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  1. Backer Tag Redeem!

    This is awesome to see!!! Great job!
  2. Steam Early Access Follow Up

    It's been a couple months since I've played because of family issues. It looks like a lot has changed since then and can't wait to play tonight! All these changes look awesome!
  3. Steam Release Information

    I agree with you on this. I'm excited to see more people playing this, but at the same time I hope not too many toxic people join. I've only played a couple games with a toxic player, and then I've never seen that person again. Pretty much everyone I've talked to is nice and helpful, and I look forward to sharing my knowledge I've gained to some new people :)
  4. Closed Alpha 2 Released

    This is a game that keeps on giving! I haven't been sad or discouraged yet with changes. Keep up the awesome work!
  5. Introducing myself

    Happy that you were finally able to play and have an awesome experience. Over the past couple weeks I've had family issues, but hoping to get back into playing again this weekend. Hope to see you on the field!
  6. Closed Alpha Follow Up

    This has been an awesome time! This game is more complete and fluid compared to other games that come out at release. I cannot wait to see what's next! ...Also, where's my founder emblem?!?!?!
  7. East Coast Team?

    I'll definitely be on after work tomorrow. Standard 8 - 5, M - F work weeks.
  8. Impressions from New Players?

    Iron, I actually remember seeing you last night in one of the games. Your squad was wrecking the map, it was amazing. Update day 2: Speaking of last night, that same game Iron, my squad had pushed way up, passed most of the capture points. (I was following orders). I tried asking many times why we were pushed up so far. Never got an answer from my squad lead on it each time. He kept building this castle. Don't get me wrong, it looked AMAZING, but I feel we were useless to the team. Since then, I've played on 3 different New York servers and Seattle servers to see if this is a common thing, and it seems more people are worried about making a glorified FOB. I understand FOB's are important, but it's not the only thing that's going to win us the game either. Having 10+ people in a FOB while the other team takes all the bases seems to be counter productive. Please understand, I'm not mad, upset, anything. Just stating what I've seen. It's because of this when the game is done, you hear "You guys suck, learn to play fa*****. Stop playing Minecraft." and it goes on from that. I know it's not directed at me (hopefully), but when one person starts doing this, you hear the whole team start yelling at each other and yelling obscenities. It's only the 2nd day closed alpha has been open and people are still adjusting. The last squad I was in, we had a FOB set up between two points (enemy and friendly). We held the line pretty well to the point the rest of the team was able to flank around, kill the enemies, and take the location. Awesome! But then the SL just wanted to keep building the FOB bigger. We had another squad mate there that has previously played this game and PR, and made a few suggestions. Explaining why staying where we were wasn't helpful for the team. The SL pretty much told him "No. We need to fortify this area before they come back". So besides some people that are toxic or at least plain rude to others, us newer players need to be open to suggestions and helpful advice. Don't tell the guy that is helping to shut up or start your own squad. BUT as I've said before, besides these things, I'm still loving this game a lot and it's only day 2. I'm a huge BF fan, started with 1942 and have played every iteration since, but this game...this is a whole new experience, and this is exactly what I've been looking for. Thanks for making such a great game guys.

    I've had a similar issue except when someone spawns, you can still spawn on the FOB. Spawning on the FOB actually spawns you literally on top of the FOB and you cannot jump off of it, you cannot move, all you can do is kill yourself and try again. Last night, a few times I saw the guy get tk'ed, then he would come back and stand in the same location. Standing in this one spot made it so we couldn't move.
  10. Impressions from New Players?

    I'm definitely sticking with it. I really enjoy how in depth this game truly is. I think one of the biggest issues I have is the actual shooting of the gun. I'm so used to other shooters where when I fire these guns, they're completely different (more accurate really).There is definitely a lot for me to learn, but I'm noticing a lot in game are that way. It's really fun getting in those groups that everyone is still learning BUT actually being productive and playing the objective. I try not to let the griefers bug me, but it just gets annoying after a bit.
  11. Impressions from New Players?

    I really love this game. I've play PR for a while and this really does a lot of justice to the original. Like someone up above said, "WOW" is the best way to describe it. The only complaint I have is people yelling, yelling obscenities, harassing over speech. Look, I might not be the best player (Really I know I'm not), but don't yell at me saying "You SUCK!". I would like to learn to play better. I'm sticking with the squad, I'm listening to what I'm being told to do, but still I get yelled at but random people. I know it's going to happen, but I will say, it was one thing I rarely saw in PR. I'm just hoping people become more useful with there speech than being toxic. Mind you, out of the dozen or so games I've already played, this has only happened 2 or 3 times, BUT it's an ongoing, throughout the whole match. Pretty much just want to leave. Definitely not the game's fault by any means, I just hope people start being more helpful, especially to people just starting now.
  12. East Coast Team?

    I'm willing to give this a try I am in Maine, so I do live in the wide area you're looking for, just a wee bit north though lol. Been trying to find a group of people to play with.
  13. Closed Alpha Released

    This is seriously the most fun I've had in a while now with FPS's! Good job guys

    Looking forward to this! Been playing PR recently and can't wait to see the differences first hand.

    *Shake's Hand* It's an honor Saturday truthfully cannot come soon enough