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  1. there used to be a version of Sumari Balla from back in closed alpha that was at night and i belive it was USA vs militia ITC however the map was actually at night like how logar INS night is. earlier today i remembered that was my all time favoret map but for the life of me i cant find it and i cycled every playable version of sumari today and its just gone. yes there is a sumari ITC but it is not at night its more like a dusk and its not the same. i was wondering how many of you who remember the map would like it back?. as i belive it wouldn't be a hard thing for the devs to do just take a version or 2 of the current sumari maps and add a night version its just a lighting and sky box change. its just my all time favoret map from back in closed alpha and im sad to see it gone, here's hoping a dev sees it and brings it back so i can put it into my server rotation... or at least hijack the map rotation every once and a while with it ;P
  2. X51 R2 uprade

    I have to buy a new case and PSU to go with any upgrade since my case is so small and it uses a 240watt laptop AC PSU
  3. X51 R2 uprade

    Well it's an X51 R2 that I'm upgrading and I can't find what motherboard it uses exactly but I belive its a mini ATX or just an ATX. I'm not 100%
  4. X51 R2 uprade

    After looking at the 1070 price I could save a bit more and it would be worth it but then will it work with my motherboard?. Also thanks for all the help guys
  5. X51 R2 uprade

    i mean a nice 1070 would be cool but i only have like 250$ to work with here. i can get the 4GB EVGA 960 for 150$ http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814487155&cm_re=gtx_960-_-14-487-155-_-Product and he has only had it 3 months so its not super used. maybe ill save up more for a 1070 or 1080 id have to see the price on them
  6. X51 R2 uprade

    im looking to upgrade my GPU from a 1gb GTX 645 (130 watt power) to a 4GB EVGA 960( 160 watt power) i allready know the card im looking at is 1 inch to big for my case( why get a card thats to big you ask well a freind gave me a good deal) so im going to re build the pc into a new larger case and that i will need a larger power supply as i currently only have the 240 watt brick, the X51's use an ac adaptor not a standered PSU ( yes i know there is a 330 but i think that will not work so i might have to get a normal PSU) . ive been reading up a lot and it seems the GTX 960 is compatible with the motherboard. my main question is what is the exact name of the motherboard used in the X51 R2 because for the life of me i cant find a solid answer on google and can that specific motherboard handle lets say a 650 watt power supply or is that to much. thank you for any info you might have as this will be the first time i really put a pc together or anything like this
  7. missing founder items

    Thank you so much for the help i compleetly forgot to check my other email
  8. missing founder items

    so i haven't been in squad or on the forum in a month or so and i noticed a link steam to the forum so ive done that and i dont have my founder forum tag or my in game founder skins. any one els have this issue? do i just have to wait a few hours for things to work out or do i need to get a hold of support?.
  9. Founder Weapon Skins

    ok so i haven't played in a month or looked at the forum. it seems i dont have my founder forum icon or my in game skins i just did the link my steam account at the top of the screen and restarted both the game and steam and dont seem to have them. do i need to contact support or just wait a bit?
  10. destruction

    im sure this has been asked before but i cant find the posts. and obviously it will only happen after technicals/tanks ect and 100 player servers etc are all working. but i wanted to know if in the end term goal will there be destruction of walls /buildings/ bridges form RPG hits and other explosions?. i dont use forums much but i tried to find posts on this and none were useful so sorry if this is a 1000th clone post. if you have a link to a post where the devs actually replied that would help a lot. thanks for any info
  11. founder items

    ehh the random chance for the skin to be on is meh id rather like to see an option to activate it 100% of the time of corse its day one i dont expect to see it for a few weeks
  12. founder items

    now that it is on steam when can the founders ( squad leader and up) expect to see our gun camos, tags permanently on our characters as i get a little sad when i spawn in and dont see my special gun :P
  13. Havent recieved my key yet. Do I get it on the day?

    looks like i need to contact them cuz i haven't gotten my squad leader steam code yet
  14. steam relise questons

    ok thanks all
  15. steam relise questons

    sorry beforehand if this is something that every one knows but ive been gone and haven't even been able to even play the last build so i have almost no info. as a squad leader backer am i going to get my steam code on December 15th sent to my email or whats going on with that. any help would be great :) or if this is already in the forums just a quick link will be nice and i can delete this post or something.