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  1. Played a couple rounds for this first time tonite! Excellent job. Keep up the work fellas. Game feels amazing. I know there are issues/adjustments that are in the works, but beautiful. Played a map (dont know the name of it), but I could've sworn I was back in some bum**** province of Laughghanistan.! I look forward to finished product
  2. I searched and searched for something relating to my idea, but all I could find were "radio noises", or of the sorts. But I don't mean that. I could give two bags for sounds...this role is a sincere and legitimate role I propose to bringing to the battlefield: My question(s) for you guys: What does every Team/Squad/Platoon (etc) have in every branch of EVERY service around the world?.......Signal Soldiers! (maybe I am a bit biased, I used to hold a comms MOS ). I won't go too much into details (unless someone asks), but the premises of the role I will cover: What will the RTO bring to the SQUAD? Another support role, designed to promote teamwork! How can a Squad leader(SQLDR) call for supplies if his radio is malfunctioning? What better than an RTO(or forward observer in a Sniper squad) to troubleshoot the communication equipment? Setting up a Forward Operating Base(FOB)? Well, how can you set up a FOB without a Communications Specialist? Communicating to another SQUAD/PLT/CO? If you are busy leading troops, how can you make sure your comms are squared away AND lead your troops at the same time? How is this role different than your standard rifleman? One RTO(kit) per squad. In order for your SQLDR to call for support(outside squad echelon). RTO MUST be present(within 25m of SQLDR/FOB blueprints) in order to establish comms to other units/ "construct" FOBS,In-Direct Fire(IDF)/Arty/CAS(again not devulging into details)..etc..etc. They don't need a shovel, but rather some "lineman's" pliers or something of the sort. As far as armaments goes, they could be equipped with your standard Carbine/Assault Rifle (with choice of Iron Sights or CCO[depending on faction's technology]), a set of pliers(or Gerber/Leatherman), your man-pack radio(and any applicable supplies needed for maintaining comms should come with the class/kit taking place of any offensive grenades), IFAK, X amount of Mags, X amount of Incendiary 'nades(maybe a smoke 'nade if you guys feel generous, but just 1), For secondary: K-BAR, Pistol, breaching shotty or Grapnel hook(soldier picks depending on map/mode)Or depending on SQUADS' SOP/code. Why should we incorporate the RTO role? This franchise is based on teamwork and communication....Again, intra-squad comms(and the local area comms) would NOT be affected should your SQUAD fail to have an RTO. If another squad had an RTO near a different SQLDR, he can cover down(like medics). Would you NEED an RTO in your squad to win? No! But if you want to build FOBS, call for IDF/Arty, or ANY kind of support other than Local Area Comms(which is what 25-50m?) you do! The game isn't broke, why fix it? Well, you guys are all about teamwork and communication....This would be another "coveted" kit/High value Target added to the sundae of ooey gooey goodness! Your RTO is down, give a chance for your basic rifleman to pick up a kit and contribute other than another mindless grunt!......This would be just another role that needs support from his SQUAD, and a role that PROMOTES ultimate teamwork(besides the medic) to fill the role and support the team to accomplish the mission! Again, these are just the foot notes, or questions I would ask myself about this role. Should you have any questions, or care for me to elaborate let me know! I also have an idea for an ENGINEER class, but you tell a grunt to fill sandbags, he will build you a great wall!
  3. -|TBG|- True Born Gaming - Adult Oriented Fun

    Bumping for you guys looking for a team. TBG is starting come around to Squad, more and more turning to the darkside ;). http://www.tbgclan.com/
  4. -|TBG|- True Born Gaming - Adult Oriented Fun

    Have a handful of TBG members getting interested in SQUAD, looking for a stronger front by release. Swing by http://www.tbgclan.com/
  5. RTO/Signal Support Specialist role..

    the whole idea behind my proposed RTO/EWO class is to build teamwork.....Sure you have your 2 "sniper" kits right? what if assholes go and hide somewhere in the hills or in a building trying to be a hero by himself to get wasted....wasting any chance at supporting, spotting and calling for IDF/CAS...the RTO would give incentive to work with squads/commanders/team to efficiently be able to call up "sitreps/triangulate...etc.." in a closer range environtment, but an HVT class like the limited "heavy engi/sniper" able to turn the tide of battle if teamwork is utilized..
  6. RTO/Signal Support Specialist role..

    Awesome idea unfrail!!!!! I love it! Yes this is the idea of creating a role to create it. Because an RTO is such a huge part of ANY operation, and no games have it...or at least the way SQUAD could create one. I mentioned being biased earlier in this thread, but I used to be an RTO during my time of service. I wanna play a radio man. all my buddies that I used to play BF2/PR with, would play their respected MOS they were. Grease monkeys would be engis, our docs would play medics, etc...So I used to run Logi/Mortar squads just because it they were both support classes. They are designed to, if tactically utilized, give your forces an edge on the battlefield. the RTO would be another class (like medic) for players who aren't elite, or have awesome machines for enemy engagements....but best medics on the planet!!! I say again, They are designed to, if tactically utilized, give your forces an edge on the battlefield...and to look after each other.
  7. RTO/Signal Support Specialist role..

    they dont/cant drop deployables......The "triangulation" ability would show 1 enemy FOB closest to either kit. Either on the RTO map only or to SQLDRs,
  8. A haven for those casuals

    be on tower guard for 12 hours at a time and watch the local goat/ass(donkey)fuckers,,,,,,then tell me you dont find humour in that
  9. RTO/Signal Support Specialist role..

    **caveat** to my previous post, how bout this curve ball: RTO/EWO/FO kit: 2 per faction. CONTRIBUTIONS TO THE TEAM: 1. Able to triangulate 1 FOB location per kit..closest to each kit, (if the two kits are within X-metres of eachother, wasted use of ability). Whether or not it shows up on map or gets relayed to SQLDRs/COs is up to more input on this. This ability has a 15 minute recharge/reload(open to feedback). In order to initiate, one RTO/EWO/FO would have to "request triangulation/SPOTREP" and the second would have to respond (guessing through commo rose), take 15-45 seconds to triangulate. 2. Able to detect(bearing/direction) enemy inter-squad comms if within X-metres. If the RTO/EWO/FO is stationary, he will be able to detect distances by "hacking COMSEC"(ability name) after 10-20 seconds, any Enemies(ground only) within X-metres, will show up on HIS map alone, and he must send SPOTREPS to SQLDR/CO via IN-GAME(not 3rd party) Frequencies. Well, there is a better proposal. Times/cooldown/distances need some work, but at least the defined "RTO" class/kit has a back bone now! =D
  10. A haven for those casuals

    OMG! haha! GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTTTS. they get to control the goat once polymorphed...not cow...and if soldiers kill a goat, gives your squad a stamina bonus! If you become a goat, you CAN NOT respawn.......till the next round
  11. First Person Weapon Collision

    **caveat** to the carbine/smg class weapons, obviously these weapons should give incentives to utilize, such as quicker "draw" times, less chance of collision, or ACC bonuses while shooting from hip etc..etc..
  12. First Person Weapon Collision

    what an idea!!!! this would be amazing! would definitely shave some cheesiness factor off. Easy to differentiate when weapon collision would/ or wouldn't have affect on your soldier: have a hotkey/toggle(a wpn collision "safety" so to speak, so your Heavy caliber MGs aren't hitting the walls ) set up for the weapon being at the low ready(able to ADS) and slung/carried for maneuvers/movements. But before you say that wont work, because how can you fire when not on "low ready"?...thats just it, you would be firing from the hip(MAJOR ACCURACY PENALTIES), and depending on type of weapon system, would determine if you have any chance of hitting or just "sprayin and prayin" (IE, shooting from hip with a shotty vs a rifle). Not sure if an adaptive "lowready" toggle could be coded, like if you are ADS and wpn collision happens(lets say a doorway/window/wall etc..), you drop to low ready or aim high when crouched behind cover. to avoid collision...Unless you were proper distance from obstacle.....sorta like "cutting the pie" for you military guys.
  13. A haven for those casuals

    this reminds me of "non-combatant" role. Bring some zip ties!!! and don't get stoned to death! could also bring back the "skirmish" mode....and just kick the retards from your squad...
  14. RTO/Signal Support Specialist role..

    @dale, after further scrutinizing your reply, and a quick foot note research/enlightenment period......an RTO role would hinder what SQUAD is trying to do....Keep 3rd party software out of the game. I am behind it 110% after doing some homework. HOWEVER...An EWO/Forward Observer(FO) (still communication classes) would not negate the in-game voip SQUAD is trying to instill: EWO kits (limited to 1-2 per faction further implementing your "triangulation" proposal @unfrail). Have the ability to detect enemy radio comms[in-game voip through enemy inter(only)-squad comms] (via jamming/electronic warfare specialties/abilities)....by detect I dont mean SPOTREPS(show on minimap)....but more of directional kinda thing(by utilizing the compass on HUD) thus, forcing the EWO/FO role to communicate with the team and give his OWN SPOTREP..sorta like a Mortar Squad as far as judging distance/elevation). Since there would only be 1 or 2 kits per faction, it would benefit the RTO/EWO/FO kit to stick with a sniper/recon/CO/SQLDR to be able to detect directions(spot) and semi distances, due to how strong or weak a "detected signal is"(say within X amount of metres depending on map scale). It could be a "cooldown/limited use" ability.. (due to batteries needing recharched/ or having to visit a supply soldier or FOB to re-up the batteries). That may be a little too much as far as recharging/re-supplying batteries, but at least this new proposal would NOT interfere with in-game voip.
  15. RTO/Signal Support Specialist role..

    Thanks for info/input. Some roles, are, not fun......some can be rewarding. Since this game is based off teamwork, I think before release we may be able to provide enough "umph" in the direction of an RTO class to possibly implement(maybe a future patch or xpack). Medics aren't fun(to me), yet(it is first class I would chose) I am ALWAYS willing to take the role to help the SQUAD/Faction. We need to look at Fun factor vs selfless service.... since this is a "teamwork/Communication" based game. I have yet to play SQUAD, and I am new to these forums. I should have done some more research(like the 3rd party voip software and what it does to a game..but like I said, SQUAD would be one of the first to shy away from software like TS/Mumble to enhance the experience/equality of gameplay), to better present a more "viable" RTO. Give me time! I really think with enough brains on this RTO/EWO suggestion, we could have the blueprint for a role more suitable for SQUAD mechanics , as opposed to a mil-sim.
  16. RTO/Signal Support Specialist role..

    Touchee' on the not realizing VOIP software is wrong, I am guilty of this....I guess it is second nature to me. So basically, SQUAD is taking PR(mumble) and bypassing the middle man(other VOP software)? Very enlightening points on the dead weight my proposal has.
  17. outstanding if this could be implemented. If you actually look at a "cell" of operations, in the world as is today, it is divided in natural/existing structures as well as a huge web of flexibility around a designated area....let's say a weapons cache', village, or an Area of Interest.... The idea of scavenging from in-op equipment is superb. Death before dismount, or BIP! It is what any less advanced military force would do to try and even the odds!!!!!!
  18. RTO/Signal Support Specialist role..

    Well, all Pilots take a 928724hr course on Radio operating/maintaining...so by default, if he is flying he can hear it!
  19. RTO/Signal Support Specialist role..

    **caveat** to the 3rd party software....not everyone has a clan that plays the same games they do. Not everyone has machines awesome enough to run a bad@ss game + 3rd party voip/recording/streaaming software. So we cut corners and prioritize......One of the things with modern day FPS is INGAME-voip! IT IS NON EXISTENT! If SQUAD nails the in-game...it will limit the use of 3rd party software, entice FNGs to PR to utilize "in-game voip" and from there, get to 3rd party. If you are playing with a group of buddies that you met on other games or 3rd party voip(because other games dont have in-game voip), you guys are gunna be pretty much bad ass no matter what. No cheating involved.....You guys learn to know who plays what kit, or who does what when certain things happen. You sort of form a natural SOP amongst your buddies. Coming from a few years of server admin, if you are more worried about exploiting 3rd party VOIP software over 3rd party HACK software........I may need to find another debate partner <3
  20. RTO/Signal Support Specialist role..

    If the RTO is incapacitated, the SQLDR can talk to other squads/support chains if he is within range of the KIt. or another squad member picks up the RTO kit.... I guess you guys are missing my point with the RTO class. And I will use the medic to help clarify: Your squad has just taken fire, bullets flying, 2 members go down, medic revives one, then medic goes down.........what should EVERYONE do?? Get the medic kit(after area is clear) to support your squad/team. So you can't take a bullet without a medic in your squad(or should I say 2 bullets;) ), without bleeding out.........So if you DON'T have an RTO, why should you be able to call for supplies, build a FOB, without the proper radio frequencies or COMSEC? If you don't have a medic, why should you be able to revive troops? This would allow for diversity when having a mortar squad....or logistics squad, or a transport squad! Not only diversity, but another class(that isn't a meat shield) that has a vital role on the battlefield. Not only would this role be vital, but again it would integrate closer knit squads or at least fire teams! As far as Insurgents, their RTO class (like you said with cell phones) may have ability to bring Electronic Warfare (EWF) to the fight. Whether it be displaying misinformation(key for ambushes), or the ability to affect inter-squad comms through Jamming. Like I said, this isn't about all the details, but just food for thought on another class that is VITAL in accomplishing the mission, while relying on your squad/teammates to allow you to do your job. Maybe the thought of the RTO would be "too" realistic....But I am sure with enough thought/input, RTO or EWO(Electronic warfare officer for insurgent forces) would prove a valuable/prideful class to bring to the battlefield!
  21. RTO/Signal Support Specialist role..

    I get the 3rd party VOIP programs, very valid point */wrists* But if there are limited RTO kits (1 per squad), your squad would still be limited to it's role on the battlefield without an RTO. Your SQLDR would NOT be able to call for supplies, CAS/IDF, Extraction/transportation, build a FOB, without an operational RTO kit. Sort of(not all the way though) like a SQUAD can NOT survive without a Medic! A squad can NOT "talk(to other sections)" without an RTO. Again, squad comms, and local comms would NOT be affected by having/NOT having an RTO(or even if RTO were incapacitated). The only thing the RTO is there for is for LONG range comms(as long as RTO is within X=range of SQLDR), and setting up/maintaining COMS(betwixt the team), and extablishing FOBS. This role is designed to minimize the amount of "default(oh crap I died, let me get this kit...or I spawned late(have an HDD and not an SSD) I am stuck with BASIC kit)" rifleman kits out there, and to instill MORE teamwork and SQUAD integrity than is already there! Even if you use 3rd party comms software, you still need an RTO "shadowing" a SQLDR, like in real life with ANY "leadership" role.
  22. SNakepit!

    Whats up gentlemen?! As you can see, I am SNakebabies...Been gaming since Skate or Die and Excitebike. After some technological advancements in consoles, and seeing how PC gaming is the way to go.... I switched to PC gaming once I played 1942 at a buddies house. Got bored with BC2 and went back to BF2...only to have it littered with hackers . Some buddies said I should check out this mod for BF2........ Lo and Behold: P(freaking)R. My mind was blown..PLayed it religiously for a couple years...wasn't as (hot)key intensive as ARMA(would rather play OP FP), so more enjoyable to me. And the amount of teamwork and patience the game took to learn. Majority of the PR community (and through in-game voip) was helpful as I rushed through my FNG phase with PR....another turn on to the Mod. Anywho, im 30 years old, spent some time playing Army in my day, like to drink, cook, game, and build computers, have a wife and a kid( time spent in no particular order ). I have been a server/community admin with my clan for about 4 years now, I look forward to bringing some, if not most of my clan to play this game with me!!!!!!(if they can get over their fear of regularity/monotony)
  23. SNakepit!

    How long has the Division/Brigade/Battalion been around?
  24. Can Squad beat out/out populate Battlefield battlefront?

    haha..."Hopefully" and "Should" are the MOST overused words in Western civilization!
  25. Can Squad beat out/out populate Battlefield battlefront?

    I wish this game could stand toe to toe as far as popularity goes. But less numbers means a more solid fan base(competent soldiers). Like a few other troops here had mentioned, modern day "arcade" FPS are dumbed down and takes very, VERY, little skill, teamwork and NO communication at all to be good at it. Biggest hurdle betwixt the genres, is the learning curve to bridge the gap when it comes to relying SOLEY on communication and teamwork to accomplish the mission, instead of a "toyish" and "arcadey" feel. The gamers who play(ed) PR and SQUAD are here for the cool, collective calming anticipation before the battle; the intense, adrenaline pounding battles, the logie runs(and trying to avoid GARY), unknown Ambushes, PRAYING a corpsman can save you before you bleed out, the emotion of after engagements and...well...you get the idea, and if you dont, or can't see the enjoyment of the length of battles, or how teamwork intensive this game is...will be those noobs who grab the Sniper kit(alone), go hide in a mountain just to be taken out by a 203/gp30/mortar..etc etc. which is not needed/wanted in this game. And they will get weeded out. This game is a true bearer of one of....nay, TWO my favorite sayings, "Slow is smooth; smooth is fast!" & "Quality over quantity" Will this game beat out BF/BF:BF? No. Would I like to say yes? sure, only if the "masses" decide to bring their brains!