hopefully one day.
  9. Will we see jets in the future?

    I have only heard the issues with fixed wing, never with rotary. Now, still think it will be interesting to see how the handle attack helicopters but player controlled fixed wing I fully understand the issue there. At the very least I am hoping we get some combat oriented rotary wing platforms like the Kiowah (even though its out of service) to fill the gap if full on Apaches/Hinds/etc. just don't make sense game play wise (never heard them say this, but the issues should be pretty apparent). At the end of the day though, of course we all want to see that implemented and all the hilarious fail videos of guys fast roping into situations that make no sense. If there is a reasonable solution I am sure they will find it. If there isn't, don't worry some mod will get it done.
  10. USMC & M1A1 Abrams tank. When??

    Hopefully Russians are also rocking the newer T-72 variants as it makes up the vast majority of the MBTs. Honestly, I hope that tanks only come online all together in some sort of awesome armor update and once some other systems (thermals, new vehicle damage system, more advanced FOB defenses like ATGMs, etc.) come online. Right now I will just be happy when US gets something to fight 30mm BTRs (Bradley, Stryker Dragoon, whatever). Will be interesting to see how much MBTs change the game, with their range and most of the current maps they could swing a game early knocking out logistics vehicles from across the map.
  11. Why aren't you playing Squad?

    Honestly, waiting for V10 although that is more because of my clan mates wanting to wait than me. But very ready for a change in the rush meta and new higher tier content which goes beyond the infantry/APC focus. That and an updated insurgency mode will be what gets me playing thousands of hours.
  12. New U.S. Army Handgun - M17

    Except unlike the M9, this thing actually works. Granted not all of that is Beretta's fault, but cleaning up that maintenance mess is just too far gone. I have a P320 and I love the thing.
  13. New U.S. Army Handgun - M17

    Yea, I'm sure it will turn out right. Looks like they just modeled it off the original P320 initially, so doubt the safety mechanism will be that difficult to put on. Another interesting note for those of you who are interested is that it looks like Army is planning on issuing it much more broadly than they did the M9.
  14. New U.S. Army Handgun - M17

    Hmm looks like it is missing the safety on the model.
  15. Will v10 ruin Squad?

    I for one am pumped about changing the rush meta if for no other reason than that I was getting tired of only playing on such small portions of several maps.