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    Recently got more into pc gaming. And always wanted a true tactical FPS with massive scale, think I've found it.

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  1. Ah fair enough:), I did warn him about buying stuff using my account . Thanks for the answer :)
  2. So I'm building myself a new PC and I (stupidly) let my little brother use my steam account for 6-7 months. Now I want it back but he's got stuff tied to the account like in game ranks etc. Now I would just take it off him but honestly the only game that I have stuff for is squad (squad tag and weapon skins). So basically my question is if I setup a new steam account can I transfer my skins etc. Over? I know it's a long shot but I thought it was worth an ask. Thanks guys
  3. Founder Weapon Skins

    Yeah. Just logged into steam and loaded up squad and its there now , I did what someone suggested which was opened steam inventory exit steam and then open it again. Thanks for helping me twice tonight though Locke!
  4. Founder Weapon Skins

    I have the founder patch in my inventory along with all the skins but the patches aren't in game settings for me. Only just realised I should have it :')
  5. How to add a signature?

    Oh ok, well that makes me feel better lol. thanks mate
  6. How to add a signature?

    So this is a stupid question but I've looked in settings and couldn't find it (I've probably been staring at it for the past hour), I've tried looking for questions related to it but there mostly just how to add such and such to signature. so sorry if this has been asked, but how do I add one... thanks
  7. I've been on the server the past few days and have had a great time, I was in Bahmins'(sorry if I've spelt your name wrong) squad a couple times last night and it was great. I was also in Nordics and it was awesome (I played horribly though but he was chill about it). I've had great experiences with the mumblerines server and all of the members I've come across have been great. Loving the server so thanks for creating it
  8. GTX 1070; Best model?

    I do like asus I'm using the X99-a and have a laptop from them as well for general use. I'm just looking for a decent model that is as good or better than the stock cars from nvidia, and good cooling is a must as well as my room gets relatively hot
  9. GTX 1070; Best model?

    I'll keep it in mind thanks mate .
  10. Hey guys. So I'm finally upgrading from my little GTX 750ti(you will be missed). and I'm planing on getting the GTX 1070. Now I've looked around and decided on it 100%... However there are about 15 different versions and I was wondering if anyone else has any advice. I have £400 to spend and am currently looking at; INNO3D GEFORCE GTX 1070 ICHILL AIR BOSS X3 8192MB GDDR5 PCI-EXPRESS GRAPHICS CARD from overclockers uk. So if you have any advice please share it . Or you can simply call me a scrub for using the 750ti . Thanks guys, Connor.
  11. Squad Ranks?

    I hope you realise your dream some day. And I hope I'm there to see it
  12. Joining games halfway through?

    Oh that's ok, it's only alpha 7 so no rush. Ohhhhh, finally I understand:'). Thanks for clearing it up bud.
  13. Hey guys, Just wondering if there's a way to join new games or not. Most of the time I join games halfway through which I don't mind, but I then 80% of the time get kicked when a new round is starting because of other users paying the server or something. I'm sure I'm just doing something dumb/wrong. Thanks for helping. CoNzz *if this has been asked before sorry just let me know and I'll delete the thread*
  14. Gaming PC.

    I've looked for a website like this forever haha thanks man you're awesome.
  15. Gaming PC.

    So I'm planning to build a new gaming PC as my old one probably isn't up too running squad in all its sexy glory. Now I've got a budget of about £1,500 ($2314), I've looked at a few build ideas but I thought I'd ask you guys what kinda builds you're rocking. Anyway thanks guys and hopefully I'll see you in the closed alpha.