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  1. Founder Tags

    Thank you for the help Odin! Both on here and on the steam forums!
  2. Founder Tags

    I purchased the game back before it had even launched, I acquired the squad leader tier. I have recently noticed that I have no founder tags on the forums, and the in game skins are not there. However I do know that the in game skins have been disabled for now, not sure why though. I also noticed I no longer have a setting in game that even shows them in my inventory, instead it shows veteran skins. I have emails from squad showing that I have purchased the squad leader tier package.
  3. The long awaited "monthly recap hype thread"

    Let the hype... COMMENCE!
  4. I personally believe the price should be what it is at now, this way it creates a barrier between the people who actually want to see the game grow into something so much more than it already is, and the ones who are just buying it because it's an FPS and want to justify their belief that CoD or BF is better.
  5. Squad League Release Party

    I lack the confidence you do on this matter, but I guess Big Money knows best :D
  6. Squad League Release Party

    I can squad lead but I have limited experience with it. I have about 5 round worth of SL on squad and maybe 50 on PR, so not totally new. Sign me up as a last resort SL.
  7. Squad League Release Party

    Count me in as well DB!
  8. Closed Alpha Announcement

    Really excited to play! Can't wait for that DL to pop up!