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  1. The Wrench, April 2018

    SQUAD Battle Royale...Awesome! I'm excited to get in on some of that, especially when I don't have the time to play the base game. Should be fun to see what Zak, Bruno, Wasti and the community mod developers can come up with.
  2. Post Scriptum Keys

    It's the base version of the game.
  3. Alpha 10.1 Released

    This is getting pretty comical. Developers spend 2 years telling us the animation system rewrite is going to improve performance, then the update drops and it's worse than V9. Now were being told they need to rewrite something else. Buckle up for another 2 years lads! lol Kudos for the bug fixes though! It's nice to see the game begin to slow down in pace, and the movement mechanics are a definite improvement. If you can ever get a handle on the performance and actually implement the features and content you've been hyping since before EA release, might have a game that can rival it's predecessor.
  4. Ok, i need help :( (Solved)

    @Lio What Smee asked is the first thing I'd check. Before you go swapping out things, make sure your GPU, RAM, plugs and cables, etc...are properly seated or pushed in all the way. Something I ran into in the past, Nvidia audio drivers were being automatically installed on my machine, and those conflicted with my actual soundcard audio drivers...causing a crash and restarts. I uninstalled the Nvidia audio drivers, did a cold boot on the PC and the problem was solved. Can't definitively say it would be a fix for you, but it's something simple enough to try.
  5. Certainly count me in for some Squad-field action, especially if it had the potential for community created maps to help extend the mod and keep it fresh. With Revive shutting down, there could be some players looking for a home...other than BF2hub.
  6. Noob question about servers

    I'm not aware of any 24/7 Basrah servers, but one could indeed exist if a server admin wanted to. Since the servers are all run by the community, the developers don't dictate what maps are put in rotations. So yes if you rented a from a host provider, you could have a 24/7 Basrah server if you wanted.
  7. Alpha 9.13 Released

    Nicely done on the new map Mestia and fixing Chora. Plays pretty smoothly and should make for a fun free weekend.
  8. Timeline and deadlines.

    I agree. I don't think we need timelines/deadlines, roadmaps and all that jazz, just present us with a clear, concise explanation of what SQUAD 1.0 is actually going to be. So much has changed from the Kickstarter, Recap/Update information and developer posts from over the past 2+ years of development, that the vision of what SQUAD 1.0 will be, has (from a community perspective) become convoluted.
  9. Shadows settings

    The nearly non existent shadows and shading, is because the way those "systems" are handled in SQUAD is very CPU intensive, which surely y'all already know. Couple that fact with the general lack of optimization in the game...because it's still in the alpha stages of development...and you end of with the scalability unfairness that you're talking about. IMO dealing with such things should not be a high priority right now, as there's so many other far more important things in this game that need to either be fixed or implemented. You can talk to the developers and modders about baking in the textures on maps like Skul suggested...which could be a viable solution to the problem and offer up the potential of better performance for everyone...even those on 5+ yr old gaming rigs. It's one of those things that people are either going to need to be really patient about, or exercise their own free will and lower their graphics settings or start running Tournament Mode servers. I just wouldn't expect it to change anytime soon...there's too much really broken stuff in this game still to fix, as well as new content to implement.
  10. Shadows settings

    Quite right, which is why I stated "as close to fair as you're going to get"
  11. Shadows settings

    Reading through this thread was a "chuckle-worthy" experience for me. The general idea of the complaints of unfairness, actually stems from something that has been in every fps game dating back to the beginning of the genre...graphics scalability. It's a requirement, because not everyone has identical hardware in their rig. Because of that, there's no such thing as "fair" in PC gaming graphics. This is nothing new. If someone needs fairness, then I suggest gaming on consoles...that's as close to fair as you're going to get.
  12. Funny thing about opinions and perspectives, they're not one-size-fits-all. lol I find that the Conquest game mode can be even more tactical and teamwork oriented than AAS, as Conquest is certainly much less linear. It takes more teamwork and coordination than AAS, because you don't know what points the opposing team is attacking, unless you have recon in the area (to call out enemy movement) or they take the point. Firefights aren't (generally) limited to 1 or 2 objectives either. As I'm bored with AAS and the Insurgency mechanics are still seemingly broken (so very few servers run Insurgency maps) Conquest is about all I'll play anymore. Edit: I agree with Tartantyco.
  13. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    TWI just announced the release date, May 30th. They've begun an open beta, free for anyone to try the game. "To celebrate the impending release of Rising Storm 2: Vietnam, Publisher Tripwire Interactive and developer Antimatter Games are kicking off an Open Beta that begins today and runs until 4:00PM EDT on Monday, May 22nd. This will act just like a Free Weekend - head for the Steam Store page, download and play!" Looks like TWI/AMG have loaded up some tutorial videos on YouTube as well. I'd say that's a nice addition for newcomers.
  14. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    If anyone is interested in checking out the beta and hasn't gotten a key, I had a couple come my way and figured I'd throw them up. JPVRR-L7Q3R-43K08 FCWP0-EYX0Y-QXJ7Q
  15. Rising Storm 2: Vietnam!!!!

    Realistically, what did you expect on the first day of a game beta being released to a bunch of new people that haven't played it before? SQUAD was just as bad with the running n gunning and lack of tactics when it released on Steam, as it was no longer just those of us from the closed stages playing, and it still has tactical/teamwork issues whenever there's a free weekend or a influx of new players.