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  1. In light of many threads about FPS and hardware specs, would it be an idea for devs to improve on "stat.unit" console command to add detection[1] and logging of bottlenecks? e.g. When stat.unit is active, a message could appear in the server/team/squad chat area along the lines of "Bottlenecked by CPU", rate-limited to one every few minutes or so? Crucially, when bottlenecking occurs, especially via GPU, the server, map and player's attitude (x/y/z) could be logged and (optionally[2]) uploaded to devs who could collate the data to help pinpoint map areas causing undue lower performance for subsequent review. Some people already know how to interpret the output of "stat.unit" so why not automate this for suffering players using already available data and some additional code to an existing command? 1. i.e. interpretation a-la this thread: 2. can't remember if there's a settings flag for "opt-in to sending logs/performance data to devs" already
  2. Just did a search and came across this thread quoting UE themselves suggesting that 372.90 is the best driver version: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/26617-optimal-nvidia-driver-for-squad/?tab=comments#comment-288272 I'm on 368.81 and wondering if anyone has made the jump to 372.90 who could report back?
  3. I vaguely remember the devs saying "destructible environment" was a no-go because of the extra load too. But I thought maybe small objects, like gas canisters, would be OK, easy and low-load. After all, it wouldn't be that much different from a wrecked vehicle blowing up, if not actually using fewer game resources. (Vehicles have more physics, flags like 'can player enter this?', etc. to swap out when blown up)?
  4. When I play some maps I keep seeing these white gas canisters but sadly they do nothing when I shoot them. Even worse, hiding behind one can protect you from bullets! (Did search for ages but couldn't find pic, sorry) Could an exploding version be implemented? Hoping this would add a bit more realism/tactics and also a bit more 'fun' in the gameplay sense. I'm sure we've all seen movies where someone can't shoot at their target direct and so change the situation by shooting a fire extinguisher? Obviously exploding would be a one-time action during a round as respawning a gas canister doesn't really make sense. Maybe only some of the canisters could be explosive, even randomized each round. Some could explode, some could emit 'gas' like a thinner, whiter smoke grenade. Other items could also lend themselves to being made interactive. This isn't really in the same league as destructible buildings which I think the devs said aren't going to happen?
  5. And/or mix in some blue, which is what they do for traffic signals in some countries.
  6. 100 man server. CHECK!

    In light of newer CPUs released since the last 100-player server was spun up, has anyone tried this again with newer kit?
  7. Anyone here gone from 4790k to 7700k?

    Something to be aware of for those with i7-7700 CPUs: http://www.theregister.co.uk/2017/05/04/intel_i77700_heat_spike_problems/
  8. Fobs and HAB's

    Isn't this almost like it is in PR anyway? If you consider the FOB radio a marker then in either game a logi truck has to supply that point so people can dig a spawn point. The crates in PR are pretty much the only difference. Maybe the devs will even add those when they put in transport helis.
  9. Alpha 9.1 Released

    Sometimes when squad members are in vehicles they are shown in white in squad member list (no vehicle marker either) and listed as "dead" on the player scoreboard. Also some squad members (possibly only squad leader) are shown in white in squad member list when they're incapacitated but haven't given up (should be shown in red) v.9.1.215 I think
  10. When they putting in aircraft

    Coming from P.R. I'd love it if they added the whole suite of aircraft and complementary vehicles, kits, deployments. I think it adds a whole extra layer of game depth.
  11. Alpha 9.1 Released

    Did you revert a recent change to the server browser? It seems to have gone back from "72/72 +8" to "72/80 (8)" Former quickly shows server is full (for normal players). Latter gives impression that there are free slots maybe leading to complaints on forum about not being able to join. (As an idle aside: Do failed connection attempts add that much load to a server?) I know wait queues were mentioned, and possibly pencilled in for a future version, but can we have a visual aid to quickly tell full servers please? e.g. greyer text colour for full servers thanks -- This post complies with the obligatory question/moan/request format
  12. Just make SQUAD like Project Reality (2)!

    I really thought Squad was essentially a rewrite of PR using an updated engine so the Squad devs, who mostly used to be PR devs, could escape BF2 engine bugs* and limitations, plus add new features like sticky IEDs and helicopter drop-ropes. Also, coming from PR I agree with point (1) above, including dying from having a crate dropped on your head! Good to hear the devs might eventually get to that point. I guess the current FOB build point value (top-left of screen when you're near a FOB) will reflect what's left in the crates. But which comes first - crates or helicopters? [*] "No creating squads before 1:30!"
  13. Squad freezes when starting up

    there's a workaround: start Squad when man-throwing-grenade animation starts, do CTRL-ALT-DELETE select "Task Manager" in "Applications", right-click on "Squad" and select "Minimise" Squad will change from "Not responding" to "Running" Wait until background music starts (after a brief pause of about 20 seconds) Click on Squad icon in taskbar or maximise or whatever Play! I have to do this every time I launch Squad. There's another thread about it somewhere but I don't know what the common factors are. I have an i7 CPU and a GTX960 GPU running Windows 7
  14. Quick and simple thread: Back in PR we used to get messages pop up like "Team damage!" or "Team vehicle damage!" if we accidentally shot a team-mate or our team's vehicle. Also teamkills would scroll up the screen too for everyone to see, including the killer and the victim. Can we have this for Squad? As far as I know only the server admins get to see this info right now. With all the server warnings about "you will be banned if you TK" and "always apologise in chat if you accidentally TK" it would certainly clarify things as I don't see any current way to know if you've TK'd someone unless they accuse you! I had someone accuse me of TK'ing recently but I'm sure I didn't as my spawn timer was under 40 seconds right after I died. If you TK it's over a minute, right? Just hoping it's a quick feature to add and might help reduce accidental TKs and arguments on servers! (I play as medic a lot but "Hippocratic oath mode" might be a bit extreme)
  15. Stuck at initial loading screen!

    There was another thread about loading issues you might want to search for. If you're having the same issue as me, then Squad hangs just after the loading video has finished, on the keyboard hint screen. The three blobs in the bottom-right don't animate. The only way I can get past this is to hit ctrl-alt-del during loading animation, start task manager, right-click on Squad in the list then chooce "Minimize". The status goes from "Not responding" to "Running". Once you hear the main menu background music then you can maximise Squad again and all is well. If you're experiencing the same as above then maybe post your GPU model and driver version?