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  1. Funny thing about opinions and perspectives, they're not one-size-fits-all. lol I find that the Conquest game mode can be even more tactical and teamwork oriented than AAS, as Conquest is certainly much less linear. It takes more teamwork and coordination than AAS, because you don't know what points the opposing team is attacking, unless you have recon in the area (to call out enemy movement) or they take the point. Firefights aren't (generally) limited to 1 or 2 objectives either. As I'm bored with AAS and the Insurgency mechanics are still seemingly broken (so very few servers run Insurgency maps) Conquest is about all I'll play anymore. Edit: I agree with Tartantyco.
  2. TWI just announced the release date, May 30th. They've begun an open beta, free for anyone to try the game. "To celebrate the impending release of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, Publisher Tripwire Interactive and developer Antimatter Games are kicking off an Open Beta that begins today and runs until 4:00PM EDT on Monday, May 22nd. This will act just like a Free Weekend - head for the Steam Store page, download and play!" Looks like TWI/AMG have loaded up some tutorial videos on YouTube as well. I'd say that's a nice addition for newcomers.
  3. If anyone is interested in checking out the beta and hasn't gotten a key, I had a couple come my way and figured I'd throw them up. JPVRR-L7Q3R-43K08 FCWP0-EYX0Y-QXJ7Q
  4. Realistically, what did you expect on the first day of a game beta being released to a bunch of new people that haven't played it before? SQUAD was just as bad with the running n gunning and lack of tactics when it released on Steam, as it was no longer just those of us from the closed stages playing, and it still has tactical/teamwork issues whenever there's a free weekend or a influx of new players.
  5. I've had an absolute blast playing with friends over the past 6 hours, probably the most fun I've had with a FPS in the past year and a half. AMG/TWI seem to have taken optimization pretty seriously, as I didn't have any trouble with performance on either of my rigs. Reshade works nicely as well, to add in some AA, though the in-game graphics options aren't bad...I was just testing, as I had more than enough frames to spare. RS2 is certainly nothing like SQUAD, but for a far less restrictive bullet slinging romp with helicopters, MGs and RPGs...I find it damned fun. lol
  6. 24 empty missile tubes, 1 mushroom cloud and now it's Miller time! You won't see Tridents used though, as Boomers are a last resort type weapon. Unfortunately the Navy retired the TLAM N, but make no mistake...there's a couple fast attack boats out there just waiting for orders to let some Tomahawks fly.
  7. I already have SQUAD, so I wouldn't be interested in a commercial WW II reskin of the same game. I might look into Hell Let Loose though, as it's built from the ground up (not on the SQUAD SDK) and will hopefully have different mechanics and game modes. Only something different from SQUAD, could potentially draw me into a WW II game.
  8. Fail how? The Call of Duty franchise is consistently towards if not at the top of the sales charts practically every year. What game is positioned to even match them in terms of sales, Post Scriptum, Fog of War, Days of War, Battalion 1944? Maybe EA could pose some opposition, but I'm not aware of any other fps game that has the clout to take on the Call of Duty franchise. COD appeals to the masses on the multiplayer level, so taking history into's not likely to fail.
  9. I came across this the other day while surfing MODDB. Looks pretty interesting to me. I'll definitely be giving it a go, as I enjoyed the old Nations at War mod. Nations at War "A Project Revived" A Single Player / Co-op & Multiplayer Battlefield Style Game You won't need BF2 to play it. 200 Maps In This Release Guys! All Single Player / Co-op & Multiplayer
  10. I've wondered that myself, as it was previously stated to be a separate commercial standalone game, being built off SQUAD's SDK...wasn't it? (Which I think is ingenious of OWI from a business standpoint, pimp out a game that's still seemingly in an early alpha state, to be used as a game engine and generate more revenue.) I thought this section was for actual mods of SQUAD, not standalone games. I'm not a WW II fan myself, but the development seems to shine through in Post Scriptum. Looks like you guys are doing a bang-up job, and I wish you all the best.
  11. @ Valdr Instead of complaining about squad leaders, why not just take Melbo's suggestion and create a mod or server-side script that you can run on a custom server that implements your squad leader requirement. The developers have stated multiple times already, that they're not going to implement such requirements into the base game. I don't think it has any business being in the base game myself either, but could most certainly be a mod for a custom server. That way, you and those that feel there needs to be a requirement can play happily among yourselves, and the newbies can enjoy learning the game on the vanilla servers. There ya go, problem solved.
  12. First, SQUAD is not a MilSim. While I understand your frustration, and I think your reasoning is sound...there's the overwhelming pitfall of public matches. What happens if only 1 or 2 players on a team meet the time requirement? I don't see where implementing a time requirement specifically solves the issue either, as someone could have hundreds of hours in the game, but still not be as effective as you want in the SL role. The fact is, outside of organized matches and events...SQUAD is always going to be a crap-shoot, as to how effective squad leaders and a whole team will be in coordination/communication. That's just the nature of public matches, in a game that wishes to appeal to the masses and turn a profit.
  13. HOOAH! Hell yeah, pitch a tent and camp the enemy main base, picking off anyone who spawned to get a vehicle. You could effectively reduce the opposing team to infantry only...almost assured victory! If they don't do the same to you.... New game meta...forget rushing the opposing teams first objective, rush their main. lol
  14. That's great, Fools Road has always been one of my favorite maps in PR. I find it kind of funny that the visual clarity of the PR version looks so much better for distance, when compared to the SQUAD that has infinite view distance. While I find it to be a fun map to play in a tactical sense, it's a bit of a letdown for me when it comes to the visual aspects. Just imagine if you could take some of the varied terrain coloring or texture details from SQUAD, and implement them into the PR version. That would be glorious!
  15. I disagree, of course it's just a matter of personal opinion. I prefer the look of Fools Road in the Cryengine screenshots more that what SQUAD offers. The pine trees in SQUAD alone, just look so "meh" and pixelated to me. As a long time modder, I've really enjoyed what could be done with the Unreal Engine over the years, but I wouldn't use it for such a large scale tactical shooter with 100 players per server + land and air vehicles. While it will come to pass, I think the graphics have to suffer, in order to achieve the player count goal.